The Dragonfly Spirit Animal

The Dragonfly Spirit Animal

When it comes to the dragonfly spirit animal, you possess the power of the light! The dragonfly symbolism carries with it the wisdom of change and learning through experience.

It’s the symbol of joy and lightness, and having a deep connection with your thoughts and emotions, just like the honey bee animal spirit.

Just like the changes that a dragonfly undergoes, the appearance of the dragonfly spirit animal calls you to live your life and experience what the world can offer.

Common Dragonfly Spirit Animal Meanings

The dragonfly spirit animal symbolizes change and transformation, and being open to experience new things. It’s usually symbolic of something big unfolding in your personal journey.

The dragonfly meaning also resonates with wisdom and deep thoughts. Dragonflies are not exactly the biggest and strongest creatures in the world, so every flight they take is perilous and truly unforgettable.

It symbolizes lightness of being and purity of heart. It also represents prosperity that will make its way to you with your determination, dedication, and hard work.

The meaning of the dragonfly also symbolizes harmony. When there’s strife, work to have the harmony back.

When there’s harmony, do your best to keep it with you always. Do your best to share it with others so that others can also benefit from the gifts that harmony brings.

The dragonfly symbolism is also an invitation to break away from thoughts and beliefs that are no longer healthy for you. Be open to receive and embrace new ones.

Your dragonfly totem is urging you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your full potential. Break the illusions that prevent you from growing or changing for the better.

Unlike the Heron, the dragonfly spirit animal is a symbol of magic and mystery. They are messengers and spirit guides that carry a valuable message that can impact your life significantly.

Do Dragonflies Symbolise Good Luck?

The dragonfly spirit animal represents the freedom to express your true feelings. And what better way to invite luck than to tell the universe what your heart most desires?

The dragonfly is a powerful ally who can help you weed out the undesirables. It can help you be on the lookout for deceit, lies, and falsehoods, just like the scarab beetle spirit animal.

It also allows you to see through illusions. With your dragonfly totem right by your side, you will not be blinded by sweet talk and pretty things.

Does seeing a Dragonfly mean Love is coming?

The dragonfly totem is linked very closely with your emotional state. This is an indication that you need to remove the layers, and reveal your true self if you want to attract the right kind of romantic energies.

With the dragonfly spirit animal, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else. You can be your genuine self and attract the kind of love that will allow you to blossom.

Like your dragonfly totem, you can expect to undergo a metamorphosis when it comes to love. This will make you a better lover and a better person as well.

Your dragonfly spirit animal encourages you to be flexible about the changes that happen in your life. Be ready to adapt to any situation, and don’t allow yourself to be blown away by the rough winds.

Positive Traits of the Dragonfly Spirit Animal

One dragonfly trait that you should be proud to have is compassion. You possess a kind and gentle heart that cannot turn a blind eye on people who need help.

When you can, you provide help and assistance to those who are in need. You share your wisdom and knowledge with those who are stuck and don’t know what to do with their lives.

Just like your dragonfly totem that glides beautifully and with a purpose, you inspire others to grow spiritually. As a result, their creativities are unlocked and their goals have never been more concrete.

The dragonfly is light and free, and it can easily bounce back from challenges and difficulties.

The dragonfly meaning is clear, and that is to change what needs to be changed, survive, become better, and flourish!

Negative Traits of the Dragonfly Spirit Animal

The dragonfly spirit animal can symbolize being emotional and feeling things too deeply. This is good most of the time because it means you are very connected with your emotions.

But being very sensitive about the big and small things can do more harm than good. When you need to be tough and strong, you cannot just back yourself in a corner, fight back tears, and feel all the hurt feelings.

Your sensitivity can sometimes take your focus away from the real issue. You can say things that you don’t mean because of your very strong feelings.

You respond very passionately, so you should learn to detach your emotions every now and then. You should stop living in a dream world and seeing the world through your rose-colored glasses.

Call on your Dragonfly Spirit Animal when:

  • You need a fresh new perspective.
  • You need to get outside your safety bubble and have new life experiences. The world is a huge place and you are only occupying one small spot — can you imagine just how different your views will be when you go out and explore?
  • You need help looking at the big picture.
  • The world does not revolve around you. Try to put yourself in another person’s shoes if you need a different perspective.
  • You are trying to find out the truth.

Look to the meaning of the dragonfly and take off your blinders. Don’t let your heart rule your life because you will also need wisdom and discernment.

3 Unusual Facts About Dragonfly Symbolism

Dragonfly symbolism has some very specific points that it is trying to tell you that can ultimately have a profound impact on the rest of your life.

You may be of the opinion that this is a small and ineffective insect, but when you look at the dragonfly spirit animal, then your opinion is going to probably change, and do so for the better.

In order to help prove this point, we can look at several different facts regarding dragonfly symbolism to help you to understand things more clearly.

1. It symbolises being in tune with your thoughts and emotions.

The first thing to be aware of is that it does indeed symbolise you being in tune with your thoughts and emotions.

By being like this, you are then able to better understand the direction in which you should be going in life, and also to see the things that are affecting you in either a positive or negative manner.

It is also linked to the idea of feeling joy and bringing light into your life with real encouragement to go out there and explore the world and see what it has to offer you.

2. It is symbolic of there being a period of change and transformation.

The dragonfly undergoes some dramatic changes during its life, so it should be no surprise to discover that dragonfly symbolism is also going to be connected to the very same idea.

This spirit animal is going to result in you entering into a period of change and transformation, and that this is something that you should be willing to embrace and enjoy.

This is supposed to be more of an adventure, but at the same time you will also need to calculate what the changes or transformation are capable of meaning for you.

This should always be a positive move in your life.

3. It is closely connected to the idea of harmony.

Dragonfly symbolism is also very closely connected to the concept of having harmony in your life wherever that is possible.

Not only should you work hard at trying to achieve it in the first place, but when you do, then you need to continue to work hard so that it remains in your life.

Harmony is all about balance in your life and avoiding the stresses and strains that often plague us.

You need to understand what your individual balance is going to be like and to then go ahead and maintain it as much as possible.

Overall, dragonfly symbolism is very peaceful in nature, and that is clearly going to be a good state of mind to bring into your life.

This is about enjoying what life has to offer you rather than being bogged down with the negativity.

The dragonfly spirit animal seeks to propel you into a happier stage in your life and to see all of the potential that then surrounds you.

It will often be the case that you are not even aware of what makes you happy, which is something you are going to have to learn.

My final thoughts on the Dragonfly Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

Remember to find the good in every situation, and keep your heart and mind light and clear. Do not ignore your life’s greatest desires. Concentrate on the outcomes that you wish to achieve.

The dragonfly spirit animal will appear in your life when you are beginning to take things too seriously.

When this happens, you need to inject joy and happiness again and restore the light in your life.

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