Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When Cancer and Scorpio get together in love, what results is one of the deepest emotional connections anywhere in the zodiac.

This pair become unified in every sense, feeling like soulmates and doing all they can to be there for the other.

But as they say, the course of true love never did run smooth, and likewise, both of these highly intuitive star signs often find that even their own sharp senses could use some advice from time to time on how to make the relationship work.

For that to happen, it’s vital to become knowledgeable on all there is to Cancer and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits here.

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility overview

There’s quite a lot of common ground to cover when it comes to identifying just what makes Cancer and Scorpio compatibility work so well.

Although as star signs they’re pretty individual people, and certainly not with birthdays close to one another, people born under these signs have some traits that make them easy to identify to one another.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are star signs ruled by the water element – often surprising people who figure that out for Scorpio, who is represented by the scorpion, a desert animal.

However, dig a little deep, and this animal symbolising the Scorpio star sign makes sense – it stings savagely if provoked, has an unsettling aura about it that’s often misunderstood, and is a largely solitary but territorial animal.

All this makes Scorpio people seem absolutely inhospitable, but that’s simply not the case.

Yet their introverted nature and defensiveness to conceal emotional rawness can certainly be related to with ease by Cancer.

Represented by the crab, Cancer people also have a tougher exterior to hide an easily wounded core, as well as claws that can not only be used to attack and defend, but also to clutch onto that which they desire.

They share that clasping grip with Scorpio, for whom the scorpion’s own claws are the perfect analogy.

Just as scorpions and crabs are similar creatures from very different worlds, so too are Scorpio and Cancer people from different walks of life, but united in their outlook.

As star signs of the water element, Cancer and Scorpio each trust greatly in gut feelings, instinctual reactions and intuition.

They’re both decent judges of character, and can often sense the unspoken motivations in people colouring their actions.

However, the dark side of that is that Cancer and Scorpio can be suspicious by default, even of one another at first.

Scorpio people sometimes have a hard time relating to people, and some say it’s because their ruling planet, Pluto, gives them such a connection to the taboo in life.

Death, sex, money, power and the great unspoken truths in the dark are what drives these people. Yet even Cancer, who is ruled by the moon, isn’t entirely disconnected from this energy.

Although the moon rules the home and family, it also can represent the hidden and secret emotions – the darker side of the moon indeed.

There’ll be a lot of interplay with this energy for Cancer and Scorpio couples, but also a great deal of light-hearted inspiration and fun to be had too.

This couple can shine a light on one another beautifully, illuminating their lives together and creating a great deal of emotional freedom for all.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man

What can often seem like a dancing game of light and dark in matches between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man is actually built on more solid a foundation than is often thought – although so guarded as individuals are this pair, that it may take a while for them to open up to one another entirely.

Doing so is well worth it, though. The Cancer woman is someone for whom life is lived with caution, but also confidence.

She’s built up her public persona over many years, using it to conceal away a more easily wounded central self that she shows only to a select few – if anyone.

Yet that hidden self is effortlessly visible to the tremendous insight and penetrating stare of the Scorpio man.

Although not always the most conventionally handsome, he always has a distinct look that betrays him to those seeking him just as he so eagerly tries to elude the spotlight.

This is the great detective of the zodiac, uncovering unscrupulous behaviour and lies with a glance.

He doesn’t always act on the reams of information he uncovers, but will certainly make the Cancer woman initially uneasy by so readily disrobing her of her mask.

Luckily, astrology has also graced the Scorpio man with a great deal of personal charm, although the Cancer woman is just as pleasant to be around, and the pair likely hit it off nicely.

Moving to romance is a natural journey, but one riddled with nervousness and coy discussions from the pair as they make every effort to elude being hurt.

They can learn to rely on their natural chemistry more and more as time goes on though, and both certainly need to learn that being open with their feelings is the best way to personal happiness – especially with one another.

There will always be something unreadable about the Scorpio man though, but the Cancer woman doesn’t mind it.

The couple protect and provide for one another with tender nurturing and superb emotional depth, although it can verge on codependency if managed poorly.

From time to time, the Cancer woman will fall foul of some sullenness that makes her irritable and difficult to communicate with, although she means no harm in this behaviour.

Even the happiest and most fulfilled Cancer people have these episodes, and they pass with time – and the Scorpio man helps more than he realises by just being there.

His jealousy might not always elicit the most sympathetic response from the Cancer woman, especially since she’s one of the most loyal of lovers that astrology can provide him.

Fortunately, blowouts between the pair are rare, and both the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man prefer to mate for life.

