Libra and Libra Compatibility

Libra and Libra Compatibility

libra and libra compatibility 2014

What do you get when you get two people that seem very fairly well-balanced and in control? What do you get when you get a lazy male and a partner who seems to be a very happy-go-lucky female? You get a Libra and Libra relationship.

When it comes to compatibility, Libra and Libra matchup is quite good. It’s probably one of the most peaceful combinations in the entire horoscope. While Libras often comes in extremes when paired together, they tend to balance each other out and bring out the best in each other.

This is the good news of Libra and Libra compatibility.

The bad news is that it only takes a few bad experiences for each partner to truly get out of balance and this imbalance can grow with time. This is the dark side of Libra and Libra compatibility.

Remember, we’re dealing with two scales here. Scales need to be calibrated. Scales need to be maintained. Scales need to be fixed from time-to-time. However, if there is an ongoing imbalance and this is exacerbated by lack of communication or bad communication skills or immaturity on both parts of the Libra partners, Libra and Libra compatibility becomes a fleeting dream.

The relationships slowly degrade into one of accommodation and painful politeness. The reality is, nobody wants to be in a relationship when you’re just being forced to be polite to the person you’re in a relationship with.

That’s not much of a relationship. A relationship should help you grow and mature as a person. A relationship should bring out the best in you.

The good news in terms of Libra and Libra compatibility is that both alternatives are present. Both possibilities are very much present in Libra and Libra matchup.

Libra and Libra Marriage Compatibility

This is a very interesting question for Libras. Libra males are very famous for their inability to commit. The reason that they can’t commit easily is not because they don’t want to commit.

It’s not because they are lazy, although Libra males are quite known for being lazy. It’s because they are always weighing things. They are always analysing the choice.

The problem with analysis is that it can lead to paralysis. That’s right. Too much analysis leads to paralysis. Libra men know this quite well. This is why they are famous for always staying on the fence. This can drive the Libra female nuts, especially if she’s on the other extreme of the Libra temperament scale. Libras, as mentioned above, can either be well-balanced or can be quite imbalanced.

Lack of commitment, the seeming inability to make a decision can really bring out the imbalanced aspect of a Libra partner. In terms of marriage compatibility, Libra and Libra can work out if one of the partners is mature enough to provide emotional cover to the immature partner.

In other words, one partner is sacrificing some of his or her experience in the form of patience to let the other partner grow into the relationship. The good news is that Libra and Libra marriage compatibility tends to work out with time as the other less developed partner recalibrates with time and encouragement. Eventually, they reach a certain point where their similar temperament extremes work to their favour instead of against it.

This is one secret to Libra and Libra compatibility. It needs enough time and patience for it to work out. However, the seeds of peace, harmony, love and intimacy are there. Libra and Libra compatibility just needs space and time to work out.

Libra and Libra Lovemaking Compatibility

The interesting thing about Libra and Libra lovemaking compatibility is that Libras are often accused of being unimaginative in bed. In many cases, it’s a fun experience of a quick in and out. This may serve the Libra male well, but the Libra female eventually is looking for something more. An intercourse is not just a physical act.

It’s not just an emotional act either. It’s more than that. It’s a mental and spiritual exercise. It’s an expression of part of your humanity. It’s an exploration in a deep and profound intimacy. This is why a dash of daring here and a sprinkle of experimentation there can really add up to a nice lovemaking stew that would engage both partners on all levels.

We’re not just talking about better experiences in bed or more prolonged climaxes that reach many different levels of essences. We’re talking something more substantial. We’re talking about a sense of completion – a sense of togetherness.

Unfortunately, Libra males tend to be quite superficial and Libra females can get quite imbalanced and this results in the romance fizzling out.

This is often the first casualty of Libra and Libra lovemaking compatibility. It requires a lot of effort and mindfulness of both partners for Libra and Libra lovemaking compatibility to truly live-up to its fullest potential.

This is not necessarily the number one problem of Libra and Libra compatibility, but it can become one of its most chronic shortcomings.

It can get bad enough that either partner can always refer to it during a fight or when thinking of leaving the other partner.

Libra and Libra Relationships in General

The key takeaway from Libra and Libra relationships, whether they are completely platonic or passionate or romantic in natures is that there is a high comfort level. There’s a certain level of familiarity between the Libra partners.

This is the great thing about Libra and Libra compatibility, at least at this is stage is that you know that you have the same range of emotions. You have the same range of expectations. This can be quite comforting. This can be quite appealing actually.

You don’t feel like you have to put on a show. You don’t have to emphasize a part of your personality that you don’t feel like emphasizing. The problem is, this sameness might lead to each partner taking each other for granted. One of the most effective ways to truly destroy Libra and Libra compatibility is to take each other for granted. It is to assume that you already know each other and you don’t even have to put in the same level of effort.

This is a relationship suicide. Whether your friends, whether your co-workers or whether your lovemaking or romantic partners, you cannot take each other for granted. Each and every person is a treasure chest where you think you’ve seen gems at the top.

Wait until you keep digging through the chest. There are a lot of hidden gems there.

There are a lot of unique treasures there as well.

If you want Libra and Libra compatibility to truly blossom on the friendship level, you need to keep digging.

Libra and Libra Matches

If you’re trying to pair up Libra friends, you need to play up their stability. When you talk about stability, when you talk about conventionality or when you talk about people who “got their act together”, Libra ears perk up.

Libras gravitate towards stability. This is their highest ideal after all. It’s also a good idea to emphasize looks or other outward appeals.

Libra men tend to be quite superficial. Libra men tend to be quite conventional. Emphasize this when you’re trying to match your Libra friends.

Libra and Libra Problems

There are no combinations in the signs of the horoscope that is completely free of problems. Every relationship has its problems.

Every horoscope matchup has its problems. This should not be a surprise. We’re all different people. We look at the world in totally different ways. There is bound to be some sort of miscommunication or misunderstanding down the road.

That just comes with the territory. The big issue that comes up when it comes to Libra and Libra compatibility problems is the notion of boredom. It’s very easy for either partner to get bored because they’re so similar to each other. Even if you match an imbalance with a balanced Libra, the middle ground is still the same.

The ideals are still the same. The shared values are familiar enough that they feel and look the same. This can make for the both partners to take each other for granted. This can lead to a fairly boring monotonous relationship. Libras can do well to spice things up.

Go to different restaurants. Cook different foods at home try different lovemaking positions. Go to different malls. It’s not so much that you are exploring different things just to explore different things, but you’re trying to tease out spontaneity, diversity or just the different reaction from each other.

Libra and Libra compatibility can easily descend into a numbing sameness or it can flare up into a spicy and yet well-balanced life of possibilities.

The good news is, it’s completely in your hands. You and your Libra partner have a lot of choice. Life is a long series of choices. The life we’re living now is a consequence of the choices we’ve made in the past.

The secret to Libra and Libra compatibility?

Make the right choices. Plant the right seeds and reap a great reward in the future.

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