Ten Reasons Virgo Will Find Love In 2022

will virgo find love

If you are born under the sign of the Virgin, 2022 will be an interesting year when it comes your search for love.

This year is special because it will be a year of resolution. A lot of the things that were kind of unclear or unfinished from the past will become clearer and stand out in sharper focus this year. As a typical Virgo, you don’t like confusion.

You don’t like it when things aren’t black and white. After all, you tend to look at the world in idealistic terms.

You’d like to reduce everything into black and white. I know that deep down you know and realize that this is impossible. Still, you hope that things will become simpler than they seem. The good news is that in 2022 there will be certain circumstances and situations where you can get that focus that you have been looking for. With more focus, your chances of finding real love are much higher than before.

Here are the ten reasons Virgo will find love in 2022:

Your Shy Side Makes You Very Attractive.

It’s very easy to get attracted to the person that just charges into the situation and takes center stage. There are many people that naturally grab the spotlight when they are in any type of social situation or social event. It’s understandable why many people would be attracted to such a person because that person seems to be in charge.

This person seems to be in control of the social flow of energy within a confined space. After all, this is the kind of behavior that is typical of the alpha male or alpha female. Fair enough.

However, you can also flip the model on its head. There are also people that are quite attracted to people that intentionally stand on the sidelines.


Because we are drawn to mystery.

We have to remember that humanity did not spread throughout the planet because we were shy and inward-looking. No! We are adventurous. We are very curious. We are explorers. That’s in our genes.

That’s locked in our DNA.

So if you see somebody that is shy and that is intentionally shunning the spotlight, we put on our Sherlock Holmes hat and we are drawn like moths to a flame to the mystery of this shy person.

This can be a very attractive feature for the Virgo to take advantage of in 2022.

Your Principled Nature Will Make You Stand Out

Keep in mind that when it comes to dating game. It really is all about marketing. Think about it this way. Just like there are many great products in the market that go unnoticed, it’s not because they are defective or that they are of low quality. The reason why they go unnoticed is because of the marketing or positioning of these products is frankly lousy.

The same goes with the dating game. When you’re out there trying to find love in 2022, basically your product is yourself. You’re trying to get noticed. You’re trying to get people to patronize your product. And the problem is if you position yourself a certain way, people would not take notice.

People would overlook you and in many cases, they would always pick far inferior product. One way for Virgo people to stand out and get noticed is to let their principled side show up. That’s right. Show people what you stand for.

Virgo people are very principled people because they have this ideal world that they would like everything to reflect. They have this very strong conception of what the world should be and how things should operate.

This is why many times Virgo people are discouraged, depressed and frustrated.

Their perfect world can’t seem to make an attraction in the real world. Well, that’s one thing, but being principled is another. You can draw power from the fact that you have these ideas of the perfect world. And be open about it.

When people talk to you, you at least stand out from the crowd because they know where you stand. This is extremely important however that you don’t back away from your stated positions. You don’t want to look like a hypocrite.

You don’t want to look like somebody that just basically goes with whatever direction the wind is blowing.

That will destroy your credibility and people won’t find you attractive because when you do that you’re basically just acting like everybody else.

Use Your Power of Focus to Your Advantage

The interesting thing about the Virgo is that they are so easy to discourage and depress that in many cases, they fail to live up to their fullest potential. Make no mistake about it.

When it comes to creativity and the ability to think things through and be very meticulous, few other horoscope signs come close to the Virgo. In other words, they have the ingredients for success.

Unfortunately, they lose heart so easily that in many cases, they often settle for a life, or a career or a love life that is well beneath them. They can be happier.

They can live a life of endless possibility and exploration, but nine times out of ten they’d rather be somewhat happy some of the time rather than take a chance at true fulfillment and true contentment.

The secret to this of course is focus. If you are focused on something, it will grow. Whatever you dwell on grows. That’s the iron rule of life. Use this ability to focus to your advantage. The truth is if you focus on love in 2022, romantic opportunities will come to you instead of the other way around.

You Can Be Very Charming, Always Remember That

The interesting thing about the Virgo is that they are the worst critic. Seriously, they often find creative and resourceful ways of sabotaging themselves. It’s not uncommon for Virgos to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It happens all the time actually.

It seems that no victory, no achievement, no accomplishment is good enough for the Virgo. This is due to the fact that they have this ideal world that they are always comparing against the real world.

If that is the game you’re playing, you’re playing a losing game.

The good news is that you are a very charming person because you are able to look at the world from the eyes of a virgin, from the eyes of somebody that is untainted. You are able to look at the world with the eyes of somebody with ideals.

Use this to your advantage because your kind of charm is quite rare. Too many people become cynical. Too many people let the world get the best of them. Too many people basically grow up and grow old. Getting old is a choice. Becoming old mentally is always a choice.

By staying true to your Virgo ability to focus on what could exist, you can stand out as a very charming person.

