The Sun in Libra

The Sun in Libra

The Sun in Libra reveals the true nature of the Scales. Libras are Ruled by Venus. Your sign is related to the element of air. You are the seventh sign of the Zodiac.

In Numerology, 7 as the Scales suggest, represents justice and the journey of seeking the truth. “The 7 doesn’t take anything at face value—it is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The 7 knows that nothing is exactly what it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.”

Sun in Libra Traits

Libras are often intelligent, but may not do well in school. They might be strong, but not athletic. Love music but not play.

The Libra Zodiac birthstone is the Opal. However, you are also associated with copper and diamonds. You are associated with these beautiful and useful materials because you embody many of their qualities.

You can connect with energies of other people—like the conductor, copper. Be careful who you hook yourself up to, though. Your loving heart could get zapped by a negative force.

Lapis lazuli and quartz crystals are also associated with truth-seekers. You are not quick to judge. At times, your patience might mean you miss out on a chance that someone else snatches up more hastily.

You are the only Zodiac symbol represented by a man-made object—the Scales. The concept of justice is your spirit animal if you will. You can make a friend anywhere. You have no natural enemies.

This lack of a heartbeat can also leave you feeling cold and skeptical, at times. Be aware that you can foster and nurture healthy relationships. Now and in the future, lean on those you know will be honest with you.

You are a great judge of character and intention. You would make a good judge or juror. You would also be a great person to have on a research panel or editing board.

Your love of truth can reveal itself in many ways. You may have a keen eye for aesthetics or an ear for music. You may have an eye for fashion or visual arts, but you cannot always articulate it. You know the truth—the ‘real thing’ when you see it.

You have very discerning tastes. You might be inclined to try anything once. Be careful in your search for truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Libra, as a lover of honesty, you must also be a diplomat. You need to ask yourself how much someone really needs to know what you are trying to tell them. Ask yourself if you are being more hurtful than helpful to the other person. Truth does not exist so that you can feel good about telling it—especially if it causes another person pain.

The Sun in Libra Women

A Libra woman’s intuition can usually sniff out a lie at a mile away. Libras use their judgment as a defense mechanism. If you fool them once, shame on you—but don’t worry about twice. She will not let you hurt her again.

Libra women are good at knowing when they have reached their stopping point in a relationship. She is not one to drag things out. A Libra woman will give you enough rope to hang yourself with your own deceptions, should you be foolish enough to try it.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognizable women in the world. While not a judge or researcher, Kim has made a study of celebrity and herself. She not only participates in reality television but also is famous for her selfies.

Kim loves to hear out both sides of every argument. She has even claimed that she is so good at finding out people’s secrets that she could become a private investigator or work for an intelligence agency. She even claims she can smell if someone has a tooth with a cavity!

Like many Libras, Kim can teach us all a lesson on how to make friends. While she is in the public eye, she rarely talks about the forbidden dinner table topics of religion and politics. Kim says a lot, without making many definitive statements on either. But, she is probably not losing her crown anytime soon.

Libra women are hard to look over or forget. Kate Winslet captured hearts in Titanic, as Rose. She was looking for truth in love, in Jack. Their love story is so believable partly in thanks to Winslet, whose Libra traits could have easily informed her character’s actions.

Libras do not like confrontation. Their fear of losing friends is larger than their dislike of problems that could be brewing. Libra, you deserve to speak your truth.

You are represented by the Scales, after all. You should look for a partner who values truth over kind words. Find someone, no matter their sign, that you believe and believe in. Just make sure you are not getting short-changed or falling into the role of martyr, just to keep another person content.

The Sun in Libra wants justice to prevail. Lies will be uncovered. Misconceptions will be cleared. Any wrongdoing will be addressed.

The Sun in Libra Men

Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Lennon, and Mahatma Gandhi are all truth-seeking Libras. Tyson is at the forefront and scientific education and communication today. He is one of the most eloquent and recognized speakers in his field. He is also inspiring many young people to study Sciences in school and on their own time.

John Lennon wrote songs, performed sit-ins, and performed to open the minds of others. John was considered to be a revolutionary thinker in his time. He was able to touch millions of people with his music. He helped them find truths through music.

