Facts About Taurus Rising

Facts About Taurus Rising

taurus rising

If you have a Taurus rising aspect to your sign, consider yourself lucky. You will rarely have a problem finishing a task once you set your mind to it. As we all know, in life, one of the biggest challenges to becoming truly successful in life is setting up a plan and sticking to it.

In my experience Taurus rising rarely has a problem with seeing something through from start to finish. This is one of the key strengths of an ascendant Taurus sign – especially Taurus Women.

Anybody can plan, anybody can set up a goal and anybody can identify a series of steps that one needs to achieve an outcome, anybody can identify an outcome that they would like to produce. The problem is getting there.

The problem is getting enough energy so you can achieve those goals and achieve that outcome that you would want. This applies to your career, this applies to the mount of mopey you make, this applies to relationships, this applies to all aspects of your life.

The good news is that if you have a Taurus rising, you can do quite well in life because the Taurus is all about getting and maintaining the energy needed to get things done.

Here are my thoughts and opinions for people born with Taurus rising. 

Embrace Your Practical Side with Taurus Rising

The main reason good things can happen to you is because you are practical. Instead of focusing on how things should be or on things that don’t exist, you focus on how things are and how you work with reality to make things happen.

With Taurus rising you are very practical in all situations.

People that don’t like you might criticize you and say that you are unimaginative, but guess what, it doesn’t really matter.

You’re the person that will be driving the big car and living in the big house, and they will always be people who will be disappointed in life because they didn’t have the energy to make their dreams come true.

Be comfortable with your practical side, don’t ever think that you are too basic or you are too simple. Often times it is simple action that produces the long lasting and substantial results and in my experience of a rising Taurus sign great results are never far away.

Your Ability to Remain Grounded Makes You an Asset

It’s too easy to get caught up in big ideas, it’s too easy to get caught up in emotions; unfortunately, if you want to get somewhere in life, you have to get grounded, you have to stay practical.

There are too many detours and dead ends in life and a lot of times, they seem emotionally or philosophically attractive early on.

When you have a Taurus rising, your ability to get grounded is actually one of your strongest assets – it helps you focus on what’s important, it helps you focus your energies on what needs to get done so you can produce a certain outcome that you will be happy with.

Your Protective Nature Yields Dividends Later On

From a purely political perspective, your protective nature can lead to great things later on in life. You might find yourself protecting people from being bullied, you might find yourself protecting people from being emotionally dominated or manipulated, and your protective nature can lead to situations where these people will open doors for you later on.

Since you are a very driven and ambitious person, this is definitely a positive thing.

Your Stubbornness is Actually a Blessing in Many Cases

One of the most positive elements of the Taurus personality is that once you set a direction, it’s very hard for you to stop until you reach your goal.

Once you get going, it’s very hard for you to quit and feel you’d get what you want. A lot of people would tell you that you are stubborn; a lot of people will tell you that you are bull-headed; you will get a lot of criticism for being like this.

However, in many cases, your stubbornness is actually a blessing. By continuing, while others found reasons to quit, you end up walking away with the prize – this is why many Taurus’ become rich, this is why many Taurus’ become executives, this is why many Taurus’ reach the highest points of success in life – they take a beating but they keep going on and on until they reach their goal.

Your Ability to Innovate Breaks the Taurus Load

Taurus are often criticized for being bull-headed, being one-sided, and being a one-dimensional, being unimaginative –there are long list of typical criticisms of Taurus people, but they all turn on the Taurus being dull, being inflexible, so on and so forth.

However, if you are not a true Taurus, but only having a Taurus rising on your horoscope sign, this can actually be a blessing.


Your ability to innovate breaks the Taurus load, in other words, you benefit from the Taurus’ energy and goal-centeredness, but you have enough of an innovative side where you can make the best of both goals happen. You have the energy to stick to a goal to make it happen, and you have the imagination to pick the right goals.

With Taurus Rising Appearances are Crucial

One key aspect of the Taurus rising personality is that the Taurus has to look good. Looking good for the Taurus is not just about looking physically good and being in great physical shape.

For the Taurus, looking good also means grabbing the right car, living in the right neighbourhood, living in a big enough homes, having a good-looking wife or good-looking husband, and smart, intelligent and good-looking kids.

You like to look good from a social perspective. It’s not uncommon for you to reach high levels of society because you fit the right move, you bring the right package. This benefits you, but this can also go against you.


If you base your life trying to reach a certain ideal, you will always be frustrated. While people age, other people will always look good – there are always setbacks. This is one aspect of your personality to work on for you to be truly happy and meaningful in your life.

It’s not uncommon for Taurus people to achieve high levels of material wealth, but at the same time, become deeply and profoundly sad and unfulfilled. You have to work past looking good.

taurus ascendantYou Like To Associate with Good-Looking People

In addition to your tendency to put on a good appearance, you also tend to associate only with people that fit the right profile.

By associating with good-looking people, you don’t just associate with people that good look physically, but you also associate with people with the right social status with the right breeding, with the right family background, so on and so forth.

Again, this can be problematic because you are being so superficial and being very shallow. You might say that you know what you want – this just shows that you know what you’re looking for.

People are worth knowing even if they don’t have money. People are worth knowing even if they can’t repay a failure


They have certain emotional, spiritual and existential riches that can only help you a more fully balanced person.

My Final Thoughts on Taurus rising

As you can tell, with Taurus rising there are many different aspects to a person’s traits and characteristics which come to the fore. This can be a good thing and it can be a good thing for people with an ascendant Taurus sign.

Take my advice and remember the real person behind the bluster before making snap judgements that could affect your relationship with this person in the long term.

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