Understanding the Virgo Leo Cusp

Understanding the Virgo Leo Cusp

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Virgo Leo cusp individuals are interesting indeed. On the one hand, they possess the typical Virgo concern for others. On the other, they embody the Leo need to create.

Thanks to this interesting combination, the Virgo Leo cusp, at least when compared to the ‘pure’ Virgo, tends to be more effective when producing creative or business work. They have the creativity to explore lots of territory and explore lots of different combinations and possibilities. However, they also get the typical Leo drive and power that enables them to complete their projects.

This is very different from the typical situation many ‘pure’ Virgos find themselves in.

As we’ve mentioned before, Virgos tend to be so fixated on ideals or ‘things being right’ that they tend to find themselves waiting for the optimal time to start on projects. They hate their tendency to procrastinate but many try to deceive themselves into thinking that this procrastination is actually some form of preparation for optimal work quality.

In short, they justify to themselves their tendency to linger on projects, their tendency to take their time, and their habit of constantly turning things in late. Thankfully, the Virgo Leo cusp doesn’t deal with this.

When the Virgo Leo cusp gets inspired, get out of the way, you get the forward rush of the Lion with the intense thoroughness of the Virgo. In other words, once you get a Virgo Leo cusp going, it won’t stop until the job is done.

Virgo Leo Cusp Characteristics

The Leo is very extroverted, the Virgo not so much. When you have someone born in the cusp of these two signs, you get a very interesting study of contrasts.

In certain situations, the Virgo Leo cusp can be like your typical ‘take no prisoners’ Leo personality. This person can just charge into any social situation and handle it like a boss. However, depending on particular situations and circumstances, the Virgo side of their personality can take over and an almost paralyzing anxiety or, at the very least, a sense of reserve comes over the Leo Virgo cusp.

Sadly, this person is the type to kick him or herself for not being assertive enough in certain social situations. With that said, don’t walk away with the impression that the assertive Leo Virgo is happy with his or her social performance all the time. Far from it.

The Virgo side of this person often feels regretful if he or she was a bit too brash, too forward, or too candid. It is not uncommon for Leo Virgos to blow a deal, make a bad impression, or step on the wrong toes when coming on too strong.

Virgo Leo cusps have to contend with coming up with just the right mix between the take charge Leo and the demure and reserved Virgo essence of their character. This can take quite a long time to resolve.

The good news is that there isn’t much you can do about it. And that is precisely the bad news about it, too.

Fun-Loving but Reserved

Depending on how much of a cusp you are, the Virgo Leo cusp has all the fun-loving attributes of the typical Leo. You like to live life out loud. However, depending on how the moon and the planets are lined up, you might get a stronger tug from the Virgo part of your personality.

Your introverted and inward-looking aspect might get the better of you. If you feel this tension, no worries-it is perfectly natural. In fact, it might be a good thing. After all, if you have been around the block a few times, you know full well that you can get a bit ahead of yourself at times thanks to your Leo character.

A little reservation and sensitivity can go a long way in terms of making sure you take all other people’s feelings into consideration. This can only make the Virgo Leo cusp a better lover, leader, team member, or friend.

Avoid Your Tendency to Gamble

Usually, the Virgo, the true Virgo, can have a tough time gambling. While it is very easy to see the upside, the Virgo is astute enough to know the downside of gambling or risky business ventures. Make sure you are on guard against the risk taking part of your personality. Your Leo side tends to throw caution to the wind as long as you have some clear indication of favourable odds. However favourable your odds may be, they are still odds. They are still percentages and things just might not pan out. Given your tendency to go all in, this year might make for some uncomfortable gambles and career moves. Make sure you let your Virgo side run the numbers several times (as typical with Virgos). Let yourself wallow in the numbers and alternate possibilities before hitting Vegas or logging onto an online casino.

You might just thank your Virgo side. While you can make great calculations, you cannot let your Leo character run the show when it comes to career or financial risks. Otherwise, you might end up in a financially challenging position.

The great thing about the Virgo Leo cusp is that you end up at places you normally don’t end up in if you were to indulge only your Leo or Virgo side.

This great combination of traits help you get the necessary fire in the belly you need to turn your well-dissected and agonised numbers and ideas into a reality you can see, smell, touch, hear, or otherwise perceive. On the other hand, your Virgo side keeps your Leo side in check when it comes to the more reckless and unthinking aspects of your Leo nature.

If the Virgo Leo cusp is clear regarding these internal tendencies, you can take decisions that can take your career, relationships, social standing, and personal happiness to a whole new higher level. It all depends on how play it.

The Virgo Leo cusp is all about playing the odds, checking out both sides, and using the great benefits and power of both sides to come up with a great solution.

The Best Romantic Matches For The Virgo Leo Cusp

Virgo Leo cusps are extraordinary individuals as far as their dedication, passion, and patience go. However, they are strict when it comes to following work schedules, which shouldn’t worry you if you are wishing for a partner from this camp!

Born from August 19 to 25, these are natural leaders and visionaries. The perfect blend of the earth sign (Virgo) and the fire sign (Leo). They are full of zeal and excitement and ensure they meet their goals and projects in time.

However, if you intend to develop a relationship with a Virgo Leo cusp, you should ensure you understand this personality and the tremendous benefits (and challenges!) that they bring.

