Virgo’s Ruling Planet

Virgo’s Ruling Planet

What is Virgo’s ruling planet? After much research and consideration I have prepared this special report which aims to answer this question once and for all.If you are a Virgo who is big on principles and standing your moral, philosophical, and ethical grounds, get ready for a potentially challenging year.


Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

While the Virgo character already has elements of this planet’s traits, this year will highlight the Mercury side of your nature so much that it can easily feel that you’re imbalanced or, in many cases, you’ve lost control.  This is especially true of those born on the Virgo Leo Cusp. Mercury is all about quick decisions and opportunism. Mercury is all about sizing up people, opportunities, and situations very quickly.

The good news is you already have aspects of the Mercury character in you. The bad news is that you normally have Mercury layered with other ‘analytical filters’ so that whatever decisions you come up with, and you tend to do this quite slowly, are decisions you can live with. With Mercury as Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury’s quick focus and focus on the gain, domination, and trickery or guile can put you in quite a pickle.

You haven’t been much for ideological, moral, or ethical hand-wringing and Mercury’s designation as Virgo’s ruling planet will bring a lot of these characteristics to the forefront.

Understanding Virgo’s Ruling Planet

You like to take pride in your principles, morals, and ethics. However, your Mercury side can come up with lots of situations where giving in to your Mercury calculations can lead to some great financial, career, and love benefits.

If this sounds familiar, it is because it’s happened before. In fact, this happens to you all the time but your Virgo nature keeps such conflicts completely under wraps.

In fact, you don’t even notice such conflicts normally. Such conflicts just register as mere passing thoughts. Sadly, you won’t have that luxury.

Thanks to financial and other challenges, the opportunity to get ahead because of your Virgo analytical superiority can lead to situations where you would feel that you’re compromising your integrity.

A lot of this is also exaggerated by your Virgo tendency to blow things out of proportion. The key is to be clear and see if you are really dealing with an existential moral dilemma or if you are just being overly dramatic or blowing things up out of context.

Remember, there is a difference between real moral pickles and self-created moral conundrums. Know the difference. Doing this will not just make you feel much better about yourself, you can also experience a lot more freedom. If you let go of this inner turmoil you can have a very enjoyable year. Virgo women in particular have a great chance to change their lives this year. 

Avoid Over Analyzing Others

Mercury is known for intellect. In fact, Mercury is all about using intellect to get a leg up or an advantage.

Keep this in mind: Virgo’s ruling planet can lead you to over analyze others.

Again, this shouldn’t be entirely new because you are probably already doing this. You have a tendency to assume certain things when you shouldn’t assume them. You tend to read too much into things and people.

If you think this is normally annoying, well, will bring a lot of this to the fore. Virgo’s ruling planet will put you in a position where you are over analyzing things and you end up doing and saying things you shouldn’t be saying or doing.

At the very least, you end up being suspicious of people or calling their motives into question when you shouldn’t be. This is a case of you being ‘too smart’ for your own good. Keep in mind that oftentimes, 1 + 1 is simply 2.

Don’t get ahead of yourself or blow things up by trying to figure out intent or motives that might simply be not there.

Besides feeling foolish when you do this, you might actually create situations where people will start thinking ill of you or having bad motives because of your seemingly paranoid conclusions.

The Good News about Mercury Rising

One of the biggest monkeys on a Virgo’s back is inflexibility.

You just have a tough time letting go. Well, Virgo’s ruling planet is quick, powerful, and decisive enough that you can shake off some of that nasty and constricting indecision. It might be a very lucky year for you when it comes to getting over your reluctance in making decisions.

If you have been sitting on the fence for quite some time regarding certain issues, this might be the year things just start happening for you.

From paralysis or snail-pace like decisionmaking, you might start rattling off decisions that will be right most of the time. The reality is that you are a very analytical person. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for.

When you learn to trust yourself-thanks to Virgo’s ruling planet-you can make decisions quickly and this can help you seize key opportunities in terms of money, career, education, or relationships. Things might suddenly start flowing when before you felt you were stuck or you felt you had to move quickly because you were afraid of what you might knock loose.

Virgo’s Ruling Planet and Luck In General

Luck is all about being at the right place at the right time. But one thing people don’t get is that the luckiest people come prepared. That’s right they are at the right time and place but they have the personality or predisposition that is needed to turn lucky timing into solid cash, great jobs, great relationships, and other great things.

Sadly, you aren’t normally ready because you take a long time to make decisions. Virgo’s ruling planet blows all this away and you will start enjoying the solid benefits of great and decisive decisions and plain being lucky. You’ll find yourself being at the right place with the right preparation or assets. This is the big blessing for Virgos. However, there is one catch. They have to truly buy into Virgo’s ruling planet. They must not hesitate.

Thanks to Mercury’s strong pull, they have a tougher time being hesitant. Still, you have to give in to Virgo’s ruling planet or else the year might not look all that much different from previous years.

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