Aries and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

It’s hard to think of an astrological match of personalities more intrinsically different to one another than Aries and Virgo.

With one of these souls charging into all they find with a devil may care attitude, and the other preferring to structure every outcome to the finest detail, the room for compromise here is slim indeed.

But of course, having some advance knowledge in this matter can help prepare just about anyone for the road ahead.

For that, you need insight into Aries and Virgo compatibility – the definitive guide on how to navigate this quite unique match up.

Aries and Virgo compatibility overview

They say like attracts like, but also that opposites attract – and if anything, it’s likely the latter that has occurred if you’re here learning how to make an Aries and Virgo relationship work.

While not impossible, there are some tremendously big differences between these star signs that become apparent within minutes of them meeting one another.

It even goes as far as the symbols behind these star signs. Aries is symbolised by the ram, a punchy and no-nonsense animal who, while protective of his flock, has no hesitation in racing forwards to barge into anything he dislikes with his horns.

Similarly, Aries people pull no punches, and charge at life with vim and vigour that’s impossible to slow down or dissuade.

On the other hand, Virgo is symbolised by the virgin, or more conventionally, a maiden still in touch with her innocence.

While Virgo people are often surprisingly sensual behind their cool and collected exterior, that innocence of mind is always present in them.

Virgo people are not childish in this regard, though – they are intensely intelligent, and certainly nobody’s fool.

However, it’s more a case of them having an idealised view of what they wish the world could be like, and in many ways that’s actually a rare and precious piece of common ground they have with Aries people.

However, Virgo people prefer to live in their heads a lot of the time, while Aries prefers action and ambition.

Virgo has plenty to accomplish all their own, but wants to do so in beautiful and precise surroundings, at a pace that gives them time to also nurture those close to them and enjoy peace and serenity overall.

That approach is hugely contrasted to that of Aries, who takes risks, lives life on the edge wherever possible and certainly doesn’t shy away from confrontation.

That kind of approach bewilders and, to a certain extent, rather frightens the Virgo individual, who can’t imagine what kind of inner chaos and disarray this sort of thing must lead to.

If this couple is to connect at all, it will be through a mutual appreciation of one another’s differences, put forth in a way that most appreciably lets their individual approaches shine.

That said, both Aries and Virgo are very set in their ways, and of no mind to explain their actions to others, meaning finding a common understanding could prove tremendously difficult.

Matches between the Aries woman and Virgo man

When raw passion meets cool, calculated rationale, it can make for a match that causes no small amount of friction day to day – to say nothing of its realistic potential long term.

The individuals involved are so disparate in personal philosophy, lifestyle and even appearance that they may seldom meet, and become partners even less frequently.

The Aries woman is a career minded party animal, addicted to accomplishment and good times alike.

She enjoys the spotlight and savours the chance to show her capabilities in leadership, and often does.

The Virgo man also is good at winning the trust of others looking to be shown the way, but in his case this stems from his spellbinding intelligence and wonderfully organised, strategic mind.

A Virgo man seems capable of reorganising your life to be more efficient with little more than a glimpse and a softly spoken suggestion, and is naturally in tune with how to structure things to make the most logical sense.

He won’t understand the Aries woman’s desire to party until the break of dawn with friends and strangers alike any more than she will comprehend the satisfaction he finds in alphabetically arranging his movie collection.

Yet the Aries woman is exciting and attractive, and the Virgo man will likely find himself drawn to her despite himself.

The early dating days must be approached as a mixture of excitement and consideration for the relationship to go anywhere.

After each meet up, the Virgo man will retire for a time to ruminate on all that’s transpired and evaluate the fairest and most effective approach to move forward.

The Aries woman, meanwhile, is worried that she hasn’t been invited to stay the night yet, and concerned the Virgo man just isn’t interested.

After navigating these misunderstandings and entering a relationship, unfortunately even more cracks begin to show.

The Virgo man has little interest in the nights out, trips abroad and impulsive shopping trips that the Aries woman likes to fill her free time with.

Likewise, she will find him very distant and lacking in emotional demonstration – making her feel unwanted and insecure.

It likely won’t be long before she cashes her chips and moves on, leaving the Virgo man even more bewildered than before, unless some common ground between these two can be established.

The good points:

  • The Aries woman adds a dash of adventure to the Virgo man’s life
  • The Virgo man is able to offer a cooler, more rational view on many of the things worrying the Aries woman
  • With her ambition and his practicality, great moves in careers and creative projects can come together

The bad points:

  • The Aries woman loves lapping up male attention whether she’s in a relationship or not
  • The Virgo man is too much of a reserved intellectual to waste time on soppy romance
  • The Aries woman tends to put herself first, meaningfully or not, which comes off as insensitive

Matches between the Aries man and Virgo woman

The Virgo woman prides herself on being sensible and making smart judgements in all things, but nonetheless can sometimes find herself drawn to the cockiness, rash bravery and overall exciting lifestyle offered by the Aries man.