Gandhi was a truth-seeker and shower. He was an activist and religious symbol to many. Best known as a pacifist, he wanted humanity to find a way to confront each other without losing our ability to love one another.

Libra men do not have a reputation for being the most physically attractive, but that does not mean the cute ones are not out there. You can earn their attention and trust by being your genuine and lovely self.

The Sun and Libra in Love

The Sun in Libra in Love wants you to find your true balance. You like to see people happy, but you cannot make everyone happy, all the time. Find a partner who will allow you to be yourself- your true self. Your best love matches are Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

An Aquarius is adventurous and creative. They also seek truth and enjoy philosophy. You two are a lot alike, but compatible because of you both value the other’s space and individuality. You will be very happy with a loving Aquarius by your side.

A Gemini will understand your tendency to second-guess your own thinking. Instead of seeing this as a deal-breaker, they can relate to you on this level. You would do well to hold each other more accountable to trusting your own decisions. You will let each other be who you are, without the demand for change.

A Sagittarius will never leave you lost for new ideas. You will enjoy the enthusiasm in trying foods, music, and art you have not. A Sagittarius might need a little more space than you are comfortable with giving, so make sure you communicate about this openly and often.

Your worst love matches are Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus. Cancer will want more affection and less stimulating conversation than you will. The Crab also wants things just-so and can be resistant to change. This hesitancy to try a better way will bother you, Libra.

You will encounter boredom and resentment with a Pisces. Pisces are high-maintenance in the reassurance department. This will either drive you deaf or into the arms of another. While you make great friends, a romantic relationship will take more of your energy than you want to give to just one person.

The Taurus is stubborn when you will be open to new concepts. The Taurus will want to dominate you, although you crave freedom. The Bull wants everything a certain way, and you will get tired of being demanded to perform the tasks they require, which are not inherently important to who you are.

The Dates for the Sun in Virgo

Use this first half of the year to take care of any unfinished business. Make some definitive plans and/or goals for yourself, in the next 6 months. This will be a challenge for you. That is the point.

Do not waste these early months on the calendar. Take account of things you need to work on in your own life. Do you want to start saving more money so you can take vacations? Figure out if you would rather have an annual vacation or monthly concert ticket budget.

Your Numerology number is 7, so think in terms of weekly habits. You can start saving a certain amount of money back from each week’s pay. You could try a concert and one-weekend mini-holiday, and see which one felt more valuable to you. These types of experiments can help you stick to your choices, once you do make them.

The Sun in Libra holds much fulfillment for you. The first half of your year will see your star sign relatively undisturbed. The Sun will enter Libra on September 22nd.

One week later, on September 29th, Mercury will enter your sign. Mercury can have a dramatic effect on your mood and love life. With the Sun and Mercury acting on you within the same week, you will feel ready to put even more energy into the healthy relationships you already have.

Venus will enter Libra on October 14th. For the past month, you will have been taking care of relationships you already have. Now is the time to focus on a new love relationship. If you are already in a relationship—spice things up this month.

On October 22nd, Mars will enter Libra. Mars holds a lot of power and is not afraid of a fight. This symbolizes that you should confront any problems festering in your relationships. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus backing your journey, you have become strong enough to do so.

The rest of the year will see your star sign undisturbed, once again. Use this time wisely to settle into the choices you have made up until this point in the year. Reflect on your positive and negative experiences. This reflection will benefit you in future decision-making.

Final Thoughts

Justice is a noble cause. Once handed down, though, a judgment can be hard or impossible to revoke. You have a tendency to flip-flop on your own decisions. Make extra sure you do not waffle on decisions you are making for others.

In your search for truth, Libra, you may find things that shock you. Try to remember that you were looking for something. Do not be deterred by obstacles. Incorporate your thoughts on the good and bad you observe into your existing understanding, and keep going.

You will find the fulfillment of self and love for others when you are less prejudiced. Being judgmental is part of your nature. It is a virtue of yours. Educate yourself on your own privileges and biases before making decisions about others.

True love of self and others comes when you realize the only person you can and should attempt to change is yourself. Learn who others really are. Make your judgments for yourself. Keep them in your life or let them go.

Being indecisive about who you like or love or let into your life is a mistake. It is ok to take calculated risks. It is understandable not to want to. Just be sure, to be honest with a romantic partner about what you truly want.


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