Libra: Three Men You Should Avoid

Libra: Three Men You Should Avoid


There are many different kinds of men in this world. In fact, the only limit to the different kinds of personality types guys can take is your imagination and creativity.

Men are products of circumstances and circumstances always change. Even within the same person, that person could go through many different changes in a lifetime.

I need you to keep this proper context in mind because I do not want you to feel that I am stereotyping certain men with what I am about to talk about.

If you are a Libra woman and you are looking to avoid getting your heart broken, you need to avoid certain men.

You need to be clear as to the kinds of male personalities you can get along with and can lead you to happiness. You also need to be clear as to the kinds of guys that really will not do you any favors.

These are the kinds of guys that will confuse you, make you feel used and abused, and otherwise lead you nowhere.

Here are the three men that you should avoid. Keep in mind that avoiding these guys does not make sense for other signs of the horoscope.

Only Libra women should avoid these guys specifically. While some other horoscope signs should avoid them partially, this list is primarily intended for Libra women.

Pushy Men

You should avoid men who are constantly trying to push you. These guys are always trying to get you to make up your mind.

As you probably already know, it takes a long time for Libra women to make up their mind.

In fact, Libra people on the whole have a tough time coming to a decision. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. This is nothing to run away from.

This is just who you are.

You try to weigh things very carefully. You always look at both sides of the situation. You pride yourself in not being rash or impulsive.

Beware of guys that try to arouse the impulsive side of you.

As you probably already know, there is a reason why you take your time in making decisions. There is a reason why you stay on the fence for as long as you do.

The reason is when you make an impulsive or rash decision, nine times out of ten it ends up in a personal disaster. Either you hate yourself afterward or it leads to some sort of financial, career or romantic shipwreck down the road.

You have seen it play out time and time again. You have seen yourself make all these impulsive emotional decisions, and you only kick yourself over and over again because of these bad decisions.

Just because you come across somebody who is attractive or talks a good game does not mean that you should go down that road yet again.

Avoid guys who are very pushy. Avoid guys that try to wake up your impulsive side.

Your impulsive side leads to all sorts of problems without you balancing it with other aspects of your personality.

If pushy guys try all sorts of sales talk on you and try all sorts of mind games, you need to run away as fast as you can.

These guys are not good for you. They do not have your best interest in mind.

Guys Who Cannot Make up Their Minds

On the other side of the equation are guys who simply cannot make up their minds. These guys are the precise opposite of pushy guys.

Believe it or not, you should also stay away from these guys.

It is bad enough that you cannot make up your mind, what happens when you partner up with somebody who is as equally indecisive?

 Instead of helping each other, you actually end up enabling each other’s very problematic personality trait of analysis paralysis.

You end up constantly supporting each other in your need for additional information. You both reinforced each other’s mistakes and believe that simply waiting for more information, and tossing that information back and forth in your mind can lead to better decisions.

You subconsciously reinforce the mistake and idea that tossing around an idea in your mind constantly can lead to better control and analysis in the future.

The truth is the longer it takes for you to make up your mind does not improve the quality of your decision.

If you are going to make the right decision, you have enough information to have made it a long time ago. I hope you see the point here.

Simply waiting and grinding your gears is not going to help you control your future.

Unfortunately, if you partner up with guys who think the same way, instead of taking action, you end up missing out on many opportunities.

You end up blaming each other or kicking yourself because you did not take action when you should have taken action.

Believe me, opportunities often come and go. In fact, opportunities of a lifetime have a very short window. You have to get in that window and make your move.

Otherwise, it is gone forever.

Unfortunately if your emotional partner suffers from analysis paralysis, chances are you would not be taking advantage of opportunities that can take your life to the next level.

Guys with No Real Standards or Core Principles

There are many guys who are simply apathetic. They really do not care much about life in general.

They feel that the best kind of life is to live life in a shell. These are guys who look at any kind of challenge or struggle as a negative thing.

Instead of looking at life’s challenges and hard knocks as an opportunity to overcome, rise above and become a better person, this people would rather crawl in a hole, go to sleep, and wish that all their problems go away.

This is the type of people that would simply sleep through life’s storms and challenges.

As you can probably already tell, this is not a winning strategy.

Winners look at problems straight in the eye and overcome those problems. They go toe to toe with life.

That is right. They are fighters. They are warriors.

That is what makes you a winner.

Unfortunately, if you partner up on an emotional level with guys with no real standards or core principles, you essentially become a jellyfish.

You are constantly running away from challenges and always looking to take shortcuts. You are always being pushed to take the path of least resistance.

What happens if you go about your important life decisions with that mind set? I will tell you what happens.

You become mediocre. You end up settling for less-than-satisfying results.

This can lead to all sorts of problems down the road. It can lead to an unhappy marriage. It can lead to an unstable financial life.

It can lead to weak family relationships.

Whatever it is, it is not fulfilling. It is not satisfying.

Worst of all, you only have yourself to blame because you chose to partner up with guys with no moral core or solid principles, for which they are willing to stand up for and sacrifice for.

Make no mistake about it. The best things in life are worth sacrificing for.

To reach very high points, you often have to take the risk of reaching new lows. As the old saying goes no pain, no gain.

If you partner up with a guy who thinks that you can win by avoiding challenges, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

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Muhammad Shahab said on

I’m in love with a libra girl.My ascendent is in libra.i am an ambitious person.also like to overcome challanges.but this isn’t a wise thing to try to stand in midst of storms like a stupid stubborn bull when you can’t …just to tell the world that you have the balls.well, all men have’em but a few have the intellect in their physical brains to decide what’d be the most appropiate thing to do in challenges.Always going toe to toe isn’t a wise decision, neither is a brave one except for novelty.patience without letting yourself down from inside is one of the real life keys to a better living.And most of the times, just surviving without changing your corebelief through the course without acheiving something material is itself an acheivement.

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