Cancer and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Ah, Cancer and Taurus – the crab and the bull. In a Cancer and Taurus match, we see two romantic individuals equally at home with physical pleasure and cozying up at home, but each also proud advocates of ambition and financial security.

But there are darker sides to this match up too, as there often are to any zodiac combination – although some more than others, of course.

Learning to take the rough with the smooth is one thing, but for true relationship harmony in this case, you need to be a master of Cancer and Taurus compatibility – the definitive guide to becoming that is right here.

Cancer and Taurus compatibility overview

In this match, we find in Cancer and Taurus compatibility a pair of comfy homebodies who nonetheless aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the wider world when it comes to securing what they want.

Both these star signs have a romantic side that makes them find tremendous appeal in one another, and a way of making their time together a celebration of their amorous intentions.

However, key differences between these star signs can create issues to overcome too. Cancer, for instance, is more emotionally demonstrative than the more stoic Taurus, who is also far calmer in a crisis than Cancer tends to be.

Of course, both of these star signs also have a stubborn streak that can make reconciling any of the issues we’re to discuss here somewhat difficult!

Understanding these star signs as individuals, as well as much of the mythology and folklore behind them, can help shape your expectations for both of these partners.

In the case of Cancer, astrologers tend to agree that this star sign is represented by the crab, but it can also be represented by the lobster of crayfish.

Either way, Cancer people have more characteristics in common with crabs than you might realise.

Where crabs clutch onto what interests them with an unbreakable grip, thanks to their claws, Cancer people similarly never let go of what they want.

Beyond that, crabs walking sideways is said to be represented in how Cancer folks take a sidelong approach to things in life rather than a direct approach – and the fact that crabs hide a soft interior under a hard outer shell tells you everything you need to know about the Cancer individual’s persona.

Taking Taurus in mind, there are similarly plenty of similarities to the bull to enjoy here. Taurus people are strong and often well built, and fans of the great outdoors.

They take life at a measured pace, but can charge into action one suitably inspired. They’re protective of those close to them, and playfully docile in all but the most trying of circumstances, at which point the bull truly does see red.

Run for the hills if you’re in the vicinity of this – these are among the scariest temper tantrums in the zodiac, so thank goodness they’re rare!

Of course, Cancer people have plenty of ferocity when angered too, so arguments between Cancer and Taurus could get heated.

Luckily, by and large both of these star signs are creatures of peace, and that same serenity will be an important part of their relationship as it blossoms.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Taurus man

What a wondrous mix of hopeless romantics finding a glimmer of recognition in one another we see in the Cancer woman and Taurus man match.

This couple need only make sure that the practical side of love and their lives together remains as strong as this emotional resonance.

The Cancer woman is a fun-loving but level-headed sort, who’s cracked the secret to adapting to her surroundings as effortlessly her symbolic crab can be comfortable both on the sand and under the sea.

The twists and turns of life tend to hit her a little harder than she likes to admit, and from time to time she comes across as shy when her worries get the better of her, but she’s learned to adopt a balanced outlook to life that gets her places.

Meanwhile, the Taurus man is an often handsome and confident individual, whose natural good looks are balanced by a broad grin and an extremely relaxed outlook on life, in which almost nothing riles or disrupts him.

He works hard, but he plays hard, and in the Cancer woman the Taurus man finds a sense of humour as lively and outlandish as his own.

The pair are likely to hit it off quickly, but they won’t act on their feelings with quite as much swiftness.

The Cancer woman doesn’t like making the first move, instead letting some subtle flirting do the talking – while the Taurus man simply takes his time in life by default.

However, once the dating game begins, meals out tend to be highlighted.

Few zodiac matches can be as natural foodies as Cancer and Taurus, but thanks to a shared love of the finer things in life, this is one area the couple is sure to indulge.

The same can be said for physical romance, of which the Taurus man is particularly fond and gifted at – and the Cancer woman is surprisingly adept also.

However, there’s a deeper connection in play here that’s romantic indeed, cementing the connection for the longer term.

That longer-term perspective is where some of the challenges in the relationship between a Cancer woman and Taurus man become apparent.

The initial butterflies fade a little quicker for him than for her, and she expects the same level of demonstrative affection she gives to be a mainstay.

The Taurus man is a little more internalised than all this, and could find her insistences a bit cloying.

However, the Taurus man can be a little jealous and possessive at times, and could see red if he so much as misinterprets the Cancer woman’s actions as flirting outside the relationship.

She’ll object to this kind of irritable behaviour – not recognising she’s just as prone to it herself!

