5 Reasons Leo will Find Love in 2022

Larger than life Leo loves love, and is a romantic soul with a strong sense of loyalty and devotion.

These folks don’t do things by halves though, and certainly know their worth – indeed, woe betide anyone who falls short of that notion!

Many a Leo soul will be entering 2022 feeling underwhelmed, and as though he or she is just going through the motions – especially in career.

That malaise and sense of boredom could trickle out into all other areas of life, making 2022 feel a bit of a blah year.

But don’t get fooled, mighty Leo – you’re still the queen or king of this jungle, and your presence is always felt, and never ignored.

Moreover, no matter what anyone says, the voice within is quite correct – you deserve the best in romance, not some fly by night no-hoper.

Leo people hate the idea of anything being half baked or only done with half a heart, and these folks certainly have next to no tolerance for it in their love lives.

The big cats of the zodiac purr with passion, and expect grand gestures and appreciation in return for their intense intimacy and striking charm.

Everyone might say you’re shooting for the moon, Leo, but you know what’s best for you.

Leo people learn to be independent from a young age – unfortunately, sometimes circumstances basically corner them into it – and from that knowledge comes an inherent intuition of what’s right for them.

And as far as romance goes, there’ll be plenty to choose from for Leo as she or he strides the savannahs of 2022.

Here are 5 reasons why 2022 promises love, sex and adventure to Leo folks the world over.

Reason 1 – Leo is brimming with energy

So many people in the world are suffering from a kind of fatigue or mental burnout – the bombardment of media at every turn and the difficult we now experience in life in switching off from the world is causing an epidemic of fatigue across the globe.

This can be frustrating for Leo, who in 2022 especially is brimming with energy and is always ready to tackle the next work project, or head out on the town to see and be seen at all the hottest venues.

Leo people have a deep relationship with the cyclic nature of their energy levels, reflexively knowing when to relax and unapologetically allowing themselves to do so.

Through these means, they become empowered to be faster, smarter and stronger than those around them.

I mention all this because the frustration that you, dear Leo, are liable to feel as people duck out of plans and offer vague excuses not to head out and play in the sun is going to prove very trying at first.

You’ll have these grand adventures in mind that nobody but you seems able to keep pace with, and it’ll feel incredibly frustrating – yet stick with it. It’s actually also the most powerful filtration method in your arsenal.

In other words, through remaining so high energy and being your best self, Leo, you’re sending out a radiant light into the world that’s going to attract the best and the brightest.

While you’ll still need to use your discernment to sort the wheat from the chaff, you’ll find that the most likely candidate for your partner in crime will be the one most able to keep up with your hectic lifestyle – if not challenge you by outpacing it!

Reason 2 – There’s no more room for drama, Leo

The haters, the fakers, the liars, the cheaters, the people who promise it all and come up with empty hands and flat excuses and no apologies– Leo is done with it all.

Leo, the universe recognises that, consciously or not, you have been embarking on a quiet crusade in recent years to identify those people who have your best interests at heart – and those who decidedly don’t.

While I hasn’t always been tidy and free from strife, in cases of the latter, you’ve been unapologetic in calling people out for their nonsense and making sure their drama and histrionics can no longer hold sway over your life.

This is, although perhaps not the reason why you’ve done so, a big reason why you, Leo dearest, stand to find a lover worth your heart and soul during the course of 2022.

When we make the time and roll up our sleeves to tidy through our lives – jobs that are no longer working out, friendships that are poisoning the well of your social circle, and so on – it creates so much space within your mind and soul for new opportunities to arise.

It’s a question of capacity, in other words, and as 2022 begins and continues to mature, Leo folks find that there is a sudden sense of space in their lives where all that stress and bickering used to be.

Try not to fill that void with shopping, sex, cocktails or other vices, Leo – the space is shaped just so for your soulmate to slot neatly into.

By cleansing your life of toxicity in every form, you have, even by happy accident, created the perfect mould into which the universe can pour a solid gold soulmate, just for you. So keep your eyes open and your lion-like senses sharp!

Reason 3 – Leos have learned it’s not all about them

There’s always that smart mouth in every astrology social circle, isn’t there – the one that says that Leo people are infamous for being vain, self-conceited and functionally incapable of thinking about anything beyond themselves and their wardrobes.

You’re not alone in wanting to scoop such people up by the scruff of the neck and shake them, listing at length all the times you’ve bent over backwards to make those around you secure, healthy and happy.

