Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Of all the relationships involving partners innately skilled at reading and decoding people, Scorpio and Virgo are perhaps the strongest when their heads are put together.

As for their hearts, of course, it’s a very different story – but luckily, not necessarily an unhappy one.

This is a relationship in which cool, calm logic and seething, endless passion are forced into an alliance that will make or break them.

Understanding this complicated match means understanding the very natures of Scorpio and Virgo – the definitive guide to love between this pair is right here for you.

Scorpio and Virgo compatibility overview

Both Virgo and Scorpio lovers are star signs born towards the tail end of the year, in what is autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Their common ground also extends to their keen minds though, making them both good judges of character, if prone to overthinking things.

Yet it’s important to recognise just how different Scorpio and Virgo in love can be. In truth, both of these star signs wear a mask of emotional reservation, yet passions run hot for Scorpio especially beneath that.

To understand why, consider how their symbolism in astrology sums them up. For instance, Virgo is represented in the stars by the virgin – or, to more modern thinking, the intelligent yet innocent maiden.

This innocence manifests in Virgo people as an extreme distaste for bad manners and for the darker side of human nature.

If Virgo people are ever accused of being shy – which happens often, despite their hatred for it – it’s in part because of this.

Virgo people draw back from the world when it’s too unpleasant and overwhelming, and their emotions are locked deep inside of them for this reason.

Their approach to life is organised, practical and methodical – they want to be the one constant tidy thing in a chaotic world.

Yet the darker side of human nature is something that a star sign such as Scorpio knows only too well.

Rather than avoid it like their Virgo counterparts, Scorpio people dive into the darker side of life naturally. They explore the macabre, the sinister and the strange oh so happily.

This doesn’t make Scorpio people bad, of course – just because they learn about something despicable, that doesn’t make them inclined to act upon it.

But they also differ from Virgo because they are highly emotional, and apt to express it.

Indeed, Scorpio’s passions are the stuff of legends, a far cry from the colder and more clinical approach of Virgo.

Scorpio people feel everything deeply, often in paradoxical ways like feeling love and hate at the same time.

If you think it makes Scorpio people complex, you’re not wrong. What’s more, astrology recognises that by having multiple symbolic creatures for this star sign – not just the scorpion, but also the serpent and the eagle. Even the mythological phoenix represents Scorpio in some depictions.

As you can well imagine, the relationship between Scorpio and Virgo is a constant seeking of balance between the heart and the mind, with each of them more inclined to emphasise one in their dealings over the other.

Matches between the Scorpio woman and Virgo man

This is a relationship that can take some time getting up to speed, thanks to the fact that both the Scorpio woman and Virgo man have such a tremendous need for emotional control.

However, both of the star signs involved here are loyal and giving in love too.

The Scorpio woman is an accomplished individual, albeit often understated in being so. She’s very talented at using her intelligence and her intuition to further her goals and career, but prefers to do so off the radar and away from the limelight.

The Scorpio woman is an individual who believes that it’s her own talent and tenacity that is going to carry her through life.

She relies on herself alone, and is right to do so, as her inner voice is well tuned to life’s greatest truths.

It’s quite a contrast to the logic and reason that the Virgo man relies on to progress. He is among the most intelligent people in all of the zodiac, and is able to analyse, decode and plan for the road ahead with remarkable strategy.

Emotions are tremendously overbearing and unkind, as far as the Virgo man is concerned, and he would much rather concern himself with pursuits of the mind.

Yet where the Scorpio woman, however emotionally expressive she is, can excel here is due to her unfathomable nature.

Indeed, the Scorpio woman is so mysterious and enigmatic that she’s the perfect puzzle for the Virgo man to solve – and so deep, that he will more than likely be trying to decipher her forever. Whether or not he succeeds, of course, is up for her to decide.

She’ll certainly bring spice and excitement to his life, and however cool, calm and collected the Virgo man prefers to be, the passion the Scorpio woman gives him is intoxicating.

He’ll never put his heart before his head, but he’ll certainly let his softer side out to play.

His rationale and ability to see both the long term perspective and the bigger picture is remarkably helpful to the Scorpio woman.

She often needs a game plan to go along with her flashes of intuition, and the Virgo man can draw up battle plans with expert precision.

Of course, he’d much sooner that she not always see life as a constant battle, but the Scorpio woman has learned to always at least plan for the worst.

Deep down, the Virgo man shares that sentiment – if anything, these two need to make sure their happy lives together don’t become doom and gloom.

Yet this moodiness the pair share will never truly come between them. What might, however, is the fact that the Virgo man is so emotionally reserved that he almost seems to not care – at least as far as the Scorpio woman believes.

Yet her passionate ways make her so demonstrative that the Virgo man might be overwhelmed by her sentiments.

