The Pelican Spirit Animal

The Pelican Spirit Animal

pelican spirit animal

The pelican spirit animal knows how to adapt to their current conditions to survive.

It’s a large bird that’s surprisingly light, and you will learn a lot of lessons in life when you delve deeper in the pelican symbolism.

Common Pelican Spirit Animal Meanings

For starters, this pelican has a large sack which it uses to fish. But the pelican knows when to empty this sack so that it can take to the skies effortlessly.

This pelican symbolism teaches you a lot about letting go to make room for something better, just like parrot symbolism.

It shows you that not being weighed down by unnecessary things can make you soar higher and reach new heights.

The pelican spirit animal also brings with it release and forgiveness. When the pelican spirit animal crosses your path, you are being encouraged to forgive yourself and let go of negative feelings.

The meaning of the pelican reassures you that no matter how heavy your burden is, you will still find a way to make it to the top.

When you learn to forgive yourself, you are also releasing yourself from anything that’s holding you down.

The pelican spirit animal, just like the duck spirit animal, also reminds you to work peacefully with others to achieve a common goal.

Sometimes you need to let your eccentricities and your ego to take a backseat so that you can work harmoniously with others and get your desired results.

The pelican meaning speaks about the need to establish group dynamics, whether in your personal or professional life.

You are a helpful and compassionate person by nature, so this should be an easy thing to do.

Working with others means you have shared responsibilities, which means you can easily and quickly achieve your goals.

Work will be lighter, and you will have more time to spend with your loved ones and on things that you are passionate about.

Does seeing a Pelican mean Love is coming?

The pelican totem flies into your awareness to encourage you to be more proactive, just like the ladybug totem. Especially when it comes to your emotions and matters of the heart.

You just can’t sit around and wait for things to happen. You need to get out there and place yourself in situations that will yield the best results.

Be where the action is, and allow people to get to know you. You will never move forward in love if you will always keep to yourself, expecting the worst to happen.

The meaning of the pelican wants you to focus on the love that you want to attract. Remember that what you constantly think about, you will receive and make happen!

Do this if you see the Pelican Totem in Your Dreams

The pelican totem in your dreams symbolizes your selflessness and your ability to put other people’s needs before yours.

Being selfless is noble and admirable, but sometimes you also need to take care of yourself first.

You need to look after your own well-being so that you can continue taking care of others. Your health and happiness are important, so don’t take them for granted.

You dream about the pelican spirit animal because you need to change things in your life so that you and your needs come first. It’s a reflection of how you need to regain the balance that you have lost.

The pelican symbolism in dreams also foretells abundance and fortune.

This is just like the meaning of the polar bear spirit so keep working hard because you will soon be generously rewarded!

Positive Traits of the Pelican Spirit Animal

When you share an affinity with the pelican totem, you are resourceful and determined. You don’t let anything stop you from getting what you want, and you find ways to make sure that you do.

You are loyal to those you love, and you do all that you can to help them. You are a very social person and friendly even to those you don’t know very well.

You are wise and careful, and you don’t let yourself be pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable doing.

You do what’s best for you at your own pace, and you don’t care what others say or think.

Negative Traits of the Pelican Spirit Animal

When you decide that you want something, you don’t stop until you get it. This becomes a problem because you always run on empty, and you barely have time to spend with your loved ones.

You forget to relax when you’re committed to a project. Because of this, you experience burnout more often and quickly lose motivation.

Call on your Pelican Spirit Animal when:

  • You need to let go of feelings of resentment or anger towards someone.
  • Remember that the longer you hold on to these negative feelings, the harder it is for you to move on. When you release the anger and the hurt, the good energies will start flowing in.
  • You are overcome with unhealthy emotions.
  • Your pelican totem urges you to help yourself and rise above these emotions. They don’t do anything to improve your life and your relationships, so you’re better off without them!
  • You are going through trials.

Trust that you are going through this difficult period for a reason. This is just temporary, and you should make the most of the situation by collecting life lessons and memorable moments.

3 Unusual Facts About Pelican Symbolism

The pelican is certainly a different type of animal, but that does not have to mean that the symbolism surrounding it will then be unusual in what it offers or how it largely interprets the world.

Instead, we can look at different facts surrounding the pelican spirit animal to see how it may very well be capable of having some kind of direct influence on your life.

1. You should not be weighed down by things.

A pelican knows that it needs to avoid carrying fish if it wishes to fly and change its location. Without that, it will struggle to get anywhere.

The pelican symbolism indicates that you need to consider doing the same thing and to look at what is potentially weighing you down and then remove it from your life.

The sense of freedom that comes from that is going to be quite powerful in nature, and when you are not weighed down like before, it becomes easier to make progress within a shorter period of time.

2. You need to understand your feelings and emotions.

Pelican symbolism is also closely linked to the need to avoid being caught up in your emotions or feelings simply because you do not really understand them.

It will be important for you to get to grips with them and be aware of what they represent to then allow you to make any kind of progress.

Ignoring your emotions or feelings will get you nowhere in life. All it will do is complicate matters and you increase the chances of being left bogged down by them.

If you are to ever make any kind of progress, then you need to avoid doing this or you will be unable to change your situation all because of your own personal feelings.

3. You need to create a sense of working together.

The pelican spirit animal is also very strongly connected to the entire idea of working together as much as possible.

This has to be done via a sense of harmony and where each individual is at peace with the role that they need to play.

The dynamics need to be good for all of this to work, but pelican symbolism points towards the understanding that things may be rough at the outset, but dynamics can mean you will be capable of getting through the rough patch and onto something that is significantly better.

Perhaps the key to understanding pelican symbolism is the way in which it really does deal with your inner emotions and getting to grips with any turmoil that you may be encountering.

Releasing yourself from emotional baggage will not only lighten your load, but it will also result in you being more than happy to kick on with life and to enjoy more of what it has to offer.

The pelican spirit animal will help you to better understand your own self, and when that happens then the future is going to be significantly better than it would have otherwise been.

My final thoughts on the Pelican Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The pelican spirit animal is a reminder to view yourself as part of a whole. You do exceptionally well on your own, but you flourish more when you work with others.

Don’t forget that there’s plenty to go around. Avoid focusing on the thought that what you have is lacking or limited, because you always have a pool of talents and resources available to you.

With the pelican meaning, it’s time to forge more positive relationships. They will make your life more colorful and your work easier.

The meaning of the pelican reassures you that your determination will ensure your survival, and that you will be successful even when the odds are stacked against you.

Don’t ignore the pelican meaning because it just wants you to be thankful for what you have and make the most of all your gifts.

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