Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus Traits

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Generosity and Trust.  Taurus is symbolized by the Bull; you are a Fixed Earth Sign, so you can be a bit stubborn.  Be aware, that since you are an Earth Sign, Jupiter might also bring a sense of feeling a bit irresponsible with all you are being given by generous Jupiter. When Jupiter is in Taurus, you will be compelled and encouraged to be more generous towards others than usual.

You may find Jupiter’s energies of Generosity and Trust manifest in you as wanting to be a more attentive listener for your friends, give to a charity, or donate your time as a volunteer.  Jupiter in Taurus will compel and encourage you to find a way to be more giving towards those you love, and those you don’t even know—and this is a path to love and fulfillment.

Jupiter in Taurus Women

Women with Jupiter in Taurus will experience wealth and abundance, especially in financial and tangible matters.  It is essential to remember that your Sign is obsessed with the 5 senses.  Jupiter in Taurus will bring your senses generous amounts of new knowledge about other cultures, music, art, food, and/or other sensory experiences.

Try to be as discerning as possible, as Jupiter in your Earth sign is not the strongest time for wise decisions.  You have a gift to divide your abundance when you are feeling grateful and fulfilled.  This sharing and caregiving free up room for Jupiter to bring even more blessings into your life.

Use this valuable time when Generous Jupiter is in Taurus to graciously receive blessings of trust, togetherness, and happiness in your romantic partnership.  Practice an attitude of gratitude for all your loved ones, and the efforts they make for you.  Because of your deep appreciation for and high sensitivity to sensory stimulation, you desire material rewards—not because you are shallow, but because they are tangible.

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Jupiter in Taurus Men

Men with Jupiter in Taurus usually come from a wealthy family, a family rich in resources, and/or is a good investor, himself.  These men are wise in finding and distributing wealth to others—especially when taking care of loved ones.  This man is a provider, and most likely wants to spoil his family with material goods, but also give back to his community.

He will spoil you with physical things that make you feel seen and special.  He may remember an outfit you like and buy it for you, or if he’s a real big spender—he might even take you somewhere in a private plane or pay your rent.  He’s not a creepy sugar daddy, but this man will want to indulge all your senses in luxury.  You can expect Jupiter in Taurus (even when on a budget) to cater to your sensual side—your favorite drink, flowers, a blanket to cuddle under, a beautiful piece of jewelry or art, or a homemade meal.

Once a Taurus man has committed to you, he will stay.  He may be tempted by sensory motivations, so show him your gratitude and affection at all times.  This man is investing his love in you, and he wants to see a return on that investment.  Calm his mind and show him you love him by indulging his senses—especially in the bedroom, while Jupiter is in Taurus.

Jupiter and Taurus in Love

In Love, Jupiter and Taurus may bring what feels like turbulent times.  Remember, however, that your abundance is being found in you both being rich in opinion and voice.  You and your partner should be open to learning from other friends, couples, and cultures—try to adopt things from each that might work for you too.

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Your best prospects for Love are with a partner who can show you that your trust in them is never in vain.  Because you are stubborn at times, you need someone who is steadfast and not easily triggered or angered.  Your partner might be a Cancer, the constant comforter.

A Cancer will tend to your sensory needs because they are natural homemakers and caregivers.  Be aware that you might sometimes feel like they want to stay home too much.  However, you just need to voice your concern, when generous and trusting Jupiter is in Taurus.  You will be rewarded with love and fulfillment.

Your worst prospects for Love are with a partner who will be aloof to your sensory needs.  If you feel that a lover is not physically affectionate or attractive enough, if they aren’t making an effort to hold and touch you, or you feel neglected, you will be tempted to stray.

Don’t depend on a Watery Pisces or Airy Aquarius to fulfill all of your needs, in love.  These partners might love you and mean well, but also come across to you as aloof or a bit self-indulgent.  They will need a lot of space and time alone, to reflect and grow.  Be aware that you need someone who will be more supportive, especially when Generous and Trusting Jupiter is in your Sign, Taurus.

Dates for Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter takes about 1 year to move through each sign of the Zodiac, taking about 12 years to complete one cycle through all 12 Signs.  So, Jupiter enters Taurus about every 12 years. Jupiter entered Taurus on February 14, 2000, and on June 4, 2011.  The next time Jupiter will enter Taurus will be on May 16, 2023.  The next visit is scheduled for April 29, 2035.

The Moon in Taurus

Retrogrades occurring this cycle are as follows:  On November 11, 2016, Jupiter goes Retrograde.  On February 6, 2017, Jupiter goes Stationary and then goes Stationary Direct on June 9, 2017.  Jupiter exits Retrograde on September 6, 2017.

Final Thoughts

Be very aware that your abundance and excitement don’t lead you down a path of gluttonous or wasteful behavior.  This can, of course, be tempting.  Fight these negative ways by redirecting your extra blessings—to charity or simply to a friend-in-need.

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