The Wasp Spirit Animal

The Wasp Spirit Animal

wasp symbolism

The wasp spirit animal may just be like any other insect around, but it is very symbolic.

The significance of the wasp symbolism will be made known to you as soon as the wasp appears, and it will be a good and promising period for you.

Common Wasp Spirit Animal Meanings

The wasp meaning prompts you to take a good look at your life and ask yourself whether you are involved in pursuits that are worthwhile. Are you fighting the good fight?

It’s a wake-up call to do what’s best for you and to focus on what will bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment. Life is too short to be spent on pursuits that are not worth your time!

Like the dragonfly, wasp symbolism also encourages you to cultivate humility. With all your success, always keep your feet on the ground.

When the wasp spirit animal comes flying into your life, you are being reminded that wishing and dreaming about your desires will not make them come true.

You need to act on them and keep working until you make them happen.

Somehow like the tarantula symbolism, the wasp symbolism also tells you to not resist the changes that you are going through.

Believe that everything happens for a reason, and you are going through them because they will bring you closer to your goals.

In some cultures, the wasp meaning is a symbol of control over your life circumstances. It also signifies evolution, progress, development, and order.

Does seeing a Wasp mean Love is coming?

If you want love, know that it will not happen for you if you just sit around waiting for it to land on your lap. You need to put yourself out there and let love find you!

You need to go out there and meet new people. You need to believe that love will find you sooner rather than later, and you don’t need to be someone else you’re not just to be attractive to people.

Like the wasp, you have two colors that symbolize the two different sides of you. You have a colorful and exciting personality that people will find interesting, no matter how ordinary you think you are!

When the wasp spirit animal comes buzzing in, it’s time to watch out for love because there are romantic prospects circling around you, just like with the swan spirit animal.

If you have been stung before by love, don’t let this be the reason for you to completely turn your back on it!

Do this if you see the Wasp Totem in Your Dreams…

Your wasp totem will show up when you are ready to embrace your duality. You need to accept the fact that with good comes the bad, with birth comes death, and with pain comes healing.

The wasp spirit animal is serious about the message that it brings you, but it also wants you to learn to laugh at life’s imperfections.

Sometimes when your problems become too much, all you need to do is have a good laugh so that you will not lose your mind!

Positive Traits of the Wasp Spirit Animal

When you have the wasp spirit animal in your life, you feel relaxed whether in a social setting or in your own company.

You are an interesting character oozing with charm, so you make friends quite easily.

There are so many things that you want to achieve for yourself, so you don’t let anything stand in your way.

You are a forward thinker and you find it very easy to share your thoughts to anyone who would listen.

Negative Traits of the Wasp Spirit Animal

Those who have the wasp totem have an easy detachment when it comes to love and romance. They do not believe or commit to serious and long-term relationships.

You like to be free and independent. The meaning of the wasp for you convinces you that being in a serious relationship will take away your freedom and independence.

The wasp symbolism also creates personality shifts in you that create chaos and misunderstanding in your relationships.

This is because you display two different personalities that challenge communication, trust, intimacy, and commitment.

Just when someone is about to get close to you, you change and become a totally different person. You like to do things your own way.

You have a problem with authority and have a hard time dealing with authority figures. This comes from your desire to do anything you please, when you please.

Call on your Wasp Spirit Animal when:

  • You are feeling impatient about your goals and dreams.
  • Big and beautiful dreams take time to come true, so don’t be in such a rush. Work hard at them and find ways to keep yourself inspired!
  • You need to stand up to your opponents.
  • There will always be people who would love to see you fail, and they will do everything they can to pull you down. Stay away from these sorts of people and just concentrate on yourself and the people who mean the most to you.
  • You need to know what is going on around you.

It’s very easy to get lost in your own world, oblivious to what is happening to the rest of the world.

You need to step out of your safety bubble every now and then to give you a clear idea of what’s happening.

4 Unusual Facts About Wasp Symbolism

Wasp symbolism will certainly have some very particular factors to take into consideration should you invite this spirit animal into your life at some point.

However, the only way in which you can ascertain as to whether or not this spirit animal is right for you is to look at the facts that surround it and what it means.

By doing so, you will feel better as to whether or not you should press ahead with accepting changes in your life.

1. You need to look carefully at your life.

The first thing to point out is that wasp symbolism is going to push you towards looking carefully at your life and where it is going.

Are you happy with what is happening? Do you feel that you are fighting against the correct things?

Are you even involved in things that are serving a purpose for you rather than what it is just giving to somebody else? Being frank and honest here will allow you to make changes that will certainly be for the better.

2. You need to focus on a spiritual enlightenment.

The wasp spirit animal is also going to be pushing you towards the idea of spiritual enlightenment and the positives that come with being able to achieve that target.

To do this, you are encouraged to solely focus on those things that will serve you well and are good for you.

The argument is that life is not long enough for you to indulge in things that are not capable of benefiting you to the maximum amount.

3. You must have your feet firmly on the ground.

Another key point is that wasp symbolism encourages you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground at all times.

This means that you need to practice humility as it is viewed as being a positive trait to have thanks to the way in which you will then be perceived in a better light.

Also, it means you do not get carried away with success and you will be less likely to then make mistakes later on.

4. You cannot just wish or dream.

Finally, there is the idea that you cannot simply wish and dream for something and it will then come true as life does not work in that way.

The wasp spirit animal is seeking to push that idea to you in order to then encourage things to be done in the correct manner.

By doing so, it will become easier to develop as a person since you have planned and then executed it to get to where you want to be.

The wasp spirit animal is certainly way more powerful than most people are willing to give it credit for.

It strives to get you to look inwards and seek to better yourself as a person but without being loud and obnoxious about it.

Wasp symbolism is more about peace and an awareness of others than you may have expected, but then that is not exactly going to be a bad thing.

My final thoughts on the Wasp Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

With the wasp totem, you are being encouraged to express yourself more openly and clearly. You should know exactly what you want to happen in your life and what you want to achieve.

Unveiling the wasp symbolism will give you new insights and lessons into your life.

It’s not the most popular or endearing animal totem, but you will find that the wasp totem is among the most highly regarded and well-respected symbols in so many cultures around the world.

The meaning of the wasp simply wants you to expect the unexpected, and do your best to prepare yourself. Do not force things to happen the way you want because life does not work that way.

You can expect to have new beginnings and new projects when you have the wasp symbolism in your life. It brings a new season, so be very excited!

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