Four Facts about the Pisces Symbol

Four Facts about the Pisces Symbol

The daydreaming Pisces is said to be a star sign that takes in the characteristics of every other, because it is the last sign in the zodiac.

Pisces people tend to be deep, complex and often contradictory, even to their own natures.

Always unpredictable and eager to please, just getting to the bottom of the watery depths of these people can be difficult.

It’s little wonder why Pisces signs and symbols confuse people all the time… yet with the right knowledge, you’ll have unravelled their great mysteries after all.

What is the Pisces symbol?

Like any other star signs, the Pisces symbol is based on the constellations that were discerned by the civilisations of old.

In this particular case, scholars saw the stars define the shape of two fish, each swimming around and towards the tail of the other.

It’s important indeed to note that the Pisces zodiac symbol is not just one fish, but two.

Pisces people tend to be contending with two sides of themselves at any one time, and true to the Pisces symbol itself, can sometimes find themselves figuratively swimming in circles about themselves trying to find the right answer.

The fish in this symbol are identical, and act as two halves of one whole, so similarly a Pisces sees each facet of themselves equally, and doesn’t want to surrender one side of themselves to another whenever possible.

That’s not to say they’re lacking in intelligence though. Far from it – and taking that dual nature into account once again, Pisces souls tend to balance that tremendous intellect with a keen sense of intuition that some say borders on outright clairvoyance.

Fish swim to the kinds of depths that human beings cannot touch, just as Pisces people are able to plunge to the depths of emotion, mystery and insight in ways that most people simply never see.

The fish works well as a symbol for Pisces also because, like a fish swimming deep from view, Pisces people can sink far within themselves at times, almost losing themselves in realms of dream and emotion.

If you’ve ever tried to catch a fish by hand, you’ll also know that they react fast, being able to sense even the slightest ripple and change in the aquatic environment around them.

Fish represent the Pisces well here too, because people born under this star sign can detect slight shifts in mood and feeling in their surroundings – they’ll often become wary of an argument in their vicinity long before anyone physically raises their voice.

And finally, like fish, Pisces people like to hide away when the world gets too much for them. While fish hide in caves, Pisces people retreat into imaginative places like art, books and movies.

It’s important for them to connect with this side of themselves, but also not to lose themselves completely to this kind of indulgence.

Understanding the Pisces glyph

Every star sign has a sigil or glyph that represents it, which features in birth charts drawn up by professional astrologers, but also gives an at a glance way of distinctively describing a star sign.

You may have seen it already without knowing in artwork or in a Pisces tattoo.

The Pisces glyph is almost as if someone has typed the rounded brackets on a computer keyboard back to front, then struck it through the middle with a straight line.

However, the true meaning of this Pisces symbol is somewhat more elaborate.

The symbolism of two fish swimming in opposite directions, yet somehow conjoined through the centre, is a common interpretation of this Pisces symbol, and it makes sense as to why.

In truth, while many star signs come across as indecisive, it works a little differently for Pisces people. In short, they would much prefer to have both rather than only one or the other.

For example, if a Pisces individual was debating whether to apply for a job at the new office in town, or stay where he or she currently worked even though it was boring, they might procrastinate on making the decision and just try to do both halfway.

The inner conflict that comes from committing one way or another can feel very daunting to these folks, and therefore we see in the Pisces symbol that outlook in the form of the glyph.

If no choice can be made, those fish – bound together as they are – will just swim around one another forever.

However, this dual outlook is secretly one of the biggest advantages of the Pisces soul.

The symbol for Pisces shows that they have a half of themselves in two planes of existence – reason versus intuition, life versus death, dreams versus reality – and connect them into a conscious whole.

That sense of mystique and magic is a big part of why Pisces is so appealing.

The lucky colours for Pisces

True to their aquatic nature, the Pisces sign is also known for its lucky colours, most commonly accepted as blue and turquoise.

These colours evoke dream destinations like Caribbean shores, but also qualities of mysticism and the unseen realms of imagination.

Pisces people love to bring dreams into reality, and you’ll find that not only do these colours often find their way into their wardrobes, but the clothes they wear often billow or trail behind them as though being dragged gracefully through water.

Blue is also the colour of Neptune, the hazy daydreaming planet and another Pisces zodiac symbol.

But back on Earth, the lucky Pisces colours of blue and teal can be experienced in the signature gemstone of the star sign, which is Aquamarine.

This striking stone has a soothing presence, and can be easily said to bring calmness and tranquillity to the mind of any Pisces person who is suffering from doubt, anxiety or worry – all very Pisces afflictions.

