7 Life Changing Tips for Virgo

7 Life Changing Tips for Virgo

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Virgo women have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. Whether you are talking about romance, career, or just general happiness there are a lot of opportunities waiting for Virgo women.

However, just like with previous years, Virgo women really need to get over the things that hold them back from living their lives to the fullest. In my experience many Virgo women personalities tend to be a bit rigid regarding their expectations. In my experience this can cost the Virgo woman a great deal of happiness in their lives. This special report will set you free and help you make the most of life for the year ahead as a strong and independent Virgo female. Lets get started!

First understand this Virgo – unlike most other Zodiac signs, the biggest thing holding you back is not other people or situations, but yourself.

Focusing too much on how things should be, you end up not enjoying life the way it is.

Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time for a Virgo woman personality type to realize this. It is easy for them to accept it on an intellectual level. However, for the Virgo women to practice it, it takes a lot of time.

Indeed, it takes actual experience to truly practice living life in an imperfect world. Face it, if you’re a Virgo, the fact that the world is imperfect is your biggest disappointment. It is also your biggest opportunity.

If you are just able to look past looking at the world in terms of absolutes, you can actually achieve a lot more than you are achieving now. Here is my quick life guide for Virgo women:

Take More Risks

Among all the other horoscope signs, Virgo women are the easiest to enslave. All you need to do is to create a nice looking trap. If the prison looks good enough and attractive enough, the Virgo woman will rush in. The reason for this is a deep sense of insecurity. This is especially true in the coming months as Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

They feel that things aren’t perfect. They feel that things aren’t right. So, what do they do? They make themselves at home in situations that are just plain wrong. It is not uncommon for Virgo women to take jobs that they are over qualified for because they are afraid of the jobs that they are actually qualified to do.

It is not uncommon for Virgo women to work on jobs less than they are worth. Why? Because they are afraid of the amount of work it would take to enter the jobs that they are actually qualified for.

It seems that they have this filter, in effect, in their minds at all times. The filter works this way: If “A” is the idea and “C” is the worst case scenario, the Virgo woman will always shoot for “B” or lower “B”. This happens almost 100% of the time.

No wonder Virgo women feel that they are not living life to their fullest. They’re absolutely correct! However, the only person they have to blame is themselves This year will not be any different from the previous years in this particular aspect.

You have to take more risks. If you are tired of saying to yourself that you could have been a contender, you could have been that person at the top job, you could have your boss, you have to take more risk. Sadly, Virgos tend to fixate or even get obsessed with the sting of failure. Well, here’s a News Flash: Failure is all around you. Failure is happening right now. Failure will happen in the future. Failure is the by-product of living.

You have to get past this perfectionist frame of mind that the perfect world doesn’t involve pain and failure. There is no such world. You live in the real world and if you want something good, you have to sacrifice for it. My recent report on Virgo and Scorpio compatibility highlights this very point. If you want anything that is worth having, it’s worth working for and worth risking failure for, you have to take more risk to achieve your dreams.

Perfect Opportunities Don’t Have To Be Perfect

If there is any one sign on the horoscope that is really fixated about the whole concept of perfection, it is the Virgo. This is not surprising; after all, Virgo women can be very naive. They tend to look at things in terms of black and white. While Scorpios tend to look at emotional things in terms of black and white, Virgos tend to look at everything in terms of black and white.

This is bad news! It is no surprise that many Virgo women tend to be depressed at some level or other, or working on high levels of anxiety. This is not the way to go. If you want more happiness and joy in your life, you have to get rid of the fact that there is such a thing as a perfect world.

Part of the reason why you feel you haven’t been getting the right opportunities is that you always keep expecting the perfect opportunity to happen.

It won’t happen. The truth is that perfect opportunities don’t have to be perfect. Many Virgo women define a perfect opportunity as something that doesn’t have any challenges. They would love to have something for nothing. Well, guess what?! The free lunch hasn’t been invented yet. This causes serious issues when it comes to Virgo’s careers.

