September 16 Zodiac

September 16 Zodiac

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on September 16?

If you were born on September 16th, your zodiac sign is Virgo.

As a Virgo person on September 16th, you have a very, very strong personality. You believe that reality is your personal playground. You can turn reality into a personal puppet.

Now, this may seem like some sort of delusional thinking but, it actually works in your favor. The reality is actually quite simple.

We are the masters of our own reality. How many times have you heard that before? How many times have you read that phrase?

Well, just because people say it all the time, and use it as some sort of mindless matter, it doesn’t take away from it’s the truth.

You are in charge of your reality because you are in charge of what you choose to think about.

The thought is a choice. Never for a second believe that thoughts are automatic, and they come with prepacked judgments.

That’s a lie. Thoughts are simply your interpretations of otherwise neutral stimuli your body picks up.

If you change your thought pattern. If you change how you judge your thoughts, you’d change your world.

You definitely change your results. Why? You change your emotions which then change the actions that you take.

Actions, are what the world pays attention to, and if you change the way you act, you achieve different results. it really is that basic. You get all this. You understand it.

Love Horoscope for September 16 Zodiac

Lovers born on September 16th are some of the most encouraging people on the horoscope. You truly go out of your way, to let your romantic partners know that they are the masters of their reality.

They don’t have to take reality lying down. They can always opt for a better situation. They can always change things around.

Accordingly, you make for a great romantic partner because you are the type of person that would enable to empower people to take control over their past.

Most people live lives of misery and surrender because they can’t seem to get over the past.

You’re exactly the type of empowering influence that would enable them to stare their fears right in the eye, and slay that giant monster within, to unleash an even unstoppable giant of personal success and happiness.

Career Horoscope for September 16 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on September 16 work with the world, instead of against the world. That’s why you tend to be more successful.

That’s the kind of career you would do well in. When you take existing facts, and you impose on it, new templates, new regulations, new procedures, and you work with reality to stir it into a different direction.

You have an inborn sense of focus. You know where to focus your energies. You understand that where your focus goes, your energy flows.

You believe that if you focus on the right things, things are possible. You are so positive that you make things happen instead of being the guy that continuously asks what happened.

People Born on September 16 Personality Traits

You have an inborn sense of optimism. You believe like a typical Virgo, that things are the way they are. You have a practical side to you.

You have a clear idea of they way things exist. You’re not an Aquarius, you essentially just thinks in such fantastical terms, and tries to impose these on a wholesale basis on reality.

In other words, you take a giant sheet, and you cover the world with it. That’s how an Aquarius thinks. No.

You are a Virgo. And what you do is, you look at the way the world works now, and then you impose your ideals on it.

Positive Traits of the September 16 Zodiac

You are easily one of the most optimistic persons in the horoscope. It’s very hard to get you down.

It’s very hard to tell you what you are and are not capable of. You truly believe you are the master of your destiny, and this is why you do not blame other people.

You take responsibility for what goes on in your life. Even if other people actively sought to cause you harm, you still lay the blame of any bad reactions to yourself.

Now, this is not you beating yourself up. This is not you suffering from a low self-esteem or low self-confidence.

On the contrary, this is you exercising ultimate power over your life because you know that when you refuse to blame the power to change still remains with you.

Negative Traits of the September 16 Zodiac

Sometimes you get way in over your head. And that sometimes you take people into your private life that you have no business getting close to. These people are emotional parasites.

They know what they should be doing. They know that they should not be pessimistic. They know they shouldn’t sabotage themselves.

But they keep hanging around you to feed off your energy. They’re like energy vampires.

They like the pep talk, but they hate the responsibility of actually implementing the pep talk. So they keep you around, for your positive statements, and the way you make them feel.

But they remain miserable, and they keep coming back to you over and over again, with their pessimism, their complaints, and their overall corrosive view of the world.

Avoid these people because they bring nothing to the table. If anything, they take away from you.

Consider yourself warned. If you surround yourself with too many of these people, your natural positivity will dry up.

September 16 Element

Earth is the paired element of all Virgo people.

The particular aspect of earth that is most relevant to your personality is earth’s sustained seeds when it’s cultivated.

When you plant a seed in the soil, and water it, and take care of it, it would grow.

It can turn into a mighty tree. It can turn into tasty fruit. It could turn into yummy vegetables. That’s a great thing about earth. It’s very sustaining and cultivating. The same applies to your personality.

You have a tremendous ability to cultivate, empower, and encourage people. Just make sure you use these energies on the right people. You should use it on people who would appreciate it.

September 16 Planetary Influence

Mercury is the ruling planet of all Virgo people.

The particular aspect of Mercury that is most relevant to your personality is it’s warmth.
Since Mercury is so close to the sun, it’s very, very warm.

In fact, it’s hot. But in certain parts of Mercury, it’s nice and warm. That’s the aspect of Mercury that is most relevant to your personality.

You are such a positive person that you have it in your heart to share the positivity with others. In many cases, that’s the best you can do for other people.

That’s your best gift to the world. Just make sure you share it with people who would appreciate it, instead of who just use it.

My Top Tips for Those with a September 16th Birthday

Be yourself. Try not to pretend to be somebody you’re not. Try not to prove yourself to too many people. There’s nothing to prove.

People can tell a mile away whether you’re the genuine article or you’re a fake. Focus on your strengths, and let your warmth lead people to you.

Lucky Color for the September 16th Zodiac

The lucky color for those born under September 16th is represented by the color Khaki.

Khaki is a derivation of the color brown. It is very earthy, balanced, and comfortable with itself. All these qualities are present in your personality.

Lucky Numbers for September 16 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on 16th of September are – 100, 18, 71, 78, and 76.

This is One Thing That No 16th September Zodiac Person Can Resist

There’s a lot of self-control that goes with being a Virgo, and that goes double for those Virgo people born on 16th September.

These tend to be among the best at regulating themselves and never falling afoul of temptation. Yet more often than not, there’s definitely an exception to that rule.

It’s sweets! Sugary treats of all kinds, or anything that appeals to the sweet tooth, is something nobody born on 16th September can be without.

It also doesn’t altogether matter how regulated their diets are otherwise, either – it all goes out the window when cake’s on the platter.

These folks will rationalise to themselves and those around them why indulging ought to be allowed, but they’re not fooling anyone – least of all themselves.

While there are worse vices out there, it’s definitely wise to keep on top of this influence that sweet treats can have over you

Final Thought for the September 16 Zodiac

You are easily one of the most important and necessary in any kind of group you find yourself in.

You have a selfless side to you that makes it a point to share your positivity and sense of empowerment with those around you.

This is very much needed in this world. There is no shortage of negative people out there. There’s no shortage of people who just take, take, and take. Be that light. Be that positive force for change.

However, do yourself a big favor, and stay away from energy vampires. Stay away from people who just use up your personality. Use it to enable all sorts of negative behavior.

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