Which Star Signs Should Sagittarius Date?

Which Star Signs Should Sagittarius Date?

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Sagittarius are known to be the biggest lovers of freedom and independence, but that doesn’t make them the worst kind of people to be in a relationship with. In fact, they can be the most romantic, most passionate, and most expressive lovers!

As romantic partners, they will be a lot of fun. They are open and giving, and you will feel what it’s like to be truly loved and cared for by someone.

Sagittarius are serious about their goals, and they do what they must to turn their dreams and ambitions into reality. But they also don’t forget to enjoy, have fun, and savour the little moments that make up their lives.

Sagittarius know that there are some things that you should not take very seriously, and that’s exactly what they are doing. They don’t let anything get them down, and instead, make the best out of the situation.

Sagittarius are very committed when they decide to be in a relationship with someone, and you can expect to be in a faithful and loving relationship for a long time. They are willing to try anything if it will make their partners happy and satisfied.

They are idealistic, and they enjoy having a certain amount of freedom, even if they are in a relationship. Sagittarius possess this inner strength and wisdom that can help them weather any storm, making the perfect partners in life and love!

What Makes a Perfect Sagittarius Date?

If you wish to date or be in a relationship with a Sagittarius, you should know that they are one of the most headstrong and independent signs of the zodiac. They are bold and brave, and they are not afraid to speak what’s on their minds, but you can always expect them to be truthful.

One thing that you should know when dating a Sagittarius is to not let them know you’re dating and just allow them come to that conclusion on their own. If you tell them that you’re dating and they’re not ready, they might be a little weirded out at the label and even start pulling away from you.

Sagittarius value their freedom and independence, so don’t get them all freaked out by saying you want to date each other exclusively after just one date. The best way to have a Sagittarius commit to a relationship with you is to have it sneak up on them.

Let them just wake up one day, craving for your company, looking forward to seeing your face and hearing your voice. Before you know it, they will be changing their relationship status on Facebook and publishing a photo of the two of you together as their profile picture.

When you first get together, they will usually tell you that they’re not looking for anything serious, and that they’re just here to have fun. No strings attached.

If you want to end up with a Sagittarius, don’t put on the pressure. Just be cool and nonchalant, even if you feel like your heart is going to burst with all the emotions that you have for them.

Sagittarius like to take their time getting to know people. When they feel it’s time to take the next step, they will do so without hesitation.

It may feel like you’re babysitting them most of the time. However, your patience, love, and understanding will be rewarded.

Eventually, you and your Sagittarius will end up together. You will end up with someone who’s adventurous and optimistic, as well as dependable, supportive, and responsible.

Understand their need to feel free and independent. Don’t be surprised if you come home one day to see them gone for the weekend.

They are just the kind of people who will log on to the internet, book a plane ticket, and head off somewhere for a quick getaway just because they feel like it. Don’t worry, because they will send you pictures to keep you updated.

They have this desire to explore, wander, learn, and try out new adventures. Even if they are in a committed relationship, don’t expect this desire to go away.

If they ever feel like being with you prevents them from doing these things, they will disappear from your life faster than you can say ‘ta-ta!’. Allow them to feel like they can still be themselves, and that they can still do what they love even if they’re in a relationship with you.

Being with you should not send the message that it will be the end of life as they know it. Be comfortable in accommodating their needs and wants without sacrificing your happiness and the health of your relationship.

Sagittarius get bored easily, so be prepared to inject excitement into your relationship on a regular basis. Surprise them and do things that are unplanned — they will appreciate your efforts more!

They are big nature enthusiasts, so plan a date that will take the both of you outdoors. You can go surfing, biking, running, or you can even take a road trip to somewhere.

You can camp out in the wilderness and disconnect from your online life. This will allow you to focus on one another and the nature that surrounds you.

A museum visit, a night at the theatre, a movie date, or all-night dancing will be great date ideas for Sagittarius. Anything that will make them learn while having fun is always a good idea.

Remember to just go out and have fun with your Sagittarius! Having fun with each other is the most important thing that you should consider whenever you go out on a date.

Even if you’re just having a meal, or doing the groceries, if you have fun while doing it together, that’s even more wonderful! You don’t have to have big and expensive dates just to have a good time, because just good company and intelligent conversation should do it!

Which Star Signs Is Sagittarius Most Compatible With?

The most compatible star signs with a Sagittarius are Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra. They all share the same level of passion and enthusiasm, and their approach to life and love will create the best and happiest relationships.

They have a very positive and upbeat outlook, and how they value freedom and independence is just what a strong and independent Sagittarius needs. They can easily harmonize with a Sagittarius while allowing them to view life a lot more objectively.

What about another Sagittarius?

When a Sagittarius gets in a relationship with another Sagittarius, it’s bound to be a near perfect relationship! These two are very compatible when it comes to balancing their personal pursuits and interests.

Whenever they’re together, there’s no jealousy or rivalry going on. Instead, they both strive to please and support one another.

They both share a hunger for knowledge and experience, and this allows them to work on their own projects without fear that the other resents them for it. They have the perfect balance between passion and giving the other person room to breathe.

Together they can accomplish many great things. And together they can explore different facets of each other that no other person can!

Signs Least Compatible with Sagittarius

Virgo and Pisces are the least compatible star signs with a Sagittarius. They are too diligent and conscientious for a Sagittarius who likes to lead a carefree, anything-goes kind of lifestyle.

