The Butterfly Spirit Animal

The Butterfly Spirit Animal

The butterfly spirit animal is one of the most symbolic animals that’s associated with personal transformation.

The butterfly symbolism urges you to pay attention to certain aspects of your life that need to be changed or transformed.

When the butterfly totem appears to you in your dreams or in your daily life, you are being encouraged to be more sensitive to your personal growth and expansion.

This is the time to witness the continuous unraveling of beauty in your life!

Common Butterfly Spirit Animal Meanings

The butterfly spirit animal symbolizes the psyche, just like the ladybug spirit animal, and how you should be in tune with your emotions and spirit.

Spiritually speaking, the butterfly spirit animal signifies resurrection and the need for meditation if you wish to take the road to enlightenment.

But perhaps the most well-known butterfly symbolism is that of rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation.

This is because the butterfly goes through different stages before it comes out to the world better, stronger, and more beautiful.

This means that your life will also be moving through different stages.

You will also undergo different struggles and take giant leaps so that you can grow, change, and become someone you have never even imagined.

Just like the eagle, the butterfly totem encourages you to have a change in perspective, personality, and personal habits for the sake of your well-being.

If you will never change, you will never see your full potential!

The meaning of the butterfly also indicates playfulness and lightness of being and spirit. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!

Your butterfly spirit animal is reminding you to pause and take a breather, because life is short! Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to ease the heaviness or the tensions that you are experiencing.

The butterfly has bold, bright, and beautiful colors, which symbolize the need to bring joy and happiness into your life. Lighten up and bring more color in and show the world your colorful personality!

Here is why the Butterfly Spirit animal is Lucky for some…

When the butterfly spirit animal appears to you, it means that you are ready to let go of someone or something that has been keeping you shackled.

This has been holding you back, and it will be gone from your life soon!

The butterfly meaning wants to tell you that you are now ready to delve deeper in your journey.

You are now heading to a new level of awareness, and your choices are becoming the catalysts for that transformation that you are looking for in your life.

The butterfly symbolism tells you of your hidden potential. It signals the time for you to spread your wings and fly!

This is the perfect time to go where your wings will take you. Somewhere better and more beautiful, and will bring you much happiness, peace, and clarity.

Does seeing a Butterfly mean Love is coming?

When the butterfly spirit animal flutters its way into your life, it means that it’s time to release your fears. However, do not rush things because you still need to go through all the steps to complete the process.

Otherwise, you can come out of your cocoon unprepared. Do your best to get in touch with your emotions and find out the real reason for your fears!

The same can be said when it comes to love. You should be ready to let love in if you want love to come in to your life.

Love can come knocking on your heart. It’s up to you whether you will open the door and let it in, or keep it closed and remain at a safe distance.

The butterfly meaning is telling you to be ready to surrender yourself to love. Trust that something wonderful is about to happen, and that there are wonderful possibilities in store.

Positive Traits of the Butterfly Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is the butterfly, you are also blessed with the gift of accepting change with humility and grace. You are deeply connected with the earth and any change that it goes through.

You possess a naturally light spirit. Unlike most people, you remain hopeful even in the most difficult circumstances because of your optimistic outlook.

Just like your butterfly totem, you are brimming with grace and tenderness. You are naturally social and friendly, and you always want to be surrounded with anything happy, vibrant, and colorful.

You are the life of the party, and you can put a smile on people’s faces simply by walking into a room. You have the gift of making people feel good just by being around!

Negative Traits of the Butterfly Spirit Animal

Just like with other animal totems, the butterfly symbolism is not all good and positive. The butterfly’s small size makes its needs and expectations small and meager, which tends to reflect on your expectations of yourself and your life as well.

When the butterfly metamorphoses, it undergoes multiple changes. This can also symbolize your unhealthy desire to accomplish too much too soon.

Call on your Butterfly Spirit Animal when:

  • You need support when you’re going through a transition period.
  • This applies to transitions taking place at work, within your family, or with your personal relationships. The butterfly spirit animal is a great companion to have during tough times because it eases the load that you are carrying.
  • You’re looking for inspiration.
  • Just think about everything that the butterfly goes through before becoming a butterfly! You can become that beautiful and successful person if you keep moving forward and believe that you can!
  • You’re ready for a big change.

There will come a time in your life when you will look for something new to inspire you and make you feel alive again. Now is that time.

3 Unusual Facts About Butterfly Symbolism

The butterfly spirit animal has the potential of playing a very important role in the overall development of your life, but only if you are willing to let it enter and work its magic on you.

Of course, a number of people may have no real concept of what butterfly symbolism is all about, so a few facts surrounding it may very well be of use.

1. You need to invest time and effort into your own growth.

The first point is directly related to the idea of you symbolically growing your own wings and then being allowed to fly.

This will be surrounded by you turning attention inside and looking at those areas where you may not be as strong as you want to be.

Instead of just ignoring it, you are being invited to spend time on this growth and seeing the directions in which it will be pushing you.

Understand your dreams and desires before then creating the path that will allow you to head in that direction in life.

2. It is symbolic of the human psyche.

Butterfly symbolism is closely associated with the human psyche and the need for you to be in tune with your own mind.

It also encourages you to understand your own spirit and emotions and to then know the direction that you need to head into with your own life.

If you are not in tune with those aspects of your personality, then there is little chance of you being capable of making the kind of progress that you had been hoping for.

This would then lead to problems with feeling depressed and unhappy in life while the butterfly is all about the complete opposite of those emotions.

3. It is linked to the idea of rebirth.

Finally, perhaps the strongest aspect of butterfly symbolism is connected to the idea of rebirth. The butterfly develops through various stages to come out as the beautiful creature that we all know.

What the butterfly spirit animal is effectively saying to you is that you also need to go through that stage of rebirth in order to achieve the heights and dreams that you have regarding your own life.

You need to be able to progress through these different stages in life to ultimately become the person that you are meant to be.

It may be difficult at times, but the butterfly spirit animal will make sure that it is all worth it in the end.

As you can see, butterfly symbolism is strongly connected to your own inner emotions and feelings and what you then go ahead and do with them.

You need to form a strong connection with your own inner self to get anywhere in life rather than just accepting that you are stuck where you are at right now.

With the butterfly spirit animal supporting you, it will be entirely possible to reach heights that you never thought possible and that in itself can lead to exciting times beyond anything that you could have previously imagined.

My final thoughts on the Butterfly Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The meaning of the butterfly wants you to believe in magic. If you want to change the colors of your life, live your dreams and make all your wishes come true!

Spread your wings and soar high to make your spirit come alive again. Make the impossible a reality by going beyond what you believe is possible.

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