The good points:

  • Both the Cancer woman and Taurus man have a romantic side they can rarely show to the world – but can freely with one another
  • The Cancer woman’s comical side is greatly appreciated by the playful Taurus man
  • This couple has a long-term outlook by default, playing the game of love for keeps

The bad points:

  • The Cancer woman’s ruled by her emotions far more than the Taurus man
  • The Taurus man takes things slow, sometimes too much so for the Cancer woman
  • Both partners can get a little possessive, forgetting they’re each individuals with their own lives to live

Matches between the Cancer man and Taurus woman

The sensitive side of the Cancer man isn’t always altogether appreciated by the wider world, but one person capable of taking it all in stride is the Taurus woman.

She’s usually pretty good looking, and entices a number of admirers as a result, which might dissuade the Cancer man from making an approach.

He’d be losing out if timidness gets the better of him, but luckily the Taurus woman is confident and warm – more than happy to take the initiative if it gets her what she wants.

And this is a lady who definitely gets what she wants, but the Cancer man is similarly driven – he just doesn’t play things at the surface.

Within him is a hidden realm of commitment to goals and future strategies that only the closest to him gets to see.

Chances are, he’ll slowly come to realise that the Taurus woman ranks among the finest candidates for that.

Relationships between a Cancer man and Taurus woman take time to gain momentum, but it suits both partners well that this is the case.

They’re likely to lock into exclusivity pretty early on though, even if the L word isn’t uttered until months later.

The Cancer man is guarded in his approach, and doesn’t rush into things easily.

The Taurus woman, meanwhile, simply likes to savour the moment – she knows the couple will only be new to one another once, so why not make the most of it?

Dates tend to make the most of delicious dining, slow dancing in intimate venues and plenty of fun in the great outdoors.

A fondness for the finer things in life might make money a priority for both partners, but luckily they’re both keen on making it too, and are likely to each keep active careers throughout the relationship.

As things settle into a steady rhythm, the Cancer man’s insecurities and tendency to overthink, ruminate and worry can stir up more problems than actually exist.

The Taurus woman doesn’t understand this behaviour, but by her very nature tends to be patient – if a little less emotionally involved.

From time to time, especially when her more pragmatic side comes out to play, the Cancer man might feel the love lacking, but is so fixated on finding it he doesn’t see it’s still very much there.

Of course, her fine appearance and tremendous natural charisma brings plenty of suitors to the Taurus woman’s door even long into marriage.

She’s amused that so many fellows will so recklessly chance their arm, but the Cancer man can see this as an affront to hide pride, getting intensely jealous.

Yet the Taurus woman’s own possessive streak is one of the darker sides of her nature that’s seldom fully explored.

She should be mindful not to let it get the better of things, restricting the Cancer man’s movements – after all, he’s in this for the long haul and unlikely to stray.

The good points:

  • The Taurus woman’s romantic side and sensuality makes for a heavenly match for the Cancer man
  • The Cancer man’s sensitivity and commitment give the Taurus woman a safe and cosy home to relax in, where together time is a must
  • The Taurus woman is straightforward and doesn’t play games, and finds the same in her Cancer man

The bad points:

  • This couple can get a little too caught up in their time together, losing sight of their individuality
  • The Cancer man is a worrier rather than a warrior, which can get overblown at times
  • The couple could become too sentimental for their own good, looking back instead of forwards and getting set in their ways

Cancer and Taurus friendship compatibility

While romance is well emphasised between Cancer and Taurus matchups, the solidarity of the connection between this pair works just as well in friendship.

Lots of fun with minimal drama, this won’t always be the most daring or energetic of friendships, but certainly one robust enough to last a lifetime.

Of the two, Cancer is more ruled by his or her emotional side, meaning that friendship with Taurus can bring a little more stability and pragmatism.

The Taurus friend is warm and generous, and freely offers advice – often acting a little flattered when their counsel is sought.

Of course, in the more free-flowing realm of emotions, the Cancer’s own perspective offers a valuably solid footing for the Taurus individual to count on.

That stability is precious to both of these people, and their friendship will make the most of the tried and tested.

Of those shared activities – museum trips, park days, fun with kids – there’s a great emphasis on good food and fine wine.

Taurus might be pushing their own agenda somewhat here, but the indulgence will be happily met by the Cancer friend, and many a restaurant trip or boozy late lunch will make up the memories this duo can look back on fondly.

Cancer people are gifted in the kitchen more often than not, and as such, the Taurus friend is a happy and grateful beneficiary of some truly delightful home cooking.

From time to time, the bull of the zodiac might get a little too settled and bundled up for their own good, yet the Cancer friend will give a gentle nudge when laziness takes over – never harshly though, as Cancer is a nurturing sort.

In fact, when Cancer is a little too soft and passive, the protective Taurus friend can be a valiant protector.

While never as brash as an Aries or outspoken as a Leo, Taurus souls certainly take no bull, if you’ll pardon the pun – they speak their mind directly, and often with a grin so sincere that nobody dares speak back.

