The Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces illuminates your connection with the supernatural.  You are the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac.  You are considered the most mysterious and spiritual of all the star signs.

Your sign is two fish, swimming opposite each other.  This represents your willingness to go against the grain of society.  The fish also symbolize your extremely perceptive nature.

Your element is water, and your Ruling planet is Neptune.  “Neptune is the God of the Sea and is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, physic receptivity, and illusion.”  Staying within your aquatic theme, you are represented by the water lily’s beauty.  You are at home in the water.

Sun in Pisces Traits

You are often able to pick up on things others are not.  If born in February your birthstone is recognized as the Amethyst, but all Pisces are associated with the color Aquamarine.  You are also associated with green—the color of “renewal”; and “lavender [which] is associated with spiritual healing and cosmic consciousness”.

Of all the Zodiac signs, you are the most comfortable when alone.  You could be a loner, a traveler, or just a reserved person.  People often categorize your sign as the most mysterious.  Often you are perfectly fulfilled without a romantic relationship.

Pisces need work that stimulates them.  You care deeply about others.  The Fish are the most empathetic of all signs.  You make an amazing best friend and family member.

Many Pisces enter the medical field.  You can tell a Pisces from their exceptional bedside manner.  They will never want to see you hurting.  A Pisces will do everything in their power to help you when you need them the most.

Theater, the fine arts, and education are all fields that benefit from Pisces.  You make great caregivers.  You are patient and show the most compassion of any Zodiac sign.  Thank goodness so many of you work in hospitals and clinics.

The Sun in Pisces Women

You offer unconditional love to those around you.  You do this almost to a fault.  You may yearn for a romantic relationship, but find yourself always preoccupied caring for others.  This is the beauty and tragedy of the Pisces’ existence.

Compassion for strangers is strong and the Sun in Pisces only highlights this selfless quality.  The Fish may seem counterproductive, but they actually represent the fact that you are willing to cut your own progress to help your neighbor along.  This is such a unique and rare quality; protect this at all costs, for it is who you truly are.

Sometimes the loner Pisces is seen with pity; the beautiful loser.  However, it is more accurate to see them as the people who were willing to sacrifice personal glory for the greater good.  From the outside looking in, you may look like you are standing still, but the mind of a Pisces is always onto the next problem before anyone else.

Rihanna (b.  February 20, 1988) is an iconic female Fish.  She is considered one of the hottest and most mysterious celebrities in the world today.  She is not afraid to be single.

RiRi is not afraid to go against the grain.  A rebel, she relishes the title of BadGal.  And she is even more beloved by the public for displaying her true colors.

The Sun in Pisces Men

The Sun in the Pisces man illuminates the lightbulb over his head.  Do not fall in love with a Pisces man expecting a sugar daddy.  He may spoil you with all he has, but he may never be the type for things that sparkle.

The Pisces will value innovation and improve the quality of life for others.These men can be unfairly called unambitious.  A closer examination will prove otherwise.  They are imaginative and visionary creators.

Steve Jobs (b. February 24th, 1955) is an inspirational Pisces known for his contributions to the world of technology.  The Apple Pioneer revolutionized the way people across the globe interact with machines, and with each other.  He was anything but a slacker.

In the same grain of creative genius is Albert Einstein (b. March 14, 1879.)  Einstein proposed theories that we are still using today.  He was not only ahead of his time, but still far over the heads of even many intellectuals.

He was able to see beauty in the cosmos.  This was his treasure.  He often looked disheveled, with famously unkempt hair.  He also wore this as a badge of honor and a symbol that he was not tied to tradition or anyone else’s expectations of his own hair.

Pisces are not vain people.  On the contrary, many prefer a casual and natural personal style.  You can spot a Pisces in hospital scrubs, or with chalk on their blazers, and instead of blushing, they will be proud of their profession’s uniform’s function.  Steve Jobs, for example, was known for his self-imposed uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans.

The Sun and Pisces in Love

The Sun and Pisces in Love enlighten the sensitive side of the Fish.  You are the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac.  This may seem like a weakness, but without it you would not have your strong compassionate side.  Your ideal partner will adore your caring side and protect your vulnerable points.

Your best love matches are Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio.  Capricorn will happily lead the dance you share.  You will respect the way they can command any room—especially your bedroom.  Your physical chemistry will be strong in this relationship.

The Goat will also help you find your footing when your head is in the clouds.  They will not be too pushy but can offer you great insights.  Lean on this person.  They will love being appreciated and looked up to, as well.

