Rat Spirit Animal

Rat Spirit Animal

rat symbolism

If you have the energies of the rat spirit animal, you are a survivor. The rat symbolism in you allows you to work hard to have everything you need, and fight for your right to have it.

In a very insecure and aggressive world, you can find ways to survive, adapt, and flourish. You are proof that looks can be deceiving, and that size does not matter!

Common Rat Spirit Animal Meanings

The rat has long been considered a pest, always popping up unannounced, scurrying in their little feet as they steal food.

They are willing to put their lives on the line just to have something to eat, which makes them brave, adventurous, and even reckless.

The meaning of the rat represents the strength that you possess, and adaptability you can demonstrate when push comes to shove and it is similar to the praying mantis spirit animal.

When you have the rat totem, you are not afraid to get your hands dirty to do what needs to be done and to accomplish your goals.

The harsh reality of life does not affect your drive to succeed. If anything, it just pushes you to try harder.

You have the stealth to accomplish your mission, and you know how to defend yourself in tight situations.

Your gift of foresight also helps you plan for the unexpected, so don’t worry too much and just enjoy life each day.

Another rat symbolism that you should take note of is letting go and moving on. When the rat spirit animal appears to you, you have things in your life that are keeping you from reaching the stars.

This is the complete opposite to the giraffe spirit animal.

There are certain aspects of your life that are causing you pain and disappointment, so now is the time to start removing the clutter.

Once you start doing so, you will be surprised at the amount of space you have in your life for other things!

The rat meaning also indicates wealth, abundance, and fertility, similar to the rabbit meaning. Don’t fear the rat spirit animal because this symbolizes an abundant period that will soon take place!

Here is why the Rat Spirit animal is Lucky for some…

If your rat totem scurries its way into your life, it is telling you to be more assertive in areas of your life that you have not yet explored. This is a good sign that your life is about to change for the better!

The meaning of the rat encourages you to challenge yourself and stop being scared.

This is a new beginning for you, so make sure to let go of all your inhibitions and release yourself from the anchors of your past.

If you will break down the rat meaning, look at the clutter around you because it’s time for some spring cleaning!

Throw, sell, or give away things that you no longer need and experience the change in the energies around you.

This also applies to thoughts and emotions that are no longer healthy for you. Get rid of them and clear up space so that new and positive energies will start to flow!

Does seeing a Rat mean Love is coming?

The rat spirit animal is a creature of great intelligence. We all can use this when it comes to love and relationships, so this indicates you will be wiser and more careful this time around.

Your experience with love may not be so great, but don’t let this be the reason for you to completely shut it out.

Turn the heartache and the tears to lessons, and use them to receive the love that you truly deserve.

Positive Traits of the Rat Spirit Animal

When you journey through life with your rat totem, it means that you are resourceful and can make the best of what you have.

You adapt well to any kind of environment and you can blend in with different kinds of people.

You are easygoing and happy by nature, but you are also honest, frank, and opinionated. You can defend yourself in any situation and overcome any challenge.

Like the rat spirit animal, you are smooth and sharp, especially when it comes to business opportunities and money matters. You have the gift of insight and you know how to use it to get ahead.

You wear your heart on your sleeve but you exercise restraint. You give out good advice and are a good teacher of life because you have a lot of lessons to teach as well.

You are easy to get along with and a totally lovable person. You are cooperative when it comes to group efforts and endeavors, and a real team player with success as a goal.

Negative Traits of the Rat Spirit Animal

Like the rat symbolism, you hold on to everything you’ve got until people see you as a selfish person. It’s your desire to keep everything that you see and take every chance you can get.

You can be greedy and insensitive to other people’s needs. The rat meaning in your life personifies your tendencies to look out for yourself first and hurt anyone who will get in your way.

Call on your Rat Spirit Animal when:

  • You have a problem that you don’t know how to resolve.
  • Sometimes the most obvious solutions to your problems are staring you right in the face, you’re just too preoccupied to notice. It will help you if you can just focus on the problem and not be affected by your emotions.
  • You need to start letting go.
  • When the burden is heavy, there’s no harm in putting it down and taking a rest. Furthermore, you will find it’s easier to just let go of all that’s pulling you back altogether.
  • You need to find a way to survive.

Be inspired by the plight of your rat totem and know that you can survive whatever life throws at you. Remember that you are so much bigger than your problems!

3 Unusual Facts About Rat Symbolism

The rat does tend to get a bad press, but that is not going to then mean that you have to avoid bringing the rat spirit animal into your life or embracing rat symbolism.

Instead, it can certainly have a far more positive outcome than you may have previously imagined, but then you have to be aware of the way in which you can use the powers of this spirit animal to your advantage.

To make life easier, we can look at several key facts that could change your opinion of things.

1. You can be brave but also reckless.

A rat will risk everything in order to get a meal, so it certainly has a bravery about it, and that is something that rat symbolism is going to be big on.

Furthermore, you need to be aware that this can then easily transcend into you being reckless, so you have to be clear as to where there is a line that you are just not willing to cross at any point.

Courage is to be admired, but when it falls over into stupidity, then that is a completely different matter.

2. You have the power of adaptability as well as strength.

Rat symbolism also indicates that you have a real sense of strength within your own self and abilities as well as being able to adapt to scenarios without stressing out about it all.

This does then mean that life becomes a whole lot easier as you have the confidence and faith in your own self to deliver on whatever it is that you promise.

Being able to adapt to situations will also mean you are likely to go ahead and make progress where you may have previously been stuck.

You no longer have to just follow the herd as you know you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

3. You have the gift of foresight.

Finally, you do have the gift of foresight, and that is something that is very powerful in the world.

You can see where there may be problems lying ahead and can then take evasive action to make sure that it does not infringe on your ability to make progress.

Foresight can help you to avoid danger and being caught up in things that you would like to avoid, so you need to be prepared to make full use of it once you realise that you have that ability.

A rat can predict when something is not quite right and that it has to change its approach, so you would do well to learn from it in this way.

Ultimately, rat symbolism is more about being brave in order to survive and accept that you do have the ability to change your approach should life depend on it.

Being able to accurately predict problems makes the entire path so much smoother than you thought possible, and at the end of the day if you can reach your end goals without encountering too many obstacles, then life will indeed feel substantially better.

My final thoughts on the Rat Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

If the rat spirit animal has come to you, it’s to remind you that you may have bad habits that involve wasteful consumption.

It’s time to change these bad habits and make something good out of something you think is a waste of time.

Learn to be more giving, and share what you can when you can. Always offer a kind gesture and you will receive the blessings a hundredfold.

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