Pisces and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

While there’s a shared sense of kindness running deep in the veins of both Pisces and Virgo, this is a couple that’s more about being fascinated by one another’s differences than celebratory of a wealth of similarities.

In fact, so different can these two star signs be in philosophy and lifestyle that love can be a bit of a bumpy road for them.

You can avoid that heartbreak and drama by ensuring you’re as knowledgeable as can be on Pisces and Virgo compatibility – the definitive guide to which awaits below.

Pisces and Virgo compatibility overview

If there’s one area of common ground that Pisces and Virgo can agree on, it’s that life would be that much sweeter if people could just be a touch more considerate for one another.

Neither of these star signs are impressed by rudeness, bullying behaviour or boisterousness.

They also each have a reputation in astrology for being somewhat shy, but that’s a bit of a broad stroke to cover two such very nuanced personalities.

Kindness and a love of nurturing may create common ground for Pisces and Virgo partners, but these two-star signs are, by and large, anything but alike.

Take Pisces, for instance – an emotional and highly intuitive star sign ruled by empathy, dreams and knowledge from what seem to be whole other realms of being.

Pisces people also see life in pairs in many ways – their astrological symbol is, after all, two fish.

Those fish are swimming in circles around one another, just as ideas in the mind of Pisces seem to often spin between two or more contradictory ideas that they somehow bring into a whole.

To Pisces, life is an emotional rollercoaster, but wisdom can be found in the dark.

Meanwhile, Virgo is classically depicted in astrology by the virgin, but in more modern times is instead represented by the maiden clutching a chaff of wheat.

A symbol of innocence, fertility and intellectual curiosity, Virgo people aren’t as naïve as some might think, but do want to believe there’s good in the world.

Yet thanks to amazing powers of observation and incredible brains that can deconstruct the world in an instant, Virgo people are often left wanting as far as how they believe life should be.

This can give them an occasionally cynical edge that is directly opposite the idealism of Pisces.

In fact, that intellectualism overall is something likely to drive a wedge between Virgo and the more emotionally charged Pisces.

Virgo is able to more or less ignore their emotional responses to things at will, perhaps not even consciously registering them.

Meanwhile, Pisces is swatted this way and that by the tides of feeling, but ought not be considered necessarily less intelligent than Virgo for being so. They might occasionally feel belittled for their emotional ways though, as Virgo has a critical streak that will underpin this relationship.

Both Virgo and Pisces in love want a romance that lasts, and one that is as fulfilling and complete as it is motivating and inspiring.

Yet so different are their ways of seeing the world, that they often find themselves with far more bridges to build before they can get there than most.

Matches between the Pisces woman and Virgo man

Both of these star signs have an introverted way about them, meaning it might actually take a fair bit of time before they even notice one another.

When they do, they will likely open up to one another slowly and with the utmost care not to let themselves be led astray.

The Pisces woman is an individual who likes to go with the flow, but also someone who has learned to trust her feelings above all else.

She is a natural empath, finding it difficult to shut out the emotional states of others surrounding her.

Yet that same sensitivity also enables the Pisces woman to feel the vibrations of a room as soon as stepping into it – however overwhelming this can sometimes be.

So intense are these episodes that she often has to isolate herself to reconnect with her own inner being.

This kind of spiritualism is often a few steps removed from how the Virgo man approaches life. He is the scientist and scholar of the zodiac, blessed with a sharp mind and a tremendous gift for complex concepts like foreign languages, mathematical equations and in depth schematics.

Even if his life path has led him down a more physical career path, such as a labourer, construction worker or military man, his ever working mind is always ready to tackle a new puzzle.

So mysterious is the Pisces woman, she may well be enough of a brain teaser to appeal to him.

The Pisces woman is a natural born romantic, and loves the early phases of dating as much as the settled comforts of a long-term bond.

That long-term stability is what the Virgo man seeks in love, but he’s unsure how to get there.

He’s likely to overthink his approach, and similarly will seem hot and cold as he figures out the relatively unfamiliar emotions sweeping over him – untidy and difficult to control.

The Pisces woman’s natural compassion and kindness come in very handy here.

However, as the relationship develops, his cold and rational edge simply doesn’t do the heart of the Pisces woman any favours.

At best, he barely reacts to her emotional declarations of passion – and at worst, he critiques her excesses of sentiment, making her feel wounded and rejected.

The Virgo man is remarkably precise and particular, and might not appreciate the more scattered ways of the Pisces woman over the long term.

She is similarly disappointed in what seems to be lack of effort and feeling on his side to express his love, and she may feel very alone.

As time goes on, this relationship could well settle into a rhythm that works well enough for both the Virgo man and Pisces woman, but it’ll seem more like an alliance of convenience than a fully satisfying relationship a lot of the time.