All in all, this will be a fun, long-lasting and inspiring friendship in which two cosy traditionalists will always have one another’s back – there’s not much you can ask for more in friendship than that.

Cancer and Taurus marriage compatibility

Marriage compatibility for Cancer and Taurus is well emphasised by a shared need for stability and security in life.

This is common ground that makes for a good foundation for a long-term relationship to blossom, but is expressed in slightly different ways between the Cancer and Taurus spouses.

In Cancer’s case, emotional stability and a sense of feeling safe, loved and free to express themselves is vital.

In the case of Taurus, material security and a place to hang one’s hat is the core reason to marry, although the romantic angle is certainly nice.

These elements play off one another nicely in a Cancer and Taurus marriage, giving it legs to go the distance.

While holidays and trips can make for wonderful memories, by and large this will be a marriage played out predominantly in the home.

Taurus wants a solid base of foundations to build on, and Cancer wants somewhere to raise a family.

Of the two, Cancer is the most gifted at making a house a home, although will find a willing aesthetic eye in Taurus too.

Harmony and peace will be a priority to both partners, but over time they run the risk of getting stuck in a rut, forgetting to ignite the spark of romance that got them together in the first place.

Taurus is often the first to settle in a little too comfortably here, causing anxiety in the Cancer partner.

Insistences on being more emotionally inclined will fall on deaf ears – little stirs a Taurus from slumber, so to speak.

However, marriage by and large between this pair is a wonderful and long-lasting one, with little cause for worry – not that this is likely to stop Cancer’s overthinking kicking into high gear sometimes.

Taurus will be rock solid and comforting in moments like this, allaying many of Cancer’s concerns.

Cancer and Taurus: Common issues and problems

The course of true love rarely runs smooth, even for the best-matched couples. In fact, it’s this love of peace and quiet that could well be the undoing of a particularly careless Cancer and Taurus match up.

Cancer partners don’t approach conflict well, and therefore prefer not approaching it at all, letting this fester unsaid or seething in silence.

While Taurus is more direct, half the time they simply can’t be bothered to bring up any grievances, especially if it gets in the way of a good time.

Disagreements left unspoken could snowball into a later blowout, so it’s vital both partners remain honest.

Both partners also have a jealous and possessive streak, which could stir up unnecessary bickering.

The fast-moving emotions of Cancer also tend to rub up the wrong way against the more placid and laid back outlook of Taurus, who doesn’t see why so much fuss has to be stirred up over every little thing.

Taurus doesn’t realise they’re coming off as lazy with their slow-paced approach though, not to mention their stubborn streak that makes them disinclined to admit they’re in the wrong.

Cancer people hold onto a grudge just as a crab closes its grips on morsels it digs up under the sea, and even when a Cancer spouse forgives, they certainly don’t forget.

Taurus can hold a grudge too, but is a little more lenient – sometimes to the extent that the Cancer soul worries the Taurus partner is letting people around them get away with taking advantage of their generosity.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Cancer and Taurus are a good mixture of solidness and fluidity, and part of why that works so well is due to the elemental matches in this relationship.

Every zodiac sign has a ruling element, and in the case of Cancer it is water, and in the case of Taurus, earth.

Water nurtures earth to bring forth life, and stops it being parched and dry.

Yet too much water turns earth to mud, and similarly, Cancer ought to be wary that their emotions – represented by water in astrology – don’t overcome the rock steady ways of Taurus.

That said, Taurus can be so comfortable with that rock steadiness – almost an addiction to the status quo and a resistance to sudden changes – that they become far too set in their ways.

Cancer can help invigorate their Taurus partner without overwhelming them entirely, if balance is intelligently put in. Luckily, emotional intelligence is something that comes naturally to Cancer.

The couple will appreciate in one another a sense of loyalty and stability that’s often hard to find elsewhere.

While feelings will flutter within them soon after first meeting, the relationship will take its time getting up to speed, which helps Cancer’s insecurities settle and lets Taurus enjoy the journey.

Taurus will help Cancer learn to live in the moment, and the nurturing aspect of the zodiac’s crab will make a wonderful love nest for the bull.

The partnership will soon find a winning rhythm, but the pair should nonetheless be careful not to lose themselves to pleasure so entirely they forget to contribute to the wider world.

Doing so is well worthwhile – both partners are good at attracting wealth, and with it, building a lasting family legacy in a sumptuous home.

Cancer and Taurus compatibility score: 7/10

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practically this whole article bashes a cancer woman its ridiculous. I am a cancer woman and I am FAR from insecure. Yes we may have a hard shell and be very emotional and moody at times but to base a relationship on putting up with cancers insecurities is ridiculous. We are not helpless and don’t need to rely on a man to assure us of our worth. Or maybe it’s just me…

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