19 Libra Quotes and Sayings That Most People Will Agree with

19 Libra Quotes and Sayings That Most People Will Agree with

The Libra sun sign is a balancer and stabilizer of the horoscope family. This zodiac is represented by two balancing scales. The key word here is ‘balance’.

Individuals born under this sign have two sides to their personalities. Libra energy motivates us to seek harmony, peace, and cooperation and to do it with style.

Individuals born under this sign are quite popular among their friends and peers, mostly because they play fair.

The cardinal energy is leadership-oriented, boss-like, and good at telling other people what to do. A Libra may often be found in a management position.

Paradoxically, the executive mental skill Libra uses so well to decide exactly what someone else should do falters when they have to make personal decisions in their own life.

When faced with two choices, a Libran may postpone making a decision until it is too late or someone decides for them.

The fear of imperfection, the fear of being rejected, and the fear of making the wrong choice are the fears that plague Libra more than most other signs.

One can also find them partying or philosophizing about the universe at a coffee house.

Here are 19 Libra quotes and sayings that most people will agree with. Read on to find out more about this mysterious sign!

1. They Call Libra the Smooth Talker

An absolutely true quote about the Libras! Conversations with Libras flow easily. They are also smart negotiators who can talk people out of doing silly things.

They’re also known as problem-solvers because of their persuasive nature and inbuilt diplomatic skills.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras have a way with words and even talk themselves out from even the most difficult situations with their articulate words and charming personality.

2. They Are Peace Lovers

This Libra quote explains it all. Libras crave inner peace and calmness. They are ready to make sacrifices in their daily life in order to achieve inner peace and order.

A Libra will resort to white lies and half-truths to in order to maintain the peace. On the whole, a Libra is very much in touch with their spiritual side.

This explains why most of them love talking about philosophy, religion, and spirituality.

3. Libras Are Shy But Hilarious

Libras are born with a funny bone. You might consider them shy when you’re just getting to know them but once they let their guard down, you’ll get to know their funny side and it will take you by surprise!

They know how to crack the perfect joke but not at the expense of anyone’s pride. A Libra jokes to lift up the mood of the party and not to mock others.

4. They Are Social Butterflies

This quote applies to all Libras. Let them loose up at a social gathering or at a networking event and they’ll own the place.

Though they can be reserved sometimes, all that is needed is a little push or an intellectual topic to get them talking.

So, the next time you’re at a party and spot someone else stealing the limelight, chances are that it could be a Libra (unless you are one yourself, of course)!

5. Libras Are Artistic

Libras are the perfect partners for an interior design masterpiece or even if you want to go shopping. They have an eye for art and all things classy. Libras enjoy even the smallest things in life.

One can spot a Libra at an opera, gallery opening, or something that appeals to their love for art and beauty. They can beautify anything under the sun with their artistic mind.

Libras also appreciate good music. They thrive in the middle of beauty and luxury and hate anything that is too loud, for it proves to be jarring for their artistic taste.

They are soothed by subtlety, and sophistication is absolutely everything.

6. Libras Don’t Believe in bottling Things up

If you’re a Libra, reading this quote for the Libra sun sign will find your brain saying ‘’HEY THAT’S ME!’’. Libra believes in courageously speaking their mind.

They have to let everything out so be prepared to face the music.  They are tough creatures and refuse to play the victim.

If they have been wronged, a Libra will not think twice before blurting out hurtful words, once done they’ll be as calm as an ocean. This characteristic is exactly what makes them fair and balanced.

7. They Can Be Vain and Jealous at Times

Libras can be two personalities at a time which can be perplexing. Sometimes, you know, people can perceive things very negatively when you love yourself a little too much.

Librans are very confident but they are seen as vain being self-conscious. A Libran feels the need to pay attention to her looks over almost anything else!

Libras will get very easily jealous; they can also be very possessive.

Usually, Libras are not jealous of others, they are jealous of the attention given to others, especially if they once had the spotlight all to themselves. Secretly, they want to be the center of attraction.

8. Libra is a Passionate Lover

You better believe this Libra quote! Libras believe in fairytales and look out for a partner who has the same thought process as them so that they can cater to their fantasy.

As a lover, a Libran is creative and expressive while still being reasonable. It is very important for them to connect with their partner which is why they may take a while before they get into a relationship.

They are the most charming and strongest catch in the zodiac family!

9. They Are Confused Souls

This quote for the Libra star sign describes how Libras tend to be very indecisive and confused.

Interestingly, even though they are the sign of balance, they spend a lot of time trying to find and maintain balance.

Libra also tends to take pleasure in being liked and adored. They may not always communicate their needs until they have become frustrated, so you better realize yourself before its too late!