There will be plenty of disagreements and disappointments, and the relationship will soon crumble even before it can fully take off. The differences between these star signs are just too vast, and they will find themselves working too hard just to have peace and happiness in the relationship.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are known to be very passionate people. If you’re ready for a love and lovemaking that’s fiery and exciting, then it’s time for you to date a Sagittarius man!

Sagittarius men have an insatiable lovemaking drive that will leave anyone satisfied inside the bedroom. They are big lovers of romance, and you will definitely feel like a queen every single day.

They are manly men, but they are also not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are faithful and devoted, and they will always make you feel special and loved without being too needy and clingy.

Sagittarius men are also very private people, but they will not hesitate to have public displays of affection if the moment calls for it. Prepare to be charmed and seduced because they can captivate and lure you in very easily!

The longer that you know a Sagittarius man, the more that you will realize that they are also quite impulsive and restless. They always want to do something exciting, and they always want to go somewhere.

Sagittarius men are always on the lookout for the next great adventure. If you want to have a happy and meaningful relationship, you should also have this desire for thrill and adventure.

Change doesn’t scare Sagittarius men, and they can easily adapt to any situation. Whatever life throws at them, they can handle with ease.

They have a fun and optimistic outlook on life, making it easier for them to bounce back from life’s challenges. They have a good sense of humour, too, that helps them deal with things, especially when they get overwhelming.

Sagittarius men are intelligent and charismatic, and they can light up any room they enter. They are warm and friendly, and very relaxed and outgoing.

No wonder they have a lot of friends and always surrounded by a lot of people. No wonder that a lot of women find themselves hopelessly in love with them!

When you’re with a Sagittarius man, expect your life to be exciting and spontaneous. They know how to have a good time, and they expect their partners to let go of their inhibitions as well.

But more than their carefree nature and idea of a good time, Sagittarius men also have a huge thirst for knowledge. You will learn a lot of exciting new things when you’re with them, so be prepared for information overload!

Because of Sagittarius men’s carefree nature, they may not always be the most responsible or reliable people when it comes to fixing things in the house, or planning your lives for the next 10 years. But just step up and do your part, and they will take that as their cue.

Sagittarius men will say things that other people would not, because they don’t believe in filtering their thoughts, emotions, and words. They can be embarrassing or hurtful at times, but know that it doesn’t come from a place of malice or meanness.

You will have to get used to their unemotional or blunt manner, and try not to be easily offended. If you will feel hurt every time they say something you don’t like, it can be the start of your misunderstandings.

Just remember that Sagittarius men are very honest and straightforward. And that a relationship that’s made up by two honest and real people can only become better in time!

Dating a Sagittarius Woman

When you’re in love with a Sagittarius woman, you should know that love is considered a big mystery to her. For a Sagittarius woman, love can be a most coveted prize or a well-hidden treasure.

Sagittarius women are searching a for a man who will love them the way they want to be loved. They are looking for someone who will be able to match them physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

When they’re in love, they are the most straightforward and most trustworthy lovers. They don’t easily open themselves up to people, and they are often scared of intimacy and commitment.

But when they do fall in love, their love just blossoms. Even when they are head over heels in love with you, they will still be strong and independent, adding to their charm and mystery.

They have boundless energy, and they are always on the go. If you want to keep them happy, make sure that you always keep them busy!

Sagittarius women are always seeking for the truth, making them very intelligent and open-minded people. Don’t try to lie your way around one because you will only be incurring their wrath.

Keep them engaged in intelligent discussions and teach them new things that you know they will enjoy. They are very inquisitive and curious, so brace yourself for a barrage of questions ranging from their favourite Game of Thrones characters to life in outer space!

Sagittarius women also have a big love for travel. They can see themselves doing this until they’re old and grey, and they will love it if you feel the same way about travel.

For them, no destination is too dangerous or boring. They can stay in fancy hotel rooms or no-nonsense backpacker’s hostels, and they can sleep indoors or outdoors with no problem, just as long as they get to travel.

Sagittarius women don’t like to be fenced in, because they are naturally independent, and they have the need to come and go as they please. Even if they love you very much, they will not allow anyone to ‘own’ them in any way.

If you want them to be happy, don’t try to change them or make them into something more pleasing or more manageable. Sagittarius women will never be held back, and they will bolt out of your life if you ever try.

But loving them will be worth it because they can give you everything you will ever need. You just need to be bold and brave enough to pursue them!

Sagittarius’s Best Compatibility Match: Aries

These two make a very compatible pair because their relationship will be filled with positive energy, enthusiasm, and passion. These are just some of the traits that make a very successful and happy relationship!

With Sagittarius and Aries together, every day is a happy affair. Their love and commitment will just grow as time passes, and if there’s any challenge up ahead, they are the best people to face them.

Sagittarius’s Worst Compatibility Match: Virgo

These two star signs are so dramatically different. Sagittarius like to take a lot of risks, and they thrive on impulse and excitement, while Virgos like stability, routine, and order.

There will come a time when they will disapprove of each other and find the other boring or brash. Sagittarius and Virgo will always be clashing because they have very different goals and ideas on how to achieve them.

My Final Thoughts on Sagittarius, Dating and Romantic Compatibility

Sagittarius men and women are very friendly people, so it’s not surprising that they are also mistaken as too flirtatious. But despite earning this reputation, there’s more to a Sagittarius than meets the eye.

They like to have a lot of fun and explore new things with their partner, and they can be the most devoted and loyal partners, too. They get serious when they have to, and they can be expected to step up when the situation calls for it.

Once you meet a Sagittarius, you will find it so difficult to stay away. So just make the most out of it, enjoy their company, and let things happen as they should!

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