Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

It’s hard to deny that there’s a special kind of chemistry that exists between Aquarius and Scorpio, not least owing to their roles as the zodiac’s most enquiring minds.

While Scorpio skulks like the classic noir detectives in unravelling the underbelly of life’s great enigmas, Aquarius is more like the eccentric professor, all inventions and tonics.

In love, of course, Aquarius and Scorpio relationship dynamics hold as much mystery as anything else this pair delves into.

That’s why, to avoid heartbreak, it’s a good idea to get clued up on Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to knowing what makes these smart souls tick.

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility overview

Many astrologers believe that, with the right mix of people involved, a match between an Aquarius and a Scorpio is one of the great dark horse romances of the zodiac – it works fantastically, but nobody saw it coming.

In truth though, it can involve a little more work than that. You need only regard the sunny outlook of Aquarius and the more dusky perspective of Scorpio to see that, almost literally, these individuals are like night and day to one another.

Aquarius is ruled by the symbol of the water bearer, a figure in ancient times responsible for traversing great distances to bring nourishment to the community.

Such symbolism suits Aquarius well if you replace the water in the vase with knowledge, wisdom and technological advances that benefit humankind.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is ruled not just by the scuttling scorpion as seen in its constellation, but also by symbolic animals like the serpent, the noble eagle and the mythical phoenix.

The fact so many animals can be attributed to one sign shows how complex these people are, and their reputation for being enigmatic.

Their love of digging out secrets means that Aquarius and Scorpio will assuredly be drawn to one another, finding great curiosity in their contrasting worldviews, unique perspectives and lifelong experiences.

There can be a great many discussions of the big questions in life, as well as a shared love of wicked humour that creates quite the tight-knit bond rather rapidly.

However, the emotional realm is perhaps where things get difficult.

Aquarius is a star sign ruled by the air element, signifying a quick mind that races with thoughts, and also a preference of putting the head over the heart. Air signs often seem very emotionally reserved, even cold, to star signs like Scorpio.

That’s because Scorpio is a water sign, signifying emotional depth, and intuition. Although the majority of Scorpio’s emotions are tightly controlled, rarely betrayed by his or her expression, within each such individual is a roiling inner ocean of feelings and gut reactions.

Scorpio people feel extremely intensely, from abundant joy to scathing hatred.

The very idea of this overwhelms Aquarius people, whose reflex is to create distance so as to remain unobstructed in their thoughts from these almost unfathomable emotions.

Scorpio will see that distance as a sign of mistrust and disrespect, and in the worst case scenario, lash out at a perceived attack.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Scorpio man

Unique in thought, deed, fashion sense and outlook on life, the Aquarius woman likely notices the Scorpio man long before even his sharp senses know she’s looking.

She can see how he feels, deep down, like he doesn’t quite fit into the world.

Ever the individualist, the Aquarius woman relates to that sensation perfectly, but also understands that while she consciously chose to not fit in, the Scorpio man had that thrust upon him, becoming silently brooding as a result. His social graces are just camouflage, and he’s likely bitterly alone.

Of course, the Aquarius woman won’t have must time for the Scorpio man sulking about his lot in life either, but she’s more than happy to add a bright spark to proceedings.

She’ll seem to breeze into his life out of nowhere, and he can’t help but be attracted to her utter uniqueness and dry wit.

She’ll adore his fixated nature, watching as he drives himself to win in his career, his personal interests and in making a name for himself.

Yet this same intensity also creeps into affairs of the heart, and it’s here that he inadvertently risks driving her away.

Freedom for the Aquarius woman is both vital and non-negotiable, and the idea of a relationship slowing her down doesn’t gel well with her at all.

Conversely, the Scorpio man sees love as an all-encompassing, all or nothing game that he has to win. He’ll protect, guard and nurture his Aquarius woman proudly and fiercely, but she could feel suffocated as a result.

And should the legendary Scorpio jealousy come into play, the Aquarius woman will run a mile, not to mention finding the entire thing laughable.

At the same time though, she’d do well to see how her own flighty and fast-moving nature serves to alienate this deep feeling man, if she wants the relationship to last.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio means loves the Aquarius woman for who she is – no fear of changing herself
  • Sarcastic humour and piercing intellect is the guiding light for this couple
  • Both the Aquarius woman and Scorpio man understand the hidden paths through life

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius woman moves fast, not realising she leaves her lover behind as though he means very little
  • The Scorpio man loves deeply and demonstratively – perhaps too much for the Aquarius woman to handle
  • Her demands for freedom will come off as disinterest in the relationship – which the Scorpio man cannot abide

Matches between the Aquarius man and Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is a smouldering presence, and whether she’s vibrant and charismatic or quiet and unreadable, she has a distinctive quality that’s impossible to pin down – and the idea of knowing the unknowable is just one part of the initial attraction here.