You could easily fall for a Cancer.  This is one of the relationships that will work so well for you, that you could see committing long-term.  A Cancer knows how to defend their turf—and their partner.

A Cancer will also know how to practically maneuver through obstacles that stump you.  You are both deeply sensitive star signs, and would never intentionally hurt each other.  You are both deeply loyal and protective when you love someone.

Your best matches, in terms of love, will probably be found in Scorpio.  If you are not interested in a romantic life partner, you may notice that one or two of your inner circle of close friends are Fish.The pair of you will freak others out with how into each other you are.  You may also share a passion or two that the outside world just does not understand yet.

Matches you should avoid, or at least think twice about involve Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.  A Gemini might not be willing to invest what you would demand in order to settle down.  The often can be prone to cheating or being otherwise emotionally available.  You are not one to suffer this foolishness and are better off not investing any time or emotion, in the first place.

A Libra will bore you to death with their need to pick at details.  You are more of a karma person.  They might be more for the death penalty.  This person is usually way too abrasive for someone as sensitive as you.  You are not exactly a delicate flower, but you are worth handling with care.

A Sagittarius can be a bit too brash for you, while also asking for more.  They will want the music louder, the food spicier, the party larger—and you are happy to let them do this.  You do not have to be their partner, but a Sagittarius is different enough to make a good friend if you both compromise.

Possible matches come with fellow Pisces.  You are the only ones who will understand your esoteric fascination with the afterlife and the occult.  A fellow Pisces will never make you feel weird about a personal habit or quirk unless it is bad for your health.  If you are hurting, they are hurting for you—they will try to keep you both happy.

The Dates for the Sun in Pisces

The very first-star sign ingress of the New Year will come when Venus enters your sign on January 3rd.   You are most capable of all the signs to bear the weight of the unknown that comes with a new beginning like this.  Your calm demeanor and sensitive nature also put everyone else at ease.  You are also good at keeping a poker face, when you sense something but do not want to alarm others, right away.

The Sun in Pisces enters on February 18th.  You will see more positivity in the world around you than ever before.  Others around you may be in a depressed funk and shocked by your optimism.  You know that your optimism is based on faith that things will somehow balance themselves out, naturally.

Mercury will enter Pisces on February 25th.  While other signs feel a bit seasick when in Mercury’s presence, you are drawn to its mysterious nature.  Many people will wonder why you seem so happy.  You might not even be able to explain it.

On April 2nd, Venus in Retrograde will enter your sign.  This may have a number of effects on you.  You may feel panicked by a sudden change in your mood.  You may decide to take off for a few days or weeks.

Of all the star signs, this is the most in character for you.  Nothing is wrong with getting away into nature or another culture for a while.  There is also nothing wrong with taking a break from technology.  For the sake of those that love you, if you are planning a trip like this, leave some emergency contact information or your whereabouts, in a case of trouble.

Final Thoughts

Pisces, unfortunately, one of your hallmarks is not feeling good enough.  Others may sadly reinforce this when you make the habit of missing appointments, canceling plans with friends, or failing to take regular care of your hygiene and home.  You must make some commitments and keep them to stay fulfilled—even if they are just annual dental visits.

One way to calm your sensitive soul is through avoiding addictive substances.  Also, add a picture of your favorite body of water to a space you commonly use.  Little things, like adding shades of green, blue, and purple to your home décor or wardrobe might be the only change you need to make to ease your senses.

Take a walk by a lake instead of going to a gym.  Go on a walk without headphones or listen to sounds of rain on a noise machine as you fall asleep.  The more you surround yourself with things that bring you peace, the more focus you can put on new concerns.

Keep purple and amethysts around you.  They will calm your worried side and inspire more calming thoughts.  Meditate with this color around you, as well as greens and blues.  Purple is connected to a higher power, as seen in many church and state colors.

Remember that you are in the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, which closes the circle.  This adds to your inclination for the mystical and magical.  Also, this placement in the stars “rules soul growth, karma, self-undoing, hidden strengths and crutches, private or hidden matters, and spirituality”.

You may not need a religion.  You may not need a lover.  Most people will not understand your outlook on life.  Good thing you do not need their understanding to be happy in your choices.

A Question for You, Dear Reader:

You probably know a Pisces who would be content to live as a monk, nun, or hermit in the woods.  The only reason they do not is probably the tie of family responsibility.

Are you the type of Pisces who could live alone, in a cabin in the woods, without losing your ever-loving mind, or do you crave to sit at the café and people watch all day?

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