Calming the mind helps order become restored in an often very busy and troubled psyche.

Aquamarine is also flecked with little imperfections and dots of colour that make each stone unique too, making for a deep and interesting visual object for a Pisces to meditate on or stare at and drift off into dreams with.

Some Pisces people who follow astrology and new age spirituality will keep an aquamarine stone tucked under their pillow to help have a soothing night’s sleep too – dreams are important to these individuals.

Explore Pisces further under the gaze of Neptune

With so many allusions to water, the ocean and the waves in this exploration of Pisces symbology, it should come as no surprise that Neptune is their ruling planet.

In mythology, Neptune was the ruler of the sea, and so makes for a perfect ruler of Pisces too.

It’s not just the water that makes Neptune well suited for Pisces though, because it is the ruling planet of this star sign for a number of deep and intriguing reasons.

In astrology, Neptune rules not just the water, but also mysteries, secrets, subtlety, subterfuge, illusion and confusion.

This means that Neptune rules dreams and innermost desires, and the subconscious motivations that lead people to do all manner of odd things they never think about.

Ours may not be to reason why, but thanks to the influence of Neptune in the Pisces zodiac, theirs effectively is – they have an uncanny knack for unravelling what makes people tick.

It’s quite the potent cocktail, and it explains much of why so many people find it hard knowing how to understand how a Pisces thinks.

In truth, these individuals have much of themselves in an otherworldly place only they can touch, and it can be hard for them to express what they see, feel and hear there.

It’s therefore important to be patient with sensitive Pisces, and to show understanding in how they relate to the world.

Knowing they are safe in your company is hugely important to the Pisces individual, even if they don’t show it.

Understanding water, the element for Pisces, better

All this talk of water, the depths and the mysteries are one thing, but as far as the elements themselves are concerned, Pisces is not alone in having water at its heart.

All-star signs are symbolised by more than just the constellations, symbols and glyphs we usually learn about.

Each star sign has an element to its name too, from fiery and spontaneous Aries to slow and methodical Taurus. Of course, with all that’s been discussed so far, it’s unsurprising to learn that the element for Pisces is indeed water.

However, Pisces shares the water element with Scorpio and Cancer. Between these three stars signs, the realms of emotion, mysteriousness and intuition are common ground.

For Cancer, water is nurturing, for Scorpio, water is concealing, and for Pisces, water is another realm altogether.

Water is such a pivotal part of the greater Pisces personality because it represents depths in which to become completely lost and entirely submerged.

While many of us have an inbuilt safety mechanism of sorts that stops us drifting into imagination, fantasy and the hidden side of dreams for too long, Pisces has no such compunction, nor the desire to develop any. Dreams are their domain.

Beneath the surface of the waters of life, the real reasons why people behave as they do, say what they say and are inspired by certain factors all become clear to the Pisces.

Through intuition and deeper reasoning, a Pisces can calmly pick apart the great secrets of life, and stare into the very souls of other people.

They may not always be able to, nor meant to, bring these obscure discoveries to the surface, and that is entirely the decision for a Pisces person to make.

The only thing they must keep in mind is not to get entirely lost to fantasy, nor fall prey to illusions found in the hidden depths of life.

What we can learn from the symbol for Pisces

Pisces people come across as sensitive, emotionally charged and prone to stare into space or become entirely lost to their own mental realms and innermost feelings.

Heavy sleepers who often have vivid dreams, Pisces souls are the sole residents of a part of reality the rest of the zodiac can’t fathom or touch.

Many Pisces people fiercely adhere to traditional science and proven logic, and would scoff at the idea of secrets and riddles hidden in some wishy-washy emotional inner ocean.

Yet even they, at the subconscious level, have a degree of intuition and imagination far beyond the concept of other people.

In learning about the symbol for Pisces, it has become clear that harmony between the real and the imagined, the dark and the light, the happy and the sad and all of life’s extremes must be found.

More than this, the great secrets of the universe are to be explored as freely as a fish through coral reefs, unafraid and completely, quietly confident.

This duality, as seen in the Pisces symbol, is what can make Pisces people so hard to understand for many people, and certainly for themselves too.

One aspect of the Pisces star sign that many people seldom touch on is that it’s the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and is therefore said to host the traits of all the signs that came before.

That makes Pisces quite the capable shapeshifter, able to be fierce and courageous or tender and compassionate as the need requires, and likewise able to split rationale and psychic feelings with superb mental agility.

However, the temptation to sink into fantasy and imagination is always near, and the Pisces would do well to remember to stay grounded too.

Once harmony is found, clear and calm waters prevail, and we all become richer for the experience.

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