The good points:

  • Emotional resonance allows this pair to connect through an unspoken bond that weathers any storm
  • The physical side of romance is deep, fulfilling and intense, a celebration of two lost souls who have found one another
  • The Cancer woman nurtures the brooding Scorpio man, and he makes her feel safe and comforted always

The bad points:

  • Cancer’s emotions move far faster than Scorpio’s – her mood swings baffle him
  • The Scorpio man has a sometimes mean sense of humour that the Cancer woman will find difficult to tolerate
  • The couple could become so involved with one another they lose sight of their individuality

Matches between the Cancer man and Scorpio woman

When it comes to power couples who seem loved up but boast plenty of hidden depths, the Cancer man and Scorpio woman have a relationship that’s tricky to top.

Together, they have enough insight and personal power to overcome any of life’s challenges, although that’s not to say they’re not both deeply affected by hurtful times in life due to their deep, swirling feelings.

The Cancer man is a likable soul, and someone who has learned quickly in life that things flow best when he adapts himself to meet the expectation of whatever crowd he finds himself in.

However, certain people nonetheless see through to his true and often wounded self, and the Scorpio woman is likely one of them.

Here is a lady that exudes power without even trying, and even the most seemingly shy and reluctant of Scorpio women have an aura about that that speaks of endless inner confidence and perseverance.

She’s also a very physical lover and not afraid to do the chasing if it gets her what she wants – and this is someone who gets what she wants.

As such, the Cancer man might be surprised at suddenly being on her radar, but has plenty to gain by surrendering to her advances.

Although her intensity can be frightening and her jealous streak can throw her into all sorts of acidic accusations if riled, she’s loyal, affectionate, generous and protective of who she loves.

Once the relationship settles, the Scorpio woman could well take a sort of unspoken leadership role in the couple’s plans and life choices without any formal discussion.

The Cancer man doesn’t mind this so much, and is still included in the talks, but it tends to be the Scorpio woman who takes the initiative.

Deep feelings and tremendously romantic occasions pepper the lives of this couple, as the Scorpio woman and Cancer man explore what they mean to each other through art, trips away and deep conversations.

Their senses of humour are often well matched too, darting from dark comedy to silly antics and back again.

Both the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman are deeply loyal, and see no purpose in seeking anything outside the relationship.

If feeling anything is lacking, they discuss and remedy the situation instead of thrill-seeking elsewhere, and actually value the stability and comfort they can provide one another.

Although the couple communicate through an unspoken bond much of the time, sometimes the Cancer man seems to shut down without warning, becoming morose and distant.

Similarly, sometimes the Scorpio woman has sinister thoughts she needs to explore without vocalising.

Clinging to one another during these episodes can go from one partner to the other, but is unwise and exacerbates the issue, dragging it out rather than letting the moment pass.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio woman is driven, devoted and giving to the Cancer man, who finds her commitment very attractive and inspiring
  • Both partners motivate one another to keep going when life seems a little too much, making sure neither of them stay down for long
  • Romance and affection hit peaks neither thought imaginable in this relationship, to say nothing of physical intimacy

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio woman rarely loses her temper, but when she does, she’s almost impossible to reason with
  • The Cancer man isn’t as direct at going after things as the more ambitious Scorpio woman
  • Both partners can be a little controlling sometimes, and have to learn that trust is the answer

Cancer and Scorpio friendship compatibility

Many of the same reasons behind why Cancer and Scorpio are such a good love match also do plenty to explain why Cancer and Scorpio friendship often pans out so effortlessly.

There’s an emotional wavelength between this pair that lets them avoid any awkwardness and cut right to the chase.

Scorpio and Cancer friends are often solely entrusted with one another’s deepest and darkest secrets, and if not best friends in the most conventional sense every time, they’ll certainly appreciate what trustworthy confidants they are to one another.

Vulnerability in all its forms is a big deal to Cancer and Scorpio alike, yet not being able to let one’s guard down proves exhausting – how wonderful to find rest and reprieve in one another.

It’s not all heavy emotion and secret conversations with Cancer and Scorpio friends though.

This pairing brings out the best in one another, and means that both can cut loose and have some fun in like-minded company.

Having said that, Cancer and Scorpio often lean towards quieter venues when going out, or to cinema seats more secluded from the wider crowd.

Similarly, they’re often drawn to art and music that stirs the senses, and will share their finds in this regard with one another as they come across things they know the other will like.

In fact, creative projects of every kind tend to be wonderfully nourishing ways for Cancer and Scorpio friends to collaborate and connect.

