Taurus: The #1 Reason to Stop Playing Games When it Comes to Dating

Taurus: The #1 Reason to Stop Playing Games When it Comes to Dating


It’s very easy for the Taurus to play games when it comes to dating. It really is.

Taurus people, on average, look good.

I’m not just talking about cosmetically looking good. They look good in that respect.

However, they look good in many different levels as well.

They tend to have the right jobs. They tend to earn the right amount of money.

They tend to live in the right part of town. They tend to say the right things and hang out with the right people.

All this is not an accident. You have to understand that the Taurus is one of the most conventional signs of the horoscope.

This is in keeping with their materialist perspective.

Note that I said materialist, not materialistic.

Materialistic means you’re a slave to your possessions. Instead, the Taurus looks at the world as a material world.

In other words, the things that truly matter are material.

The things that truly matter are things that you can count, things that you can value, and things that have social esteem.

It’s no surprise then that they tend to occupy respectable social layers of society.

It’s no surprise then that they tend to be looked on favorably and with some jealousy by other people.

It’s very easy to hate on the Taurus because they seem to have everything that you’d want. They seem to live lives where everything is going smoothly.

However, don’t let appearances fool you.

Taurus are still people. People being people, Taurus are imperfect.

There is a lot going on beyond appearances. They might be falling apart because of relationship issues.

You can’t tell just by looking at outward appearances.

Appearances matter a lot to Taurus people. This is why they tend to do quite well with dating.

It’s very easy for them to be attractive to people. Why?

They seem to be doing everything right.

Everything seems to be going so smoothly to them.

People like winners. People like to surround themselves with people who are doing things right. Most people try to stay away from losers.

Not surprisingly, since most Taurus people look like winners, they don’t have a tough time attracting members of the opposite gender.

This is precisely where their problem comes from.

There are many reasons why Taurus people should stop screwing around when it comes to dating. However, one reason stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Reason 1: It Is Too Easy for You to Settle

The interesting thing about the Taurus is that they are – surprise, surprise! – bullheaded. They seem to go on auto-pilot.

They experiment a little bit, and once they detect a pattern, they go on auto-pilot.

They end up doing things the exact same way regardless of the situation.

Of course, they don’t do this consciously. This kicks in on a subconscious level.

Still, you see the Taurus do the same things again and again.

This may be fine in other areas of a Taurus’ life, but not their love life.

If you are a Taurus and you are playing games when it comes to dating, this part of your personality might harm you.

Why? You can go on auto-pilot and simply settle for one of the people you’re dating.

This person might be the wrong person for you. This person might end up harming you emotionally.

It’s not uncommon for Taurus people to even get physically harmed because they picked the wrong person to be in a relationship with.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard for you to detect this because you, once again, go into auto-pilot mode. It happens very gradually.

In fact, nine times out of ten, certain things happen in your life and you get distracted.

Once you finish handling those issues, you already have an auto-pilot habit and you can’t change your habits.

You have to be mindful of how you interact with people in your life. You’d be surprised as to the kind of people you are settling for.

You have to understand that you deserve so much more in life.

You have so much to offer, and you deserve the very best.

Unfortunately, being a typical materialist sign, you’d rather have a bird in the hand than two in the bush.

You’d rather deal and accept somebody you already know than look for a better person. It’s very easy to see why.

Looking for the right person takes a lot of risks. Looking for the right person takes a lot of time.

Also, you have to always remember that even if the right person exists out there, there might not be enough time in your life for you to find that person.

You have to eventually reach a point where you have to get off the fence and make a decision.

I get all that, but you have to settle for the best you can realistically find.

Simply settling for somebody who is in your life because you’re afraid of taking risks is wrong. You shouldn’t be afraid of finding true love.

You shouldn’t be afraid of putting in the time, effort, and energy to find the person who would truly complete you.

When it comes to love, a Taurus has to understand that a real relationship is all about taking each other up to your fullest potential.

Human beings are a mix of spiritual, physical, mental, and intellectual components.

You owe it to yourself to develop all these sides of yourself. Otherwise, you’re cheating yourself.

Otherwise, your relationship is holding you back from being a fully complete and fully developed person.

Stop settling

I know it’s easy. I know it takes less risks. However, it can also lead to a lot of harm.

The most harm you can do is to wake up 50 years from now, look at your partner, and regret your decision.

The regret is made even worse by the fact that you picked that person because you were too lazy or scared to find the right one. I hope you see why this is a problem.

Taurus people can achieve more success in all areas of their life if they stop their auto-pilot mental habits.

It’s very easy to get into a groove and let your fear of the unknown rule you. Do not become a prisoner of your fears.

Focus instead on your highest hopes and ideals.


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