The good points:

  • The Virgo man is reliable and loyal, never turning his back on the Pisces woman
  • The Pisces woman is a compassionate and considerate partner, always ready and willing to put the Virgo man first
  • Her creativity and his brilliant logical ways will form a source of fascination between the pair, each becoming curious about the philosophy of the other

The bad points:

  • When mood swings overtake the Pisces woman, the Virgo man will have little support or comfort to offer – he finds the whole thing illogical
  • The Virgo man is extremely detached a lot of the time, meaning that much of what the Pisces woman says feels ignored or handwaved away
  • This relationship can lose its lustre fast, yet neither partner wants to rock the boat, so will do nothing to fix it

Matches between the Pisces man and Virgo woman

A sensitive and poetic soul proves spellbinding to a precise and organised lover of logic – yet there might not always be enough capacity to take in one another’s point of view for the relationship between the Pisces man and Virgo woman to last long term.

The Pisces man is one of life’s great daydreamers – the sort of individual who likely penned one of the remarkable and inventive science fiction stories that the Virgo woman secretly savoured reading through growing up.

Yet for all his inventiveness and almost subconscious understanding of the illusions of life, the Pisces man is also extremely sensitive to his place within it.

More than this, he can often be remarkably demotivated by obstacles, and would much prefer the easy route.

Meanwhile, the Virgo woman is a meticulous planner and tactician, able to effortlessly organise even the messiest of life’s hurdles into a game plan anyone can follow.

In this way, she sees she can be of use to the dear sweet Pisces man, while also submitting herself to his caring ways.

This kind of back and forth does much to establish a good rapport between the Virgo woman and Pisces man in a relationship.

She’s more of an old school romantic at heart than she likes to admit even to herself – but often doesn’t realise the kind of feelings that come with that.

Heavy emotions are messy, and it’s partly why the Virgo woman often insists that the relationship go slow in the first place.

Yet once she gets to know her Pisces boyfriend better, she’ll find that his rapidly shifting emotional states will be far too disorganised for her sensibilities too.

Yet from his perspective, the Pisces man sees the Virgo woman as quite a stick in the mud. She’s obsessed with punctuality and cleanliness, and very prone to worrying over trivialities for hours at a time.

She also can tend to nag him a lot, not realising that not everyone lives life to her standards.

As time goes on, the Virgo woman and Pisces man in love will either learn to live with their differences with a kind of cool acceptance, or simply ignore the issues that arise and muddle through with quiet, unresolved resentment. Nevertheless, they’re in this for the long haul.

The good points:

  • The Virgo woman has a secret longing for love and romance, which the Pisces man is ready and able to fulfil
  • The Virgo woman is much more sensual than many astrologers realise, and once the relationship is comfortably in motion, the Pisces man will learn that for himself
  • Both partners are naturally nurturing people, more than happy to put one another first

The bad points:

  • The Pisces man expresses his emotions readily, and while that’s to be applauded, the Virgo woman hates emotional excess in anyone of any gender
  • The Virgo woman is such a stickler for order and organisation that the Pisces man might feel like he’s walking on eggshells whenever he does anything
  • To avoid discomfort and conflict, both partners keep their grievances to themselves – and never get to grow because of that

Pisces and Virgo friendship compatibility

Although neither of these star signs could ever be really called people’s people as such, they still have plenty of respect for one another in friendship.

Although both quite introverted by nature, Pisces and Virgo friends are both extremely loyal.

They’re likely to be part of one another’s lives for a long time too, even if they’re not always necessarily best friends.

A love of making the world a better place drives this duo to do their bit for their community, for the environment or for animals, and they love defending a good cause.

A good way to make friends with a Virgo is by tackling puzzles or games demanding mental agility, and Pisces friends are always happy to get involved with pleasant activities like this.

The two friends could meet at a board games night or at a coffee shop, discussing answers to a newspaper crossword puzzle.

Pisces often has very floaty creative ideas that Virgo can give solidness and structure to.

For instance, when the Pisces friend has a cool idea for a new graphic novel series, the Virgo friend can likely point them in the right direction of software and publishing houses to take the idea forward.

And when even Virgo’s emotional restraint is bowled over by big moments of heartbreak, grief or excessive worrying, Pisces – the master of this domain – can be there to support a friend in need.

Sometimes, just knowing a good listener is a phone call away is enough for Virgo.

The Pisces friend’s knowledge of such matters will also come in handy when the time comes for Virgo to need some relationship advice.

For all their analytical moxie and skills of the mind, the game of love is simply a confusing and messy place to play for Virgo – and they have tender hearts too.

Pisces and Virgo marriage compatibility

When it comes to romance, Pisces and Virgo couples are like-minded when it comes to realising just how significant an investment of the self it can be.

Neither of these star signs are interested in shallow love affairs that go nowhere, nor hook up culture as a whole.