However, due to their capabilities as almost natural psychologists and detectives, they can also be the two friends everyone else goes to when breakups and heartbreak occur.

Supporting one another during the hardest of times is something that both Cancer and Scorpio do well even years into the friendship too, and they’re more than ready to drop everything to be there for each other when they need to.

Cancer and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Thanks to the protective nature of Scorpio and the wonderfully nurturing homemaking skills of Cancer, wedded life between this pair is often long lasting, loving and intimate.

Cancer and Scorpio marriage compatibility is helped along massively by the shared values and ideals that both of these star signs possess, and they’ll be more than content in taking their relationship to this level and going the distance together.

Loyalty is of central importance to both Cancer people and Scorpio souls, and both of these star signs believe that love and romance are to be revered with the respect and gravity they deserve.

They never enter a relationship without expressly desiring that it last for the long term, and certainly feel that way about one another.

Shortly after getting into a relationship, Cancer and Scorpio silently and without hesitation fall into their own roles in the alliance that helps marriage flow as a natural consequence.

The wedding itself will bring together the family, much to Cancer’s delight – while the honeymoon will be where Scorpio puts their renowned prowess to the test.

Disagreements between these two spouses may occasionally lead to colder moments as they both silently seethe against the other, but these are short-lived and do nothing to diminish the longevity this marriage promises.

Issues like clinginess, jealousy and mood swings will surely have their part to play, but family values, generosity and romance will always win out.

Cancer and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

Cancer and Scorpio couples often have far more advantages than issues when in love, but there are certainly areas of friction to work on for the pair – it’s only natural.

Because both star signs are rather private and prone to be easily hurt by criticism, it can be more difficult than it needs to be to get to the bottom of these issues.

Nonetheless, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

As one example, the problem of holding onto things for too long can cause rifts between Cancer and Scorpio – particular where grudges are concerned.

Cancer never forgets a missed anniversary, and Scorpio has kept a silent mental tally of all the times they have said they love Cancer and not heard it back.

Focusing on the bigger picture helps, but isn’t always easy, especially with how much time this pair spends together.

On a related note, Cancer and Scorpio couples can often devote the entirety of their lives to one another, to such a degree that they forget to take time out as individuals.

Enmeshing themselves with one another so entirely may be intoxicating, but also serves to damage them long term, and leave them feeling listless and confused in those times they have to be apart through circumstance.

Cancer should also be made aware of the fact that Scorpio people are quite competitive in their own quiet way, and also tremendously prideful.

Should the Scorpio partner be pitching a creative idea at work, for instance, only to lose the contract to someone else, they might seethe with outrage. How dare anyone be picked but them!

Doesn’t the boss see how hard they worked?

Calming this storm can prove difficult, yet if Cancer does nothing to avoid the uncomfortable negative feelings being thrown around, Scorpio will accuse them of being unsupportive.

Likewise, if those times Cancer retreats into themselves so deeply they can’t even find themselves result in Scorpio simply shrugging and spending time elsewhere while Cancer works through it all, there’ll be some choice words.

Power struggles in this relationship are rare, but may crop up in the realm of money and finances. Cancer equates money with personal security, and Scorpio equates money with personal power.

Both star signs are keen on the idea of accruing it, but less so on spending it, especially on big items or at the drop of a hat.

Heated discussions could come into play if one partner wants something the other thinks is a frivolous splashing of cash.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

In astrology, one of the first things you learn when getting to grips with the ins and outs of each star sign are which get on best with the other.

Learning the real dream team matchups of the zodiac is fun in and of itself, not least due to their rarity – and with that in mind, Cancer and Scorpio have lucked out wonderfully in finding one another.

Of course, the road ahead won’t always run in straight lines. Both Cancer and Scorpio have a hard-headed stubborn streak that brings to mind a crab and a scorpion circling each other, claws raised.

Yet the best of this relationship comes when their defence mechanisms and pretences are put to bed, letting them be their true and best selves with the one person able to see them for who they are without judgement.

It’s worth noting that, as well as Pluto, Scorpio is also said to be ruled by the planet Mars.

In fact, Mars ruled Scorpio long before Pluto was discovered, so to many astrologers still has plenty of sway over those folks today.

It’s important to remember this because combative Mars is more fiery and reckless than cool, dark Pluto of the netherworld.

Similarly, Scorpio people sometimes flare up with an intensity that gives Cancer pause – but if they want to fight, Scorpio people only do it to protect who they love.

Protectiveness, nurturing compassion and devotion that lasts a lifetime is here for the taking – but it will take learning to be open and vulnerable to reach its true potential.

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility score: 9/10

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