On the other side of the coin, the Scorpio woman is a creature of unfathomable intuition, and she recognises instantly in the Aquarius man the uniqueness of mind and being he represents.

There’s a jaded quality about the Scorpio woman that makes her long for a man unlike any of the countless others she’s disregarded as shallow in the past – the Aquarius man might just be it.

Of course, to show that he is, it’s important that the Aquarius man establishes trustworthiness.

Thanks to his intelligence and natural charm, this likely won’t be a complex undertaking, and could well happen naturally. One thing he will notice rapidly, however, is the sheer intensity of the Scorpio woman’s affection.

She loves hard, and with a great deal of touchy-feely high emotion that the Aquarius man might find incredibly difficult.

She guards him like a cat would their favourite yarn ball, and even speaking to another woman can sometimes send her into a fit of quiet, seething jealousy she hates herself for having, but finds difficult to control.

The Aquarius man is someone who can quite happily saunter off to see friends, better the community and go about his work without contacting his nearest and dearest for weeks.

In fact, he cannot fathom why others find this so peculiar, since it works so well for him.

The Scorpio woman wants a rock solid relationship where she feels stable and secure, and won’t take kindly to her partner wandering away to engage with other things halfway through.

Scorpio individuals of both genders can be controlling and possessive when they feel things are out of their control – yet nobody can control an Aquarius individual.

Establishing trust, balance and compromise between these contrasting ideals will be the make or break moment for a relationship between a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man.

The good points:

  • The Scorpio woman is a generous partner, always happy to spoil the Aquarius man
  • The Aquarius man loves the individualism that makes his Scorpio girl tick
  • Neither partner lives by society’s rules, making this a relationship of souls who will happily go their own way, no matter what anyone says

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius man has his mind in a thousand places at once, while the Scorpio woman takes things one at a time
  • The intense nature of the Scorpio woman’s love and emotions overwhelms and frightens the Aquarius man
  • The Scorpio woman feels like everything is too light and breezy for the Aquarius man, who similarly thinks she takes everything far too seriously and to heart

Aquarius and Scorpio friendship

As far as cheeky misfits go, Aquarius and Scorpio as friends ticks plenty of boxes.

Both of these star signs, as we’ve discussed, are blessed with the most superb and deliciously cutting humour – and while it might not always go over well with everyone else, to one another that naughty hilarity is all part of the fun.

And it’s fun indeed that both Aquarius and Scorpio enjoy in abundance. In fact, although Scorpio will never admit it, he or she is often bogged down in worries, concerns and trying to control life’s little trivialities.

Through the influence of altruistic Aquarius, Scorpio can learn the wisdom of accepting that which cannot be changed, but also going with the flow and worrying less in general.

In return, Scorpio offers a depth of insight into people and an altogether emotional understanding quite invaluable to the Aquarius soul.

The realm of heavy emotions is the forte of the Scorpio individual, yet utterly bewildering to the Aquarius – the one realm of being they can barely touch.

Scorpio can show Aquarius the way, and reveal that feelings needn’t be as overpowering and constricting as they seem.

Speaking of emotions, without love and romance in the mix, Aquarius is more free to come and go as they please, and Scorpio is less likely to dictate rules and regulations over the relationship as a result.

When the two buddies do get together though, it’s a superb interplay of dark and light, but in the best possible way.

Aquarius people can get along with anyone, so even the peculiarities and intensity that others find difficult to handle in Scorpio people will be a breeze to the Aquarius individual.

Scorpio will be grateful for the company, but also have someone worth trusting thanks to how Aquarius people never judge or ridicule people for their actions.

The only exception is if Scorpio pride sees them act high and mighty – Aquarius finds pretentious behaviour hilarious, since he or she sees us all as equals.

What’s more, with no fear whatsoever of the renowned Scorpio temper, Aquarius has no qualms telling Scorpio that either!

Aquarius and Scorpio marriage compatibility

To the Scorpio individual, romance is undertaken with a long-term goal in mind. Emotions run hot and deep, and solidifying that with a private ceremony that shows the select few how passionately they love their Aquarius mate.

Meanwhile, the Aquarius likes the idea of a big party full of happy people and tipsy shenanigans, but the idea of locking themselves to one individual can be disastrously scary if introduced into the relationship too swiftly.

Aquarius people have little time for tradition and long-established systems in society that no longer serve a purpose.

While perspectives on marriage vary by the individual, more often than not you’ll find Aquarius people to be rather disillusioned about marriage, or finding it a stuffy excuse to waste money and become something they’re not.

In a relationship in which Aquarius feels utterly free to follow his or her whims, the concept of marriage is more palatable than the Aquarius and Scorpio norm, which is a silent power struggle hidden by smiles.

Scorpio wants attention and affection, and most of all for Aquarius to just sit still long enough to meaningfully bond over just that.

