The Polar-Bear Spirit Animal

The Polar-Bear Spirit Animal

The polar-bear spirit animal is a powerful spirit guide. It’s not surprising because the polar-bear symbolism represents strength and endurance, as well as acceptance and surrender.

Just like the bear spirit animal, the polar-bear meaning is telling you that you should surrender to where you are in your life.

Even if you feel like this place is not your idea of home, the polar-bear spirit in you will help you adapt to your environment and make a home of it as best as you can.

Common Polar-Bear Spirit Animal Meanings

The polar-bear totem represents gratitude and perseverance, just like the pheasant spirit animal. It reminds you to persevere even in the toughest and harshest environments because this is how you will succeed in life.

You know how to succeed, but sometimes you lose your focus and your motivation. The polar-bear symbolism can help you expend your energies wisely so that you will do what must be done.

The polar-bear meaning is also about being grateful for little joys and small miracles.

Be thankful for the things that you have, the food on your table, and the roof above your head, because not everyone can be as lucky.

It speaks about determination in having the life that you want. Polar-bear symbolism is of a deep and strong protective nature, which means you will do everything in your power to cherish, take care, and watch over your loved ones.

The polar-bear meaning also encourages you to find peace and serenity in this loud and chaotic world. Adapt to the world around you, and find peace in adversity and joy in confusion.

Unlike the squirrel symbol, the polar-bear is a symbol of peace. When it appears to you, it’s teaching you to be at peace with yourself and your life.

Even if everything is toxic, chaotic, and confusing, you can learn to accept it and make the best of it. Turn your tears to triumph and your heartaches to accomplishments!

The Polar-Bear Totem is bad luck for some, here’s why…

The meaning of the polar-bear is about acceptance. It gives you the power to see things for what they are and accept the hand that you’ve been dealt with.

People sometimes mistake this for settling for the life that you have.

The polar-bear symbolism gets lost in translation, and instead of trying to make your life better, you just end up existing instead of living.

You give up on your dreams because it’s not possible to make them happen right now. Consequently, you’re still where you are and with no new or different prospects.

Polar-Bear spirit animals as messengers of change

The meaning of the polar bear is also about transcendence. When it comes to things you think you cannot do, always remember that it’s mind over matter.

The mind is a powerful thing. When you want something so much, you can will it to happen!

When you think about something all the time, you attract the energies that can help you make it a reality. Just muster the courage and gather the confidence you need!

Positive Traits of the Polar-Bear Spirit Animal

Like your polar-bear spirit animal, which is an outstanding hunter, you are also blessed with the gift of spotting incredible opportunities. When you see one, you will pursue it with determination.

You are strong and adaptable. You have excellent survival skills that help you overcome any kind of obstacle.

Unlike other people who lunge at opportunities when they see one, you spend time researching, observing, and studying it before you make your move.

You know where you should spend your energy and you do it at the most appropriate time to conserve it.

You are intelligent and fearless, and you use this to achieve your goals and get what you want in life.

You can easily get past your fears and insecurities and deal with the matter at hand with complete focus.

Negative Traits of the Polar-Bear Spirit Animal

You show aggressive behavior when you’re threatened or backed into a corner. You can also be quite stubborn when you’re already set in your ways and comfortable in your habits.

Your polar bear totem is also known for its ability to camouflage. You like to use your own camouflage, too, when things get tough or awkward.

You just disappear or hide from people. You also have the tendency to make yourself smaller so that you will not be easily seen or noticed.

Call on your Polar-Bear Spirit Animal when:

  • You want your circumstances to change or improve.
  • You can wait around for things to take a different turn, or you can be more proactive about it. If you can’t change your situation, you can change your attitude about it, and it will make a world of difference.
  • You need to swim through challenging emotional waters.
  • No one said life will be easy, but this is what makes life exciting. Everything that you’re going through is preparing you for a beautiful life, so fight and just keep moving forward.
  • You need to be more adaptable to the situations you find yourself in.

In life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You need to be able to deal with the losses like a champ because this is where your true nature will shine through.

4 Unusual Facts About Polar Bear Symbolism

If you think of polar bear symbolism, then you may very well conjure up the idea of something big and strong, but there is certainly far more to this particular spirit animal than what your initial thoughts and ideas are going to be telling you.

Instead, looking at various facts in connection to it all will certainly make a difference and allow you to see how incorporating it into your life may be of benefit to you.

1. It does have strength and endurance incorporated into it.

First, let’s get this out of the way because polar bear symbolism does indeed have strength and endurance linked to it which is not going to come across as a surprise.

You are strong and able to carry things through, but that does not mean that you are then going to simply bulldoze your way as that is not going to be the correct approach at all.

Instead, it is all about using your strength and stamina in the appropriate areas and know when to time it correctly.

2. You will learn how to persevere.

The polar bear spirit animal has the ability to continue on with what it needs to do even when it is faced with adverse conditions.

This ability to persevere is something that you should look at trying to really bring into your own life simply because it can drive you forward in a controlled manner and make you more likely to succeed.

Not being willing to just give up will stand you in a good position to achieve things in life that you may have otherwise thought would have been impossible, but it’s not.

3. Be thankful for small things.

Dealing with things in life can be difficult especially when we stay focused on the larger aspects that may prove to be tougher to achieve.

What the polar bear spirit animal is saying to you is that you have to be thankful for the smaller things in life as those are the things that are going to keep us going during those tough times.

It does not matter how small it may be, but just knowing that you have achieved something can propel you forward in a more positive manner.

4. It is linked to being the protector.

The polar bear spirit animal is strong on the idea of protecting those it cares about, and there are a number of positive lessons to be picked up from this very idea.

It symbolises the idea of being strong and creating that protective bubble around those closest to you and being consistent in this approach in order to create a sense of safety.

As you can see, there are a number of characteristics that are closely related to the way in which the polar bear is in real life, and that is something that comes across loud and clear in this instance.

However, it is how you implement it into your life that is going to prove to be the most important thing of all.

My final thoughts on the Polar-Bear Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The polar-bear meaning brings a lot of positive messages in your life. One of this is to stand strong against adversity.

There will always be challenges and struggles, and you should do your best to overcome them with ease and confidence.

Take the truthful and dignified approach, and never hurt others just so you can be comfortable.

Rise and stand tall. Don’t be afraid to act and lead yourself to success.

The meaning of the bear also reminds you that this is a time for healing. Use the gifts at your disposal to heal your heart and mind, and to help heal others as well.

The bear meaning is a powerful source of support during tough times. When it appears to you, reflect on your inner strength, confidence, and fearlessness!

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