Your partner will be an ambitious individual who would leave no stone unturned to taste success. Virgo and Leo are often two very contrasting personalities and you might not be sure which one you’ll face!

Ideal Partners For The Virgo Leo Cusp

The earth signs and the fire signs make for the ideal partners for the Virgo Leo cusps. While earth signs will understand your goals and the hard work you put in, the fire signs will match your energy level and feel your passion and spirit. They will love your ability to come up with new, exciting plans.

The combination of the Virgo and Leo attributes lends this cusp some unique abilities which also have a bearing on their romantic life and relationships. Such individuals will have the passion, intensity, and strength of the Leo while also possessing the right balance and maturity to not come across as overpowering and dominating. A perfect quality to have when it comes to relationships, isn’t it?

The Virgo Leo cusps are highly mature individuals who will talk through issues in relationships in the most dignified and diplomatic manner. However, being controlled by the fire element, they will still (secretly) remain in charge of the situation!

They are, in fact, often called the best lovers. Leos are fire signs, known for their intensity and aggression. Virgos are perfectionists and will make for observant individuals. Combine the traits of the two and you get individuals who will exactly understand their partners’ needs and emotions.

Virgo Leo cusps are devoted lovers who will sometimes be jealous but you will never find them flirting with someone. Their partners are in for a surprise every now and then, for, these cusps believe in giving unique gifts. They will make you feel loved and special.

Pisces Aries Cusp: It’s All About Passion

The Virgo Leo cusps tend to gel well with individuals from the Pisces Aries cusp. In fact, Virgo Leo cusps are often attracted to the Pisces Aries cusp. While there is expected to be some points of conflict and imbalance in such a relationship, the ease of communication between the partners is bound to keep things smooth.

The couple will like to share facts about people or discuss matters which might otherwise be out of bounds for the others. In fact, owing to these secretive conversations, they can develop strong bonds of friendship.

The Virgo Leo cusps are loyal friends and can be relied upon when it comes to their opinions on people and situations. They are very trustworthy.

Both partners, however, will have to strive hard to maintain the relationship from time to time.  Both these cusps share the fire element but the Pisces attribute delves on feelings and the Virgo concerns itself with practicalities. The fire element, however, will keep the passion flowing!

Taurus Gemini Cusp: Lovers For Eternity

Taurus Gemini cusp, too, makes for ideal partners for Virgo Leos. They are often brought together by fate and wonder if they’ve met each other before.

The deja vu factor adds a unique mix to this amazing relationship.

They are both expressive lovers and will follow the unconventional approach, knowing that it is right. They also develop a strong bond of friendship and will admire the sensitivity and intelligence of the other.

The cusps will be highly caring of each other’s needs but problems will keep arising once in a while, which, if not tackled appropriately, can affect their relationship.

It is particularly important for the Virgo Leo to keep their secretive nature under control and for their Taurus Gemini partners to keep their dominance under check for this relationship to flourish.

It must be noted that the cusp does not really match well with Gemini.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusps: Freedom Is The Word

A relationship between a Virgo Leo cusp and a Capricorn Aquarius cusp is likely to be wild. They will remain faithful to each other and not worry about the society and its thoughts.

They both enjoy a profound sense of freedom as well.

Both cusps should avoid being secretive and stay away from following a selfish attitude. It is essential for both cusps to love each other unconditionally for the relationship to flower!

The Cusp and Capricorn

The cusps are stubborn and the relationship is likely to be full of domination. There will likely to personal conflicts. However, the cusps will cherish the security of the marriage.

Buying a property and establishing their own domestic infrastructure will be the primary concern of the couple post marriage.

It is important for both partners to be sharing, caring, and sympathetic towards each other, dropping the judgemental attitude.

Virgo Leo Cusp and Leo A: Let The Love Bloom!

It is important for both partners to ensure no conflicts creep in amidst their busy schedules at work. They will both look up to each other to handle the stresses of everyday life.

It is often said that such a pair will create difficulties for itself sometimes owing to the disruption of work-life balance. We recommend being mature and embracing childlike innocence to let the love bloom!

Aquarius and The Cusp

Aquarians are often the perfect audience who will admire the ideals and beliefs of the cusp. They will thus make for perfect partners!

However, Aquarians are often individualistic and solitude-seeking, which can create problems for the cusp.

They will enjoy great conversations and discussions over the latest developments on the scientific and artistic fronts!

When it comes to Aquarius C, however, the relationship can get as energetic as it can get! They often make for great marriages and a strong bond of trust and understanding develops between the partners.

My Final Thoughts

The Virgo Leo cusps are often stubborn, self-centred, and depend upon logic rather than emotions in making decisions. The ideal partner would value their childlike nature and appreciate their obsession with cleanliness.

They would like their cusp partners to lead and show the way.

The cusps will not prefer those who keep nagging them and point out mistakes. This is because the Virgo Leo cusps are their worst critics and do not want their partners to do this job for them.

The ideal partner will cherish the cusp and bring out the small beautiful things that will make the relationship prosper. They will be cheerleaders really, appreciating your victories and your knack for perfection.

For instance, the cusp does not blend well with Leo as there will always be a battle for dominance.

Ultimately, it is all about developing that special bond of friendship and going that extra mile to make the relationship work.

For the Virgo Leo cusps, this will require an extra effort, like all other cusps, for, they will be ruled by the traits of both zodiac signs!

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