Aquarius, meanwhile, fears that doing so risks uncomfortable emotions, dissolution of identity and having to check in with someone for everything they do and everywhere they go.

With many relationships and marriages this can feel like an unfair accusation, yet in an Aquarius and Scorpio marriage particularly, unfortunately these fears are somewhat founded.

Luckily, since Aquarius and Scorpio have so many points of connection as the zodiac’s quiet rebels, wildcards and off the cuff thinkers, this marriage can have potential too if handled the right way.

One good approach is a kind of shared project or life mission – the marriage becomes an alliance by which the pair can turn their ambitions to the community, the arts or to science or invention.

One thing to definitely watch for is the Aquarius tendency to bore easily and need rapid moving surroundings and solutions to work with.

For Scorpio, still waters run deep, and although they can be swift and decisive in getting what they want, they altogether lend themselves to dependable rhythms that the Aquarius might find unbearable. Should anyone stray, the Scorpio will be furious and inconsolable.

Aquarius and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

Both of these star signs could accuse one another of spending far too much time in their heads.

Aquarius will tell Scorpio something of great importance to themselves, and feel discouraged by the blank stare and silence received in response.

Yet the very next day, Scorpio could confide in Aquarius and find the exact same response greeting them.

Neither of the star signs involved are doing this to be malicious or spiteful to one another.

In truth, they both get locked inside their heads from time to time, yet in such different ways that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to share one’s perspective with the other.

Scorpio locks into their own minds as a form of retreat and respite – not daydreams, as with a Pisces, their watery cousins in the zodiac, but rather inner reflection and rumination.

Scorpio ponders their position in all around them, and contemplates how to move forward to the best effect.

Aquarius, meanwhile, drifts in and out of a thousand different electric thoughts at once, all tangents and branches leading to branches leading to branches.

It’s an endless upward spiral of knowledge, but the cost is that they can come across as forgetful and unfocused – and Scorpio misinterprets that as the Aquarius uncaring, just as the Scorpio periods of untouchable contemplation seem like emotional withdrawal.

Emotions in and of themselves can often run hot in this relationship, and of the two, the Aquarius individual is the one most likely to withdraw.

There is no time for drama or wasting energy on arguing in a laid back Aquarius individual’s eyes, and while Scorpio is loathe to argue also, the idea of his or her deep passions being ignored and disregarded is always a matter of contention.

Perhaps most of all, both Aquarius and Scorpio are stubborn star signs who tend not to back done or shift their opinions in surrender to the other.

Compromise is vital if such a relationship is to survive, otherwise these two individuals will bring down a potentially wonderful partnership with petty disagreements that snowball.

Physical chemistry is likely strong throughout this match however, making truly parting ways one heck of a tall order for all parties involved.

While both will enjoy making the most of that physical intimacy, Scorpio will want more depth behind it as time goes on. Fun loving Aquarius could well see no purpose in that – straining things even further.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Aquarius and Scorpio are the wild cards of the zodiac, and although they represent air and water respectively, they share more likenesses of mind, heart and spirit than they sometimes care to admit.

Keeping the air and water analogy in mind can help greatly in navigating an Aquarius and Scorpio partnership. Water cannot contain air – it always bubbles up to the surface, where it drifts above, untouchable.

Scorpio must learn that it’s fine for air to play above – it’s not to be mistrusted and Aquarius will not try and stray if given the freedom that is sought.

Likewise, Aquarius is wise to remember than when it seems crushing, smothering watery emotions are crashing in all sides, their very nature assures they won’t come to harm, and there’s always a way of rising to the surface in time.

Aquarius is outlandish, navigating life with a lone wolf persona they often don’t know they possess.

There’s a kindred spirit there in Scorpio too, although the lone wolf in this instance is one more content to prowl through the shadows.

Aquarius can help bring things into the light, without sacrificing the privacy that Scorpio people hold so dear.

Despite their solitary way of life overall, Aquarius people are often very popular, and enjoy large social circles of friends from every walk of life.

Being able to bounce around this catching up with people and exchanging ideas is vital, and should the dreaded Scorpio jealousy even hint at bubbling up to intervene in this, Aquarius will find that the Scorpio soul rapidly goes down in their estimations.

Nonetheless, the depth of thought and philosophy behind this connection, to say nothing of the physical attraction and chemistry likely in play, makes it clear why so many Aquarius and Scorpio relationships charge ahead into being despite any of the concerns I’ve raised here.

It won’t always be smooth sailing, as much as both partners wish it could be, but it’ll prove a valuable learning curve and, perhaps most importantly, provide a relationship where both partners can be themselves.

By sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas rather than falling into their individual mind palaces at every turn, Aquarius and Scorpio promise to revolutionise themselves, one another and the world around them – if only they can be patient and kind enough to do so, and leave stubborn behaviour at the door!

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility score – 6/10

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