Indeed, the massive generosity of the Leo soul is criminally under-recognized in some zodiac circles, but let people go about their false beliefs for the most part Leo.

This year especially, you’re more about walking the walk than talking the talk.

Because of all the life lessons you’ve both endured and mastered, often with equal dignity and grace, you now know, Leo, that the world is vast and you’re just a small piece of it – but that in no way diminishes the importance of your mission.

It could be one of those very moments of your characteristic charity and altruism that draws in a formerly distant admirer and inspires them with the courage to speak.

In other words, if Leo is a natural ruler, you are to be a queen or king of the people – as you know all too well.

This generosity and kindness will strike your soulmate as a vibrant moment of good intentions in a world that’s altogether often too cynical and content to shrug as others suffer.

Let your kindness flow and let all good deeds be bathed within our natural spotlight, Leo – it shows your brilliance more than you know, and it’s a guaranteed way to draw in somebody who’ll appreciate these qualities for what they are.

And if you’re worried that someone might try and take advantage of your good nature, then don’t be. Think about it – are you really so naïve any more that you’d let that happen, in 2022 of all years?

Reason 4 – Leo can see red flags a mile away in 2022

Leo, there’s no denying that you’ve been to the school of hard knocks and then some.

Without tooting your own horn, it’s safe to say you likely stayed on there for extracurricular activities and took all the lessons that came with its post-graduate course.

But for all the bumps and bruises, your alacrity has never been dampened and your spark has never gone out.

However, the one thing that even a casual observer can see is that Leo folks who have been through the wringer in the last few years have pounced into 2022 with oodles of knowledge.

Therefore, not only do you know it’s more than just buzzwords when someone says that she’s a sociopath, he’s a narcissist, they have psychopathic tendencies, and so forth – you’re hyper-aware, with the sensitivity of a cat’s whiskers, to what the red flags are when meeting someone new.

So even if everyone around you is rooting for you to make the move on that hottie behind the bar, the dancing guy over there giving you the eye, or the mysterious new stranger in your social circle who everyone seems all too charmed by, you’re on high alert and won’t be taken in.

Leo people in 2022 have senses so sharp that even their namesake lions might growl with envy, and they can smell trouble a mile off.

Perhaps in their wilder days, these Leos might have danced with danger for a time, relishing in the excitement and naughty meeting in car backseats and the like.

But now? Life’s too short, and you’re too done with the drama, for you to try and eke some goodness out of a bad, bad situation.

Leo people of 2022 have built enough confidence and resilience to know that if the deal on the table feels too good to be true, it might well be.

Keep those instincts close by, dear Leo, and you can’t go wrong – and will only draw in the right kinds of people.

Reason 5 – Leo people know that in 2022, the past is the past

Each of us has that one person with whom we have either spent the night, enjoyed a relationship with or endured a weird hot and cold dance as we slowly circle each other in moments of passion and indifference.

Yet so often the siren’s song of what could have been calls to us, and so many of us, no matter our star sign, are inclined to have these people around to see what may blossom over the years.

Sometimes, life seems to conspire to do just that for us, without our intervention.

These can be confusing times, and Leo people especially can be curious about the potential, and apt to double-dip. Or at least, that used to be the case.

With your sense of self renewed and your convictions stronger than ever in 2022, Leo, you are no longer content to sit on the fence and let fate decide what’s what.

If a relationship of any kind is in the past, it’s probably there for a reason.

Don’t think whoever’s on the other end of this will they won’t they scenario will go quietly into that good night when you try and cut the cord, however.

They’ll charm, they’ll reason with you, and at their worst they’ll even plead to not be left out of your golden light.

But you know what they say – if they’d liked it, they should have put a ring on it! Leo people have no intentions of settling for second best anymore.

Final Thoughts

Leo people know they deserve the best, and they reward the high expectations they have of other people with a richness of emotion and devotion rarely felt from any other sign in the zodiac.

But the Leo of 2022 is far wiser and self-educated than the example persona you might read in a textbook or elsewhere online.

These Leo folks have evolved to be smarter and savvier than their forebears, and in 2022, won’t fall for the wool being put over their eyes.

All this combines to make Leo folks reborn and full of energy in 2022, and because of this, you’ll find that there are queues of admirers around the block just trying to get a taste of that Leo spotlight.

Luckily for Leo people themselves though, they know how to recognise the best and disregard the rest – meaning the part Leo meets in 2022 could well be a keeper.

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