Finding the balance will be a difficult balancing act, and it might not always make both parties involved happy – there’s an element of self sacrifice here.

The good points:

  • The Virgo man is smart, compassionate and generous – qualities that the Scorpio woman adores in a man
  • The Scorpio woman is always ready to put her man first, and will do everything in her considerable power to make sure he has all he needs
  • Both the Scorpio woman and Virgo man each prefer to mate for life, and they value loyalty and sticking together to fix problems

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio woman is an individual with quite the sharp tongue when the mood takes her, and she could lash out unduly
  • The Virgo man is so emotionally reserved that he can give the mistaken impression that he’s not emotionally invested in the relationship
  • Both partners can sometimes hide their vulnerabilities so much that they prevent the relationship from growing

Matches between the Scorpio man and Virgo woman

The Scorpio man is an individual to whom life is often a constant challenge. He has a kind of inner subconscious self-destructive mentality that means he’s often his worst enemy – yet his talent for triumphing over adversity really needs to be seen to be believed.

For all his almost glacial calm on the exterior, he is a seething mass of emotional intensity within.

This is the internal furnace he uses to get his way, and there’s a silent determination behind all of his actions. When he wins, it seems to come out of nowhere as far as everyone else is concerned.

But to him, it’s been the plan all along. That’s not to say he plans his life out in advance with the meticulousness of the Virgo woman, of course – in fact, the Scorpio man is far more inclined to follow his nose or rely on his hunches.

This makes his actions occasionally illogical to the observant Virgo woman – and observe him she likely will.

She’s a remarkably intelligent woman, and certainly not lacking in manners or social graces – and this has given her a set of high standards she expects a prospective partner to reach.

But she can’t help but be intrigued by the Scorpio man. His emotional control, despite the frightening intensity of the feelings involved, is admirable in her eyes.

And deep down, she is an old school romantic who wants her relationships to have a touch of whimsy.

She also expects her man to take his time in getting to know her though, and the patient Scorpio man is more than happy to do so.

He does so while courting her in the most traditional and pleasing ways, and the Virgo woman appreciates his eye to detail.

The Scorpio man and Virgo woman are each born people watchers, but see things from a different part of themselves.

The Scorpio man sees the undercurrents and feelings of a given exchange, and Virgo, the mind games and social airs and graces.

Together, they’ll have fun decoding the world around them, but they are just as content in letting their surprisingly compatible sense of humour guide their love forwards.

However, the incredibly powerful feelings of love that the Scorpio man experiences are likely to be pretty profound.

He’ll waste no time in expressing them either, and the Virgo woman could well recoil at his intensity.

She means no offence in this – even her own emotions, positive and negative, frighten her sometimes – but the Scorpio man could be hurt by her apparent indifference to his love.

The Virgo woman is always keen to retain self-discipline and personal control. That doesn’t make her controlling of the Scorpio man, of course – he’d never submit anyway – but she certainly has expectations of herself and those around her.

But to the Scorpio man, not expressing his love is as good as not feeling it.

Over time, if the relationship goes well, the pair will find a balance between her emotional restraint and his passionate connection, and teach one another the merits of their own ways.

Both of these partners are loyal and giving, and only enter relationships they expect to go the distance.

As such, problems they encounter together will be tackled with a combination of her intellect and his emotional intelligence.

The good points:

  • The Virgo woman appreciates a man who can take his time rather than urge her into bed, and finds that in the Scorpio man
  • Despite the above, the Virgo woman is surprisingly sensual, and the Scorpio man enjoys finding this out for himself
  • Both partners hate liars, cheats and manipulative people – and can expect only loyalty, honesty and kindness from one another

The bad points:

  • The Scorpio man is ruthless when he feels agitated or angry, and his way of lashing out intimidates peace loving Virgo
  • The Virgo woman is so keen on precision that she is fussy and critical at times, and the nagging that can result won’t sit with the Scorpio man well
  • Both of these partners shut down emotionally when hurt, but the silent treatment does nobody any favours

Scorpio and Virgo friendship compatibility

Every so often, a soul born into our world will look around and sullenly bemoan that things ought to be better, and that people should be kinder to one another.

For Scorpio and Virgo friends, discussions like this are commonplace – they hate how life often doesn’t meet their standards.

Of course, this makes it sound like Scorpio and Virgo friendship is all doom and gloom, but that’d be disingenuous to suggest.

While these two certainly wish many areas of life could be improved, they appreciate the philosophy and trustworthiness of each other.

Scorpio and Virgo share a sense of preferring privacy, and so they don’t talk about themselves to others often.

It’s a relief to be able to entrust their concerns, fears and worries to a good friend for that reason, and they find a sympathetic ear indeed in this friendship.