Instead, marriage is heartily respected by both of these zodiac signs. For Pisces and Virgo lovers, it is a wonderful tradition with a deep and meaningful ceremony, and should not be entered into light heartedly. Marriage is all or nothing, and should be approached as such.

Yet if all this sounds like Pisces and Virgo partners will effortlessly segue from dating into married life in full accord with one another, think again.

For one thing, there’s the question of emotional readiness – more specifically, the fact that Pisces is pretty much emotionally ready for marriage by default.

For Virgo, it’s a more scary proposition – a big question full of lots of moving parts. Virgo people are particular about the partners they choose, and ten times more so for marriage.

This is for life, after all, and everything from their soulmate to their ceremony needs to be perfect.

Pisces must be patient, then – in the run up to marriage, but also in married life with Virgo altogether.

Theirs will be a somewhat fussy partner who prefers to be in control, not for demanding reasons, but for fear of the panic that comes if everything isn’t just so.

It’s easy to chuckle at this, yet Pisces is in no position to take the moral high ground.

After all, twists and turns in life are just as likely to leave them lost in their own morose feelings, and between them, Pisces and Virgo spouses can become quite the moping pair.

It’s difficult to reverse this kind of marital blues when it hits, but through loving gestures from Pisces – remember, not too overblown – and tender moments of serenity for Virgo, it can be done.

And for all this niggling doubt between the pair, these two are definitely not afraid of hard work.

Hard work on the relationship, that is – not even the romantic ways of Pisces are enough to delude them into thinking love is sunshine and rainbows all day every day.

Pragmatic Virgo also agrees that a good marriage takes dedication and diligence, and is willing to put in the mileage without fuss.

The marriage of Virgo and Pisces can truly last a lifetime as a result, but it won’t always be an easy ride for either of them.

However, through testing their mettle, they can come out stronger for it, and often prove an example to us all.

Pisces and Virgo: Common issues and problems

Throughout this discourse on Pisces and Virgo compatibility, much has been said on the comparatively cold and reserved mannerisms of the Virgo partner themselves.

Yet in examining Pisces and Virgo pros and cons further, we find that they’re not as alone in that aloofness as you might imagine.

In fact, Pisces people, when spurned or hurt, can be just as capable of going into complete emotional shutdown.

Here, one of the major issues facing a Pisces and Virgo relationship is made clear – they can both go to simply staggering lengths to shut each other out when they’re emotionally hurt.

Neither star sign takes criticism particularly well, nor confronts difficult emotional talk with ease.

While spats, disputes and outright arguments will be very rare, they can become cyclic, accusatory and just downright mean here.

Virgo will nitpick all that Pisces does to an almost maddening degree from time to time too, making it difficult for Pisces to internalise their anger.

Of course, the lesson here is that grievances in relationships are invitations to communicate, open up and share tender inner spots to grow and develop into more rounded people.

Yet both Virgo and Pisces in love are so guarded against doing this that it becomes unhealthy at times.

Both star signs are also prone to going through periods of being glum and unmotivated that don’t actually serve much of a purpose.

Ironically, despite being as guilty of this as each other, both are likely to find it hopelessly childish when they see it in each other.

Talking of childishness, Pisces people have a playful urge for escapism that Virgo believes takes them away from reality for unnecessarily long episodes of time.

Virgo can’t see how important this recuperation away from reality is to Pisces.

That said, Pisces can tend to overindulge in this behaviour just as much as Virgo is prone to overthink and analyses to excess.

Virgo cannot grasp that there are some things in life that rationale can’t decode – but fails to let the insights of Pisces plug those gaps, because they feel illogical.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

In astrology, matches between star signs that mix emotions and logic are always a tricky mix-up.

Yet thankfully, in the case of Pisces and Virgo couples, there are also complementary elemental energies in this relationship’s favour.

Every star sign has a ruling element, which further rounds out their personality. For Pisces, it is of course water, which in astrological terms represents feelings, hidden depths, secrets and mysteries.

Meanwhile, Virgo’s ruling element is earth – stable, reliable, slow, thoughtful and rational.

Water nourishes earth and helps new life to grow, just as the influence of Pisces can hep Virgo find new ways of thinking, while offering Pisces a safe place to feel secure within.

Yet too much water can turn earth into mud, just as excess emotion can make Virgo’s clarity of mind feel muddied.

Fear of losing that sharpness of intellect is what drives Virgo to so energetically evade big emotional outbursts from Pisces, yet it’s unfair to ask either star sign to stop being themselves for the sake of a harmony built on false hopes.

Luckily, there’s plenty of dedication, devotion and affection in play here to help these two go the distance.

Pisces and Virgo are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the work to make their long-term loving goals happen.

Pisces and Virgo compatibility score: 7/10

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