He’s a handsome devil, and one who certainly wastes no time in making his feelings known. If he’s drawn to the shy girl archetype that the Virgo woman often accidentally fulfils for him, he’ll move swiftly to capture the fair lady’s heart.

Often, he won’t realise that her dizzying intelligence means she’s more than savvy of all his techniques, and won’t fall for them so easily.

In fact, should he come on too strong, he’ll likely never see her again. Patience and proof of genuine, even gentlemanly intentions is how to win the slowly surrendered heart of the Virgo woman.

She values a more traditional courtship experience, finding even the idea of kissing goodnight on the first date most frightfully forward.

The Aries man will be frustrated by this approach, and the less persistent of them will begin seeking their fun elsewhere – which suits the Virgo woman fine.

Someone who would give her up so easily isn’t worth her attention and affection, she reasons – yet so slow is she to offer even a morsel of each to the Aries man who pursues her, she accidentally comes off as entirely uninterested in him.

Those Aries man and Virgo woman couples who muddle through this early awkwardness, however, can enjoy some tender weeks of romance and excitement.

Unfortunately, cracks will come thick and fast, putting both partners to the test if they really want to make things go the distance together.

The Aries man will find that the Virgo woman has an abundance of compassion – and while that’s a good thing, she can also come across to him as seeming to put everyone’s needs before her own.

He doesn’t understand this, but neither does she understand why the Aries man will so willingly drop everything on a whim to go off on some gallivanting crusade of his own design if he so much as senses the threat of boredom.

Avoiding boredom is the secret to keeping the Aries man interested, but the Virgo woman won’t find this easy – through no fault of her own.

She craves stability, predictability and the security that that brings, while the Aries man is put off by those unadventurous notions entirely, seeking the exact opposite.

The Aries man also approaches everything with an abundance of confidence, which onlookers often remark veers close to overconfidence if nothing else.

The Virgo woman is inclined to agree, but summons no inspiration from her Aries man in her more modest streak – he gets tired of propping up her self-confidence.

His restlessness and recklessness will eventually exhaust the Virgo woman completely, while her more measured approach is completely alien to him.

The couple will either grind one another down completely, settling in for a life of quiet compromise, or go their separate ways to find fulfillment elsewhere.

The good points:

  • The Aries man’s protective side will keep the Virgo woman out of harm’s way, letting her plans flow more smoothly
  • The Virgo woman can help even out the more impulsive side of the Aries man
  • The Virgo woman has a sensual side that few people ever see – the Aries man is more than happy to oblige

The bad points:

  • The slow approach of the Virgo woman doesn’t mesh at all with the fast lifestyle of the Aries man
  • The Aries man plays by his own rules – he gets his way no matter what, without thinking of whose feelings get hurt
  • The Virgo woman puts her head before her heart, and might not lavish love on the Aries man like he expects

Aries and Virgo friendship compatibility

Combining Virgo and Aries is like combining order and chaos, but at the very least, the pair can find a little more harmony when connecting as friends rather than lovers.

Aries and Virgo can better respect their differences this way – and even the most romantically inclined Virgo person actually finds love and romance more messy and difficult than they sometimes care to admit.

When the pair spends time together, the differences in approach become very plain – and perhaps, if Aries and Virgo friends can laugh these differences off, they needn’t be something that causes too big a rift between the two.

For instance, Aries will plan a social event by simply showing up and letting events run their course, leading the action as much as circumstances allow towards whatever feels good and excites most.

This kind of spontaneous activity makes the Virgo uneasy, as they prefer some advanced knowledge to plan for.

How much should we budget for this night out, Virgo asks? Who else will be there? Where are we going, and for how long? How will everybody get home?

These kinds of questions need to be answered for Virgo to feel safe and confident in committing to an event – they’re quite content in their own company most of the time otherwise.

Aries finds this insistence on covering all the bases quite insipid and meaningless, yet is usually among the first individual who benefits from it.

Put simply, when Aries people stir up trouble quite by accident with their daring, rash actions, Virgo’s contingency plans ensure that there’s an exit strategy already in place for Aries to follow, albeit sheepishly.

However, the Aries friend was a warming and encouraging presence for Virgo to draw from, and will be a loyal friend who helps pick up and dust off the Virgo individual when life doesn’t go their way.

Virgo people actually become quite disheartened, even disillusioned, when things don’t pan out according to the most precise plans. Aries can reassure them that everything is fine.

Aries people are also simply tons of fun any which way you slice it, and Virgo can learn to let their guard down and simply seize the moment through the fiery energy of this friendship.

