The Sun Tarot Card and its Meaning

The Sun tarot represents breakthroughs. It represents life and energy. It represents growth and new beginnings, like Death but in a brighter and better perspective. It represents clarity, vibrancy, understanding, and illumination.

It also indicates fun and vitality, warmth and positivity.It is a card of intellect and energy. It is, without a doubt, the most positive card on the tarot deck.

The Sun is an image of happiness and optimism. A child holds an orange flag, the color orange symbolizing action, and he rides a white horse under the big and yellow sun.

He is naked, which means he has nothing to hide.

The white horse upon which he sits symbolizes strength and pure spirit. There are four lovely sunflowers in the background, symbolizing the four elements and the abundance received when nourished by the Sun.

When the Sun comes up in a tarot reading, this is often a very good sign!

From a time of mourning, pain, or confusion, you are now entering the point of clarity and enlightenment, just like the card of High Priestess. There’s hope and progress in the horizon.

We see job promotions. We see money making opportunities. We see new potentials for romance. We see dreams turning into realities.

The Sun is a card that indicates breakthroughs. It often appears when times are dark and opportunities are finally coming to light, or when there’s a need for clarity.

It is the first ray of sunshine after a really long night. It’s the rainbow after the storm.

Just like the Fool, it’s about new beginnings, new choices, and new undertakings. And whatever’s holding you back and causing you hardships, there’s always a way out of it.

The Sun can also indicate a person who possesses beauty and charm, and a sunny and bright personality.

It can even be said that the sun seems like it’s shining out of him. He has a rich and full soul and has reached a high level of awareness and joy.

Now it’s time to give back and help others reach the same.

The Sun also indicates a peaceful and positive resolution to a situation. It may not happen as quickly as you hope, but plans will certainly be carried out.

You may even be surprised at the level of success it achieves! The universe agrees with you and the universe will make sure you get there.

Think of the Sun as an image of power without the domination. Rather than shackling you down, it lets you be free. It denotes success in different areas of your life, and happiness with making the right choice.

The Sun Tarot and Love

The presence of the Sun in love and relationships symbolizes making a choice, and knowing all the things you need to know to make the best choice.

The Sun wants you to know that the universe has your back.

Do what you think is best. Even if it means having to end a long-term relationship. Even if it means leaving and going to a different country. Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

The Sun does not always guarantee happiness, but you can always expect some sort of freedom. Long hidden secrets are being revealed. Doubts are finally gone.

You are finally finding some time to spend with yourself without your partner around. You are taking steps to quit bad habits and create good new ones.

However, in the reversed position, the Sun symbolizes low energy. Your partner tells you he loves you, but you feel like you love him more than he loves you.

His love is lackluster, and not the way described in movies and love songs. You wonder if love is really all it’s cracked up to be.

The Sun Tarot and Money

When it comes to money and finances, the Sun represents improved money flow.

This doesn’t mean you can go splurge on a trip to Tahiti just because you feel like working on your tan. You still have to save money for the unexpected expenses.

The Sun brings a boost of luck to business endeavors. Even to low risk gambling. Emphasis on the words low risk.

The Sun Tarot’s Meaning for the Future

If the Sun appears in the future, you can expect beautiful happy days ahead.

Knowing that this in your future, wouldn’t you want to do all the things you’ve wanted to do right here, right now? Don’t worry about the logistics or the budget.

There will be people in your life who will help you realize your dreams. It can be through funding, moral support, or volunteer work. Whatever it is, you will never run out of support.

Success abounds for you in the future, so make sure you’re making it possible today. Remember, you have the Sun on your side.

Is the Sun Tarot a Sign of Good Luck?

The Sun is a major arcana tarot card that is strongly connected to the idea of good luck and real positivity covering pretty much every aspect of your life.

When it comes to feeling good about the future and what is happening at this moment in time, then it is difficult to imagine a card that is going to be better suited for you than this one.

There is a sense of self-expression, of optimism, brightness surrounding your life and that things are indeed going well for you.

There is little doubt that success is going to be coming your way and there is so much confidence coming from you that you just see things improving like never before.

This card is also one that means any deceit that has surrounded you will be shown to you in its real light.

You will be able to identify the lies that have been told and can then move on from that situation while you are being freed from the negativity that surrounds those kinds of events.

There is a feeling of good luck in your relationships where things will be happy and you will often feel rather content at how things are going.

Any problems will be a thing of the past for you and a brighter future awaits.

The same can be said for your career and also wealth where you are in a period of abundance and contentment with both.

You are making progress at work and new opportunities are awaiting you where luck is indeed on your side should you decide to take those steps.

For your health, then you are full of life and there are no real issues or problems that are affecting you.

If you have been suffering in some way, then rest assured that this is going to be coming to an end very soon indeed.

However, if you draw this card in reverse, then things are not going to be as rosy, but that does not signify that you will be encountering some bad luck any time soon.

Instead, what it is saying is that you are perhaps depressed and annoyed at something and you have a tendency to focus on what can be seen as being negatives rather than the positives in the same situation.

It does not mean that things are negative though but merely you are being pessimistic and unable to see the good that is coming from any kind of situation.

Overall, the Sun card is indeed one that is linked to the idea of good luck coming your way and it will prove to be a rather powerful card that you can draw at any sector of your life.

Things are going to go your way, and there is a real positive vibe surrounding you that is going to be difficult to shift.

Even with the reverse side things are not going to be that bad, and you will certainly be able to overcome any problems with this card providing you with the energy that you need in order to do this.

My Final Thoughts on the Sun Tarot

The Sun is one of the great constants in this world. You can always count on the Sun to shine each morning, and to set each night.

It is inescapable in its power. Its life gives life, and nothing can stop it from shining brightly.

Just like the Sun, you can get through the brightest days, and more so the darkest nights. To do this, you have to take away all the things that block your life and seek areas in your life that need clarity.

You should break down your walls that keep others away. You should allow good and positive energy to flow through to you.

The Sun promises good days ahead. Prepare yourself for success, pleasures, and truths. You will keep making discoveries that will surprise you in a good way.

The Sun is a cheer to life. If you have been having a tough time, wipe your tears away and brush yourself off.

Things are going to get better. You will feel the Sun’s warm embrace all over again and bask in the sunshine.

You will finally see the path that has been created for you. After all the hardship that you went through, you are more than ready to unlock your full potential.

Do you agree with what the Sun wants you to believe? Are you ready to impress and surprise yourself?

What do you think?

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