The Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo is a royal combination. Leo, the Lion, is majestic and strong. The Sun further energizes this characteristic. The Sun is going to power your ambitions for the year.

Leo is the 5th sign of the Zodiac. It comes as no surprise that its element is Fire, and the Sun is its planetary leader. Leos do not follow many others, but the Sun gets a special exception.

Like the Sun, Leo’s colors are, traditionally, golds, oranges, and reds. Rubies represent this warm Lion heart of yours. You might already know this because many Leos find rewarding careers in jewelry making and gold working.

The Sun in Leo Traits

Known for their manes, Lions usually have amazing hair and hair choices. Many Leos are drawn to careers in Hairdressing and Barbering. Be very proud of your flowing crown, Leo.

Leos are born leaders. You make excellent…well… fire-under-ass-starters. You can get your audience fired up quicker that most star signs. You could pursue motivational speaking opportunities, work for fundraisers and charities, or even become a drill sergeant.

The Sun in Leo Women

Anyone lucky enough to land a Leo woman is in for a lifetime of laughter. There will be a time that they drive you totally nuts. Even then, their sense of humor is usually what they rely on to get themselves out of hot water. Leo women love to make others laugh and see the best in every situation.

Halle Barry was born on August 14, 1966. She is the stunningly timeless example of what many women aspire to. She is gracious, funny, and hot as hell. So are you.

Another famous Leo starlet is Jennifer Lawrence (b. August 15, 1990). She is best known as badass archer Katniss Everdeen. She also smolders as Mystique, from the X-Man franchises; seemingly unattainable. However, while she can pull those rolls off, she has shown to be a quick-witted and outspoken young woman with quite a sense of humor.

Leo women work hard and play hard. Other famous Hollywood Leo women you may know and look up to include Halle Barry, Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), Sandra Bullock, Mary Louise-Parker, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hanh. Every single one of these women is insanely beautiful and even more hilarious.

The Sun in Leo Men

Barack Obama (b. August 4th, 1961) is the definitive Leo man. He is a strong, yet inviting and charismatic leader. He is reassuring. He is calming. He is the father figure.

Like Obama, another cultural staple of the past decade is fellow Leo man, Daniel Radcliffe. He was born July 23rd of 1989. The actor who plays Harry Potter connected with so many viewers, around the world. He came across as a loving and wise leader, within his peer group.

And do you know who was born on July 31st, 1980? Making them a Leo, as well? That is exactly right: Harry James Potter!!! You’re a wizard, Leo!

The Sun in Leo is encouraging you to develop your best self. Be a leader in your home and community. The Sun’s energy will help you turn problems into solutions this year. Your love life will feel new again.

The Sun and Leo in Love

The best match for a Leo may be the Sagittarius. The physical chemistry will be incredibly passionate between this pair. The Sagittarius will bring out the best in you. Your temperaments do not generally argue, as you often feel on the same page.

Aries would also be a great match for you. Lovemaking in this relationship will also be fiery and intense, thanks to the robust Aries. If you two cannot compromise on important issues, you will find trouble, though. You are very similar, and will but heads with the Ram sometimes—which is healthy if you fight clean.

A Gemini partner will love you for bringing the balance they seek into their love life. You two will get along very well because you both understand the importance of reciprocity in relationships. You will also sometimes wonder why you cannot see eye-to-eye—but waiting for them to come around is just part of loving a Gemini.

Your worst most turbulent matches include Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus. You want different things from intimacy and lovemaking than the Capricorn. Leos will find you to be too cheap for their lavish tastes and too busy to give them the amount of your attention they will want. Scorpio may show a jealous streak that keeps you from truly ever feeling that they trust you.

There are two other possible matches for you, though. Aquarius will want to be around your magnanimous and creative spirit, but will not want you to try to be the dictator in your relationship. They may resent your desire to lead them. A fellow Leo may get you 100%, but you may just be too alike to get along, long-term.

No matter who you decide to be with, you will be loyal. Lions stick by their mates and will defend their honor. If someone gives you the same amount of reasons to trust them, you are likely to keep that person in your life.

You are not the type to give up on those you love. On the other end of the spectrum, jealousy is a feeling you do often encounter. Once your partner builds up their trust, you will feel more at home.

You value quality over quantity. You truly cherish little things about your partner. You are able to show yourself a lot of love. This will benefit your partner in many ways.

Anyone who has loved and lost a Leo often holds a soft spot for them. Leos are usually able to remain friends with ex-lovers. Your spirit is hard to forget—even when some negative feelings may linger after the separation.