10. Libras Enjoy Simpler Things in Life

A Libran enjoys life’s smallest pleasures; they just wish for the freedom of choice. They love being able to do things, and acquire things, and achieve things without ever having to wait for them.

It’s the little things that make them happy— receiving a sweet text message from a friend or a loved one or someone surprising them with a bouquet of roses on a dull day.

That’s what it takes to make a Libra happy!

11. They Believe in Fair Play

As this Libra quote goes, Libras are strong supporters of fair play and justice and they will go out of their way to make sure everybody is being treated equally.

Individuals born under this sun sign are not scared to stand up for those who are being treated poorly. They cannot see injustice being done.

What’s more, they’re also honest enough to admit their own mistakes, rather than trying to put the blame onto someone else.

12. They Are Great Listeners

This Libra quote describes just how empathetic and sensitive their aura is. They are great listeners but they will be expecting you to listen to them in return.

They have great observation skills and very good sensitivity. They easily bond with others. This, along with their listening skills and willingness to compromise, makes them beautiful individuals.

13. Libras Overanalyze and Overthink

Libras think from a creative and logical bent of mind. They often overanalyze situations and things.

Libras find themselves involving only the closest people into their thinking space and may not realize how much energy they are putting into over-thinking until someone calls them out.

Libras simply cannot stop thinking! However, overanalyzing situations never helps— in fact, it points out more problems rather than helping with solutions.

Many Libras end up losing their relationships owing to their overcritical attitude.  Libra men can, for instance, set high standards as to how they expect their partners to treat them.

Libra women, on the other hand, are easily infatuated and tend to bounce from one partner to another. Time to watch out, Libra men and women! Stay alert to maintain your relationships well!

14. They Have a Curious Brain and Soul

As this Libra quote puts it, they have a childlike curiosity and this is extremely common within the Libra personality.

They wish to know better the world around them and understand the finer details. It is this curiosity that lends them a unique charm!

They are always looking out to discover new ideas. They believe in not judging a book by it’s a cover and prefer to keep an open mind always.

15. Libras Can be Moody and Unpredictable

This Libra quote explains the moodiness and unpredictable nature of Libra. They are known for being unpredictable and quick at changing directions.

Likewise, Librans are also unpredictable in their day-to-day actions. They can be highly active in one moment and become totally inactive in the next one, so don’t be puzzled!

16. They Have a Penchant for Travel and Sightseeing

The art lovers that they are, Libras love going places and exploring new things. Even though the Libran traveler will typically look for a leisure holiday, they won’t simply go for luxury and grandeur.

They will look for and find an ideal mix of things. Being the balancer that Libra is, they look for a fine balance even when planning a trip, for instance.

They prefer traveling to a balanced environment where they can have a bit of activity and a bit of leisure.

17. Libras are Known to be Procrastinators

As this Libra quote states, these individuals can be procrastinators in a true sense. There are two types of procrastinators actually— they’re the type who cannot be called lazy at all.

This sort of ‘laziness’ is when there’s a lot going on your mind and you are too paralyzed to take any action. Sometimes, for Libras, their overanalyzing behavior drains them out completely and makes them lazy.

Furthermore, they are sometimes just physically unable or unwilling to do the required task.

They would rather do something else, they would rather do things that are effortless, and they would rather do things that are enjoyable. It’s so complex being a Libra sometimes!

18. They Don’t Take Criticism Well

Libras do not take criticism very well, making them seem insecure. One of their biggest faults is the need for admiration and praise.

They can turn all dramatic. Even if they do not show their resentment to the critic questioning their actions, they can take this criticism very personally and may hold a grudge against the said person for a long time.

19. They Can Be Manipulative

Look carefully at this Libra quote: Libras can be very manipulative at times without even realizing it! They are not just about rainbows and butterflies.

Their manipulative side can make them tyrannical at times. They can sweet talk people into doing something for their selfish motives!

My Final Thoughts

Libra is an air sign which is ruled by the planet Venus. Therefore, a Libran is an intellectual and is very communicative.

She is appreciative of beauty and extremely concerned with all relationships, not just romantic relationships.

As you must have realized yourself reading the Libra quotes above, there is a desire for harmony and correctness in Librans, whether it is expressed through a talent for art, music, architecture, planning the plays of a football game, negotiating a sale, engaging in diplomatic relations or presenting a case in court!

I find Libra to be the best sign at using relationship in a strategic way. The sun sign Libra usually has excellent social skills and a memory for names and faces.

Most often, Libra aim for a win/win situation and do not like to be seen in a bad light. All in all, a great zodiac sign indeed!
























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