After all, for all their brilliance each, Scorpio and Virgo are both star signs prone to over think and worry.

Many of their greatest fears are the troubles they’ve constructed entirely in their own minds – yet they can tell one another that this is the case and help one another out.

Scorpio and Virgo friends love unearthing the truth or testing their wits, and activities that incorporate this are great ways to strengthen the friendship.

It could be puzzles, quiz teams they lead together, or a business plan they piece together with a long term vision.

In fact, Scorpio and Virgo business partners tend to do well. Virgo is exceptionally gifted in organising, maintaining and running the business, while Scorpio has the ambition, drive and intuition to steer it forwards and keep it growing.

Scorpio and Virgo each don’t let people into their inner circle often. As a result of this thinking, those they open up to, they tend to want to stick around.

As such, Scorpio and Virgo friendship has all the ingredients it needs to last a lifetime, and enrich the lives of everyone involved.

Scorpio and Virgo marriage compatibility

Superficial relationships are a waste of time, as far as both Scorpio and Virgo are each concerned.

They don’t see the point in wasting time on emotionally investing in that which is doomed to go nowhere, and they analyse their relationships as they mature for this reason.

As such, as the relationship between Virgo and Scorpio develops, marriage is a natural and sensible evolution of that.

Virgo likes the tradition and structure of it, and Scorpio loves the devotion and romance behind it.

Happily enough, this means that Scorpio and Virgo married life often grows and progresses without incident.

Having said that, Scorpio expects that love and passion ought to continue many years into married life, while Virgo is much quicker to cool down.

Scorpio might feel they’re subsisting on scraps of romance and sensuality rather than the full course meal, so to speak, of these things that they’d prefer.

Virgo will find a constant insistence on this emotional excess disorganised and tiresome if it’s overplayed.

However, the Scorpio and Virgo couple excel at solving problems together, and with their shared characteristics, they find that little in life can thwart their progress.

Talk of straying or infidelity never enters the picture either, thanks to the intense loyalty demonstrated by them both.

The stable dynamics of this bond make it a great environment in which to raise a family, should the pair feel so inclined.

Likewise, the support structure that the Scorpio and Virgo spouses build for one another will make a good bedrock on which they can each grow their careers from.

Remember though, that a long-lasting marriage doesn’t mean the same as a happy marriage.

It’s vital that both partners put in the legwork to understand the very different needs of one another – and luckily, in this case they are more than equipped to do so.

Scorpio and Virgo: Common issues and problems

Although there’s plenty that is favourable in Scorpio and Virgo relationships, this duo should also be watchful that certain aspects of their natures don’t clash unnecessarily. In fact, if anything, this pair can be too quick to avoid conflict altogether.

So deep is the desire not to have drama, especially for Virgo, that the couple can become avoidant of issues that would be better discussed. It doesn’t help that Scorpio has a sharp tongue, and Virgo a criticising vocabulary.

Because of those traits, talking things over with kindness can be hard, even though the couple likely has all the love and respect in the world for one another.

Neither Virgo nor Scorpio handles criticism well – Virgo hates being imperfect, and Scorpio’s pride is too great.

Getting to the bottom of issues will take patience and compassion, and in all honesty the duo find it a little exhausting to comb over this kind of rough ground together.

What’s more, Virgo’s clinical approach and Scorpio’s passionate ways make bridging these gaps all the more difficult.

So different are their philosophies, the very epitome of head versus heart, that they can feel as though they’re effectively speaking different languages from time to time.

Virgo will always put their mind before their emotions, in direct contrast to Scorpio’s way of being.

Being patient with one another without drifting apart can be tough sometimes, and it can be difficult for either of them to admit their imperfections.

Yet that kind of incredibly uncomfortable honest vulnerability is exactly what the relationship needs to be stronger in the long term.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Nobody can take the world apart and see its inner workings quite as brilliantly as the powers of Scorpio and Virgo combined.

This combination of rationale and emotive intuition is rare and brilliant, and it’s combined with lots of mutual respect and appreciation throughout.

However, Virgo needs to take care that they’re not so wrapped up in their mind that they don’t show their love for Scorpio, who needs affection far more than they like to say.

In fact, both of these star signs are far more sensitive than they care to admit, but can at least be comforted in knowing they will always be there for one another.

Scorpio’s intense emotions, good and bad, might frighten Virgo sometimes, but they will always be supportive.

Together, the Scorpio and Virgo couple can learn not to over analyse, over think or worry oh so much about the directions life will take them in.

It’s okay to relinquish control sometimes and let events take their course – and doing so is a great opportunity to get closer to one another too.

Scorpio and Virgo compatibility score: 7/10

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