Virgo will never go all the way over to the other side and become impulsive and bold through this friendship, of course, but over time both friends can hopefully learn to respect one another’s differences and enjoy a cool, casual connection.

Aries and Virgo marriage compatibility

When it comes to Aries and Virgo marriage, one of the spouses involved knows that committing to this partnership means playing with fire.

That spouse is Virgo, whose analytical mind quickly decodes the very essence of the Aries spirit and anticipates the many difficulties married life will promise this pair.

Of course, countless Aries and Virgo marriages have gone ahead and remained together for a lifetime, but it’s safe to assume they’ve faced many of the same challenges inherent to this attempt to unite two vastly different people.

For one thing, Aries is a free spirit through and through, and behaves very irrationally if she or he feels trapped or conditioned into a traditional bond of matrimony.

They may be acting out subconsciously, but the signs are definitely there – a certain skittishness and the sense that one foot is already out of the door.

Aries people are addicted to thrills and excitement, the possibilities of the unknown and the fulfillment they get from being entirely free.

Marriage frightens them because it threatens to contain them, dampening their spark and meaning their activities have someone close by who, like it or not, will always be affected by their behaviour – and have plenty to remark on about it!

Virgo will indeed find that their freely given advice comes off as nagging and harassing to the fun loving Aries, who feels as though every idea he or she has is being shut down.

Virgo can see the dangers and pitfalls of all of the Aries spouse’s more impulsive pursuits, and wants to ensure nothing goes awry.

But Aries finds all this far too rigid, and creates problems for the pair almost as if to sulk.

Speaking of impulsiveness, this is one relationship where impulse spending is likely to cause tremendous arguments.

As you might imagine, the Virgo individual often has a finely tuned budget that keeps them on top of their money. They may not be rich, but they certainly know how to live within their means.

Aries, meanwhile, can get caught in the moment of a night out or a big mall sale, and if the marriage has a joint account especially, such episodes could cause those funds to take a massive hit.

The Virgo husband or wife in this marriage had likely been meticulously building those finds over some time in a careful, sensible strategy, and will be outraged at this outcome.

Aries and Virgo: Common issues and problems

Aries and Virgo pros and cons tend to eventually settle on the fact that there are some big differences between these two star signs that simply cannot be bridged.

Furthermore, it’s really not the fault of Virgo and Aries at all, as they simply come from radically different perspectives in life and are so entrenched in those that even the greatest efforts at compromise can’t quite make ends meet.

Aries feels frustrated and stifled by Virgo’s controlling tendencies, yet doesn’t realise that they are often exerting a different kind of control themselves.

Indeed, Aries people have very dominating energy, in which they feel it appropriate to involve themselves in everything those close to them does.

Virgo is put out by this, preferring to involve others in their very personal ways of doing things by invitation only.

While the relationship is likely to enjoy a reasonably fulfilling physical side, even that can suffer due to the fact that Aries is very intense and sensual.

Virgo is sensual in a more light and tender way, which of course is bowled over and barged out the way by the hot and heavy Aries approach.

The Virgo is likely to stop proceedings in their tracks if it’s particularly overwhelming, which Aries will find intensely frustrating.

Arguments are commonplace, unfortunately, and tend to end with Aries acting out in some reckless demonstration of personal independence, and Virgo entering a state of emotional lockdown even they themselves aren’t sure how to break out of.

Cool indifference is something that enrages fiery Aries even further, making things ten time worse.

On the more esoteric side, Virgo doesn’t understand, and therefore can’t help but criticise, Aries’ instincts overall.

Those gut feelings are sacrosanct to the rams of the zodiac, being the way they go through life – all hunches and whims that usually turn out to be correct.

Virgo sees this as inconceivable, not understanding that there are ways to accomplish things in life without consideration, planning and analysis.

Virgo wants a partner who is always there when needed, and is stable and dependable.

Aries wants adventure, new horizons, and the freedom to drop everything and race off on a personal journey whenever he or she wants.

Those moments Aries does so will leave Virgo feeling abandoned and confused, creating even more hurt for the couple to iron out.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Aries and Virgo matches are extremely difficult to make work, but it’d be irresponsible to suggest they’re altogether impossible.

If Virgo’s logic and Aries’ instinct come together in the right way, both signs can come to the realisation that they both have the best approach simultaneously, depending on the situation.

It’ll be incredibly difficult for this pair to put their differences aside in even the most promising partnership though.

Virgo wants rhythm and stability, but Aries sees that as stagnant and tedious – it seems only a matter of time before the ram races away to find fulfillment elsewhere.

What a shame when that happens, too, as Virgo is a loving and nurturing soul who can offer a lot to someone – but admittedly could learn to criticise a little less too!

Aries and Virgo compatibility score: 3/10

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