You can’t get something for nothing. There is always a price. There is always a trade-off. You will always have to sacrifice something. Once you are able to intellectually get over this, you can then start working in emotionally accepting it.

Once you’re able to do this, you will realize, almost immediately, that you are surrounded by opportunities. Of course, many of them are wrapped in challenges. Many of them come with a seemingly insurmountable problem but that’s what makes them opportunities. That’s why they have such a big payoff.

Here’s a key rule for Virgo women to keep in mind: The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Learn it. Live with it. Become it.

Love People Because They Are Imperfect, Not Despite Of It

In the emotional realm, Virgos tend to shoot themselves in the foot. Really, they do. Otherwise, perfect emotion matches come to their lives all the time. Virgo women can be very attractive. I’m not just talking about physically. I’m talking about emotionally.

There is something about the Virgo naivete, compassion, and insensitivity that draws a lot of men. Unfortunately, you tend to use a very unfair filter for men and people trying to get near you. You try to hold them up to some sort of perfect ideal.

The truth is, you have to love people based on their imperfection because that’s what makes them people. In other words, you have to love people because they are imperfect not despite of the imperfection. If you are looking for a perfect relationship where you never fight and you’re always happy, you are going to die alone. This is the biggest issue that will hinder Virgo and Aries compatibility.

I’m sorry to break it you Virgo, but that’s the reality you have to deal with.

What makes relationships worth fighting for and what makes relationships valuable is the fact that they come with problems. They come with conflict. They come with tension. Once you are able to get past the imperfections of your relationship partners, you will be able to love them fully. This is the key for Virgo to find long term love. Quite simply – You must be able to give them permission to love you fully.

Improve Your Goal Setting Skills

You will be given another opportunity to improve your goal setting skills. Part of the reason, Virgos tend to get stuck in dead end jobs, bad relationships, and bad businesses, is the fact they can’t seem to set goals properly. Virgo rising should help you overcome this problem but you will still need to work on it yourself.

You tend to fixate on certain aspects of your goals and you let everything else fall apart. This is what keeps defeating you time and time again. What is the core of this? You guessed it! Perfectionism!

Everything has to be right. Everything has to come out just the way you plan it. Everything has to appear the way you visualize it. If not, you retaliate against yourself by feeling like a loser. If things don’t pan out, you get depressed.

If things don’t come to pass, the way you visualize originally conceptualize it, you beat up on yourself. You have to understand that worrying is not work. When you worry that something will not turn out, chances are, things will not turn out. Why? Even if they turn out, your mental state is such a mess, that you make it fail.

You know exactly what I’m talking about because most Virgo women tend to do this time after time after time.

If you want things to be different, you have to approach it from a different perspective. You have to emotionally divorce yourself from the shape and the appearance of your goal. Instead, you have to look at your goal as an abstraction. Once you have enough emotional distance from your goal, then you can break your goal down into smaller goals.

Once you break down these smaller goals, you apply a timeline to these smaller goals. This way, instead of worrying, you can actually do something based on that timeline and once you reach that milestone, you go on to the next sub-goal.

It is not rocket science. People become millionaires every single day. People meet the right people every single day. People live their best dreams every single day. What are they doing that you are not doing? They’re setting the right goals and going about it the right way. By setting big goals, breaking those goals down, applying a timeline, and adopting a daily ritual that enables you to hit those sub goals day after day after day, you increase your chances of success.

Will everything be perfect? Absolutely not! However, things will turn out well enough for you to be happy. That’s the bottom line.

The big challenge for Virgo women is to wrap their minds around the concept of “enough”. They have to replace the concept of perfect or absolutely right with “enough”. Be happy with enough.

Enough will give you the joy and need to go on to the next day. In fact, enough is a concept that forms the steps for you living your life according to highest ideals. “Enough” is the doorway that will enable you to truly enjoy life. Compare this with living your life based on the word “perfect”.

Perfect can only bring disappointment because perfect doesn’t exist. Enough, however, is everywhere.

Enough is easy to see so it’s your choice. Do you want “enough” or do you want “perfection”?

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