Let Your Social Side Shine Out

The interesting thing about the Virgo is that regardless of how shy they are, they actually have a very strong social side. They are very good students of character. They know how to study people’s mannerisms.

They know how to understand how the people get along with each other. They often map out interpersonal relationships in a very interesting yet precise way. Use this to your advantage because once you have all this information you could be very social.

You could say the right things to the right people.

Unlike Sagittarius people where this kind of social skill comes naturally, your social skill is actually a by-product of your training and your attention to detail. Use it to your advantage if you’re looking for love in 2022.

You Get Hurt Easily and This Is One of Your Biggest Assets

I know you are probably shocked at the subheading. How can being hurt easily be an asset? How can the tendency to become emotionally devastated possibly be something positive? The truth is we live in a world full of actors.

As we get older, we are trained by society and by other people to basically to put on a show to look tougher than we really are, to affect some sort of attitude that you can’t hurt me. When you take the opposite direction and you are basically very honest that you can be very vulnerable and that you can be hurt, the people heart opens up to you because you are able to connect with them at the heart level.

You are able to connect with them at the level that really hits home because deep down we are not all tough.

But there are very few heartless people; there are very few truly insensitive people. Most of us really bleed inside when certain things happen and by wearing your heart on your sleeve, the Virgo can really become very strong. I know it sounds like a paradox.

By obviously looking weak, you can actually become a very strong person more importantly when it comes to matters of the heart quite attractive emotionally.

You Can Hurt Others Really Badly

The flip side or the dark side, depending on how you look at it, of the Virgo personality is that while they can get hurt easily, they can also hurt others very, very badly.

In fact, there are such great students of human nature and human emotions that they really know what your weak spots are. You have to understand that the typical person has a very tough outer exterior, but a very soft underbelly. Usually the soft underbelly has something to do with emotions and the psyche.

After all, how you feel and how you think are often intertwined and Virgos know this. They know where your soft spots are. If you get into a fight with a Virgo or in a bad relationship with one, they can really hit you where it hurts. They can basically hit you where you live.

This is one thing that you as Virgo need to control and get a lock on in 2022. If you want 2022 to turn out to be a much better year in terms of romance than previous years, you need to confront this aspect of your personality. Otherwise, you will find yourself repeating the same pattern again and again.

You Are Often Disappointed, but It’s Okay

The interesting is that there is really no such thing as a model personality. We’re all very different people because we’ve come from different walks of life. Different things happened to us which influenced how we developed and how we look at the world.

That’s just the way things are. In fact, that’s what makes life so awesome. Imagine a world where everybody is like you. That’s a scary world and also completely boring world as well.

However, the flip side in the fact that we are quite different is that there is a lot of opportunities to be misunderstood. There are a lot of opportunities for conflict and disappointment. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of reality that Virgo people really have a tough time wrapping their minds around. They really struggle with accepting this part of reality.

This is why they’re often walking around disappointed. This is why in many cases they feel hurt by life’s many little slights.

The good news is that you live in a fallen world. This is not a perfect world. That is precisely the good news. As long as you’re able to accept that, you can have the power to move on. The rude cause of Virgo’s constant disappointment is that they are in denial.

They think that it only takes one or few moves or changes to make this world a mirror reflection of their ideal world that they have in their minds. Obviously that kind of thinking is delusional.

Obviously that kind of thinking is not really rooted in reality. This is why many Virgos walk around disappointed.

As long as you are able to accept the imperfection of the world, and the imperfection of the people living in that world, you would be much happier and more importantly, more willing to gamble when it comes to romance.

You Are a Perfectionist and that’s One Thing People Like About You

Now, if you’re a Virgo and you’re reading this, you’re probably rolling your eyes. You’re probably thinking back to times when many people give you a hard time because you are this person that is basically throwing a wrench in the worse.

It seems like you are always the person that is like a stick in the mud. You are always the person that gets in the way because of your ideals and the fact that you like things done a certain way at a certain time.

While it is true that you tend to rub many people the wrong way, you also look at the flip side of the situation. There are quite a number of members of the opposite gender that appreciate perfectionists.

Let’s face it. Life can be quite sloppy. Life can basically have random rules and things don’t get done based on how they should get done. When this happens, it gets really chaotic.

It gets lots of things break apart. There’s also a lot of disappointment.

When somebody stands up and is a perfectionist and expects things to be done a certain way based on certain precise standards, it is unavoidable that that person stands out from the crowd. When everybody else is too busy getting along and really just settling for the lowest standards or quality and behavior, people who insist on perfectionism and more importantly live out their ideals, they look like heroes.

So there is no need for you to hide your perfectionist side. There’s no need for you to be embarrassed about it. Let it shine. Approach life on what you see is what you get basis.

The secret to Virgo’s finding love as well as finding success in life is really simple: personal integrity.

As long as you are clear as to what you believe, and you actually live your life based on your beliefs, everything else will fall into place.

However, if you’re like playing games or you’re a hypocrite or you’re a liar, things are not going to work out according to your plans.

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