Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio Traits

Jupiter is the Ruling Planer of Generosity and Trust. Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion. When Jupiter enters Scorpio, use this time to expand your mind.

Reflect on any past aggressions you might have shown, and grow as a person. Jupiter is so Generous, that you will be given many opportunities to find love and fulfillment—in self, in your community, and in love.

Scorpio is often misinterpreted as a Fire Sign but is actually a Water Sign. Be aware that Jupiter’s Generosity extends to our emotions.

Because Water Signs are more emotionally intelligent than some others, you will feel a tremendous pull on your heartstrings when Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Listen to your intuition and let Jupiter show you where and how you can share your Love with others.

Jupiter in Scorpio Women

Women with Jupiter in Scorpio are passionate, above all else. You can stir up feelings in others as no one else can. Your weakness may be in lack of commitment or follow-through.

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Generosity, but not necessarily the most Trusting. You may have issues with believing your partner wholeheartedly.

There are so many ways to overcome your fears and perceived weaknesses, especially when Jupiter enters Scorpio.

Jupiter will encourage you to move forward and take action on anything you have been waiting for. Since you and Jupiter are not known for your patience, this may seem like a challenge.

Take this challenge as a chance to prove to yourself that you have the mental fortitude and self-discipline required to succeed and meet your goals.

Once you allow Jupiter in Scorpio to bless you with Generosity and Trust by opening your heart and mind, you will find optimism comes more naturally to you.

You will automatically draw love into your life, and find fulfillment. You are an amazing lover, and once you find your match, you can bet you two will be inseparable.

Jupiter in Scorpio Men

Men with Jupiter in Scorpio are not the most level-headed. This guy might have a bit of a temper, but under that, you can see Jupiter’s Generous and Trusting influences shining through.

You may have crazy lovemaking with him, but remember that the word ‘crazy’ has been included. You may feel a bit emotionally manipulated or deeply insulted when you argue with a Scorpio.

Men with Jupiter in Scorpio are not overly familiar with self-restraint. And while the anger and temper are not fun to deal with, you can expect the pendulum to swing in your favor in times when he is happy and excited.

If at any time, you feel the anger becomes an issue or things grow violent, seek a safe way to exit the relationship. Never stay with someone whose temper turns into abuse.

However, these men hurt people out of self-defense, usually. You can earn his trust by letting him feel Jupiter’s Trust mirrored in you. Keep him safe; keep his confidence.

Do not cheat on or lie to this man, for he will not be able to truly forgive and forget it.

On the other hand, if you are kind and faithful to your Man with Jupiter in Scorpio, he will make you his Queen—and there are not many more fierce lovers than a devoted fighter in Scorpio, especially with Jupiter’s Trust present.

Jupiter and Scorpio in Love

In Love, Jupiter and Scorpio combine to help us better understand the feelings of our loved ones, and of ourselves.

Scorpios search for deep meanings and rationales in their thoughts, so they process their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships best when seen as a whole—the ‘big picture’.

Jupiter wants to help you analyze your emotions more than you usually could, especially when Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Your best prospects for Love are with a partner who respects your command for loyalty and trust. You would benefit from pairing with a Cancer.

Cancer will want to make you feel safe and comfortable, at all times. The Crab is famous for creating safe spaces for themselves, and those they love.

You might both love staying in together, watching a movie, and just chilling.

Your worst prospects for Love are with a partner who tends to be fickle or too self-involved. An aloof partner will leave you feeling neglected.

Falling in love with an Aquarius or Pisces might break your heart because you feel you never have their full attention.

You deserve to be appreciated, but they just might not be around as much as you had hoped.

Dates for Jupiter in Scorpio

The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio lasted from October 25, 2005, to November 3, 2006.

Because Jupiter takes a roughly 12-year route through the Zodiac Signs, its next appearance will be on October 10, 2017, through November 8, 2018.

The next two times Jupiter will enter Scorpio will be on September 24, 2029, and on January 11, 2041.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Jupiter this year: On November 11, 2016, Jupiter goes Retrograde.

On February 6, 2017, Jupiter goes Stationary and then goes Stationary Direct on June 9, 2017. Jupiter exits Retrograde on September 6, 2017.

5 Little-Known Facts About Jupiter in Scorpio

As Jupiter enters into the world of Scorpio, becoming aware of the key facts that surround this combination does then make it easier for you to understand the potential way in which it could influence so many aspects of your life.

To do this, you should be able to look at several facts that should hopefully clarify things as much as possible.

1. You are encouraged to expand your mind.

You will find that Jupiter has the ability to tempt you into expanding your mind as much as possible, and that this is something to be excited about rather than feared.

You are encouraged to expand it in different areas and to increase your knowledge rather than restricting yourself just as you have been doing up until now.

2. You become rather generous with your emotions.

There is also the very real sense that you are rather generous with your emotions and that you can over-exert yourself, which is not a good position to be in.

Jupiter is telling you to try to pull things back as much as you can and to focus on those individuals that deserve to be close to you rather than trying to help too many people at the one time.

3. There is a sense of passion in females.

If you are a woman with Jupiter in Scorpio, then you will be very passionate about so many different things in your life.

This is infectious and you will discover that it is capable of changing your life and draw in new people that are more in line with whatever it is that you are passionate about.

4. You can overcome your fears.

There is also a strong desire for you to overcome your fears at this point, and Jupiter is going to provide you with the sense that this is entirely possible.

It will not be easy, but you have the need to be released from the fear and to then go on and develop other aspects of your personality, so you are open to taking action on things that you have perhaps been avoiding up until this moment in time.

5. A man might not be quite so level-headed.

One area where Jupiter can have a slightly negative impact is when it comes to the man that is influenced by this combination.

At this point, they may not come across as being the most level-headed of individuals, but that is something that can be addressed if they are willing to work on things.

Overall, Jupiter in Scorpio is going to prove to be a rather strong and decisive factor in your life and there is every possibility that you will be in a position to get more done than you ever thought was possible up until this point.

However, you need to be ready for those changes in your life as they could end up being pretty major if the power of Jupiter has anything to do with it.

Final Thoughts

Be aware, Scorpio, that you and Jupiter make a very powerful combination. Take caution and care not to become manic when excited.

This may lead to the rollercoaster of ups-and-downs feared in emotionally stressful situations.

Jupiter will only keep a foot on the gas pedal, so you must use self-discipline and recognize when you are acting hastily.

Jupiter can help you by providing you with a Generous and Trusting view of your relationships.

Take this time to evaluate your most intimate thoughts and relationships, and you can reflect and learn from any past fears or regrets still lingering on your conscience.

You can overcome the past that you thought would haunt you forever, you can change and become happier, and you will find love and fulfillment—and Jupiter in Scorpio wants you to succeed.

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