The Dates for the Sun in Leo

The Sun in Leo dictates that you will have a powerful year. You are the lion that lies in the shade, stalking its prey, before pouncing. Your star sign will be mostly left alone to plan out the second half of 2017.

July 5th will bring Mercury into your sign, Leo. Mercury has an emotional effect on people. Realize that you’ve had awhile to rest and prepare. Do not hesitate from the action, once it finally kicks off.

15 days later, on July 20, Mars will enter Leo. This flux from Mercury to Mars could leave most star signs reeling. You, Leos, are a brave and equipped soul. You are strong enough.

On July 22nd, the Sun finally enters Leo. This brings your literal ‘moment in the sun’. You will find happiness centered around this time. The Sun in Leo is a powerful overlay of warm heart and warrior spirit.

July 23rd will bring a New Moon. Time to sit back and reflect on all the love and wisdom the year has brought you, so far. Process your journey. Find your gratitude.

August 21st will see a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. Take this juncture as a time to make a decision on which path to take forward. At a crossroads? Don’t stay there!

It might sound tempting to give into the valley of August after your peak in July. This is because Mercury enters retrograde on August 31st. You will get through this. Remember, you had the first half of the year to prepare.

Do not forget, Leo; right when you need a loving influence the most, Venus will enter your sign—on August 25th. It is important to see that our good days and bad days are close together, in the star charts. Keep your characteristically positive perspective.

The rest of the year will leave you as it found you. Your star sign will remain undisturbed until the next cycle of Zodiac Sign movements. Enjoy your lion’s den of safety. You have earned this peace.

Using the following Numerology Chart, you can count on the dates listed below to be included in Lucky Days, or Months, of the Year:

1: A J S
2: B K T
3: C L U
4: D M V
5: E N W
6: F O X
7: G P Y
8: H Q Z
9: I R
Leo = 5
Leo + Sun = 5
Leo + Love = 5

Leo your Star sign number, Sun number, and Love number all equal 5, according to Numerology. This is important because any time you see a 5—whether in writing, in dates, or in patterns you observe—there is a message for you.

You are, after all, also the 5th member of the Zodiac. In Numerology, the number 5 represents energy and exploration of all types. 5 symbolizes that you are not afraid to journey alone or try new things. Do not forget that finding a partner might make your travels more enjoyable.

You could find new love this year. Keep your heart open to the idea of finding a fellow traveler, or someone that will still allow you the independence you ask for.

Final Thoughts

A group of lions is a pride. This is no coincidence. Leos see themselves as regal and act accordingly. Pride is attractive, but arrogance is not.

Find your balance between pride and arrogance. You may have trouble seeing the difference in yourself. Ask a friend who you know will be honest with you. An honest friend will help you find love, not just sugarcoat the problem at hand.

There are so many things going for you, Dear Leo. There are also a few dangers to watch out for. Because you love exploring things—possibly including your consciousness—you may be at risk for pleasure-seeking or thrill-seeking behaviors. These high-risk behaviors are not evil on their own but must be done carefully and in moderation.

It is your very nature to try new things and expand your mind. Remember there are healthy ways to do this. When you have an itch to try something new, maybe try a new hair color, recipe, or exercise routine. If you are feeling the need to cut-and-run from your commitments, first see if a weekend getaway might assuage your panic and ease your mind.

Find avenues of investigation into the world around you that enhance your life experience. Travel can give you a fresh perspective. If you cannot afford to travel, then try learning a new language. Simply watching a favorite show in a different language is a cheap and easy way to escape into the sounds of a different tongue.

You may fall in love with a new type of music, movie genre, or volunteer work. You might join a social networking site to meet others in your area with similar interests. This is a great place to find love (while not drinking at a bar). Because, let’s face it, you a need to find reliable ways to get your kicks—without turning to the hard stuff.

Drug experimentation is very popular, and even legal in some places. Just protect yourself from substances that can harm you or become addictive. Addictive tendencies are different from person to person. While pharmaceutical drugs are regulated, they can be misprescribed.

Illegal drugs are not regulated. You may seek the thrill of partying with friends. Just make sure you always know exactly what you are putting into your body. Make the choices very carefully.

Also, Leo, you have a lion’s share of libido. This is a great thing! Please have all the safe, healthy and consensual lovemaking you would like—but those three adjectives are mandatory! Also, find a professional to talk to if you ever feel like your behavior regarding drugs, lovemaking, alcohol or other risky behaviors are starting to affect you.

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