5 Reasons Virgo will Find Love in 2022

Love and romance can prove confounding to the otherwise massively intelligent Virgo soul, and yet in many respects, that only makes the moments in which romance works out all the sweeter.

A little more reliability and dependability in love and romance certainly wouldn’t go amiss in many a Virgo individual’s world, however – but luckily, the circumstances of the world around us are changing all the time.

This is especially true in 2022, a year that has been a curious one to many of us for plenty of reasons – in part because it’s a year that is laying the foundations of the coming new decade.

Virgo people like to run a tidy ship, so much of the year and its energies of having a place for everything and everything in its place is going to be very much appreciated.

Yet while all the practical aspects of this 2022 energy for Virgo people form only half the story, and Virgo people looking for love – even the most independent of them – will find that 2022 presents plenty of fertile ground for those opportunities to shine through.

Here are 5 reasons why Virgo people of all ages and cultural backgrounds can expect to find love in 2022.

Reason 1 – Virgo has been more than patient

While life has gone in strange cycles and in frenzied bouts of energy and movement for so many of us, for Virgo people, life has been a patient but a purposeful stroll through a world going strangely crazy on all sides.

Much of this journey has been undertaken alone, and Virgo is definitely comfortable in their own company – but even at their most patient, these same Virgo people are beginning to wonder for whom all this work has truly been.

However, in 2022, it seems as though the patience of many a Virgo soul is being rewarded.

With much of the hurt and heartbreak from relationships gone by now processed and tidied away, Virgo people have the perfect mindset to welcome in their soulmate.

However, I would advise Virgo people to remain open to possibilities throughout all this though.

There’s little use in being so cleansed within and without if there is no room within Virgo to embrace new people and possibilities.

The new can definitely be scary, and Virgo people prefer to keep new situations and people at arm’s length until the capacity to rationally scan and evaluate their potential has been achieved.

However, in 2022, it might be necessary to take the plunge now and figure out the details later.

It might not feel great at first, but go with it – and watch this fascinating new partner kiss your anxieties away, Virgo.

Reason 2 – Virgo people have needs that haven’t been met

Virgo people are very strait-laced, and their symbol in astrology is that of the Virgin – although it is often much less literal than it sounds.

This is especially true since Virgo people actually have a carnal appetite every bit as amplified as some of the more sensual star signs out there – it’ just that they save this racy side of themselves for the truly worthy.

Yet many a Virgo feel frustrated – interpret that as you may – at how long they have had to wait in finding someone who can truly connect with them on this physical level, while also proving themselves trustworthy for emotions and ideas alike besides.

In 2022, the intensity of chemistry present in a sudden new meeting might be overwhelming, Virgo, but please submit to the moment.

Your usual talent for controlling the flow of events will only get in the way here, and there are some pent up energies the universe needs you to express.

From tantric teaching to Motown classic music, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to be said for physical healing – and indeed, once Virgo people have had the scrumptious opportunity to indulge here with an astounding new partner who’s in it for the long haul, things will fall into place nicely.

Suddenly, the usual worries and stresses will simply run away from Virgo like water off a duck’s back, letting these folks enjoy the moment all the more.

Virgo people have been known to engage in a casual and strictly physical arrangement to keep their minds clear and their affairs in order, so to speak, but there is something different about this individual.

You’re likely to seem to meet this new perfect partner quite by accident, and your challenge here, Virgo, is to ensure that your defence mechanisms don’t push this newcomer away before brilliance is given the chance to blossom.

Luckily, this all ties in well with the third reason why Virgo people will find love in 2022.

Reason 3 – In 2022, Virgo people are learning not to sweat the small stuff

Virgo people have a reputation among spiritual thinkers and astrologers as a star sign that enjoys micromanaging every aspect of every element of life.

These people often find it difficult to give up control over the flow of events.

On top of this, Virgo people with nothing to immediately focus on find their minds often wondering into concocting all sorts of contingency plans, what if scenarios and fretting about things beyond their control.

You can appreciate how this creates a logical focus that promote emotional distance, and it means that many a partner of a Virgo lost in the throes of rumination will feel as though the Virgo partner is not entirely there and present with them.

This is the antithesis of intimacy, and through no fault of Virgo’s own, has often been a reason behind a sudden partner departure in all but the most patient of paramours.

However, a wonderful combination of energies during 2022 is helping this talent for overthinking hold smaller sway over the emergence of love and romance.

Firstly, Virgo is simply attracting a more rational and self-sufficient kind of partner during the course of 2022 – something that comes as a relief to many a Virgo who has patiently put up with an overdramatic or clingy partner in the past.

Secondly, Virgo people themselves are developing and evolving such that the small details beyond their reach don’t feel like calamities waiting to happen anymore.

This means they worry less, they smile more, and just seem more attractive all round as a result.

Much as you hate to admit it, Virgo, sometimes things unfold beyond your reach – and do so in ways that are actually beneficial!

Reason 4 – In 2022, Virgo is ready for a new start

That promotion is within your grasp. That house in the neighbourhood you have always envisaged yourself living has just come onto the market.

The business proposal you put forward has been praised for its attention to detail, and you’re head of the new project that comes from it.

Whatever your success story in 2022 is, Virgo, and however much it influences your professional, personal or spiritual life, know that it is going to have ripple effects that flow out to touch every other element of your life – and that definitely includes romance.

Your new business partner could well be the man of your dreams, for one example. Your new neighbour after moving home could well be the person with whom you’re destined to start a family.

Heck, even getting your coffee at a new cafe on your way to work might lead you to an exciting new face with a story to tell – behind closed doors, over candlelight.

Virgo people are ready and willing to set their new life into motion, but certainly be ready for new surprises while you are doing so.

No matter how intricately you schedule and plan, life will find a way to surprise you in the best way during 2022.

If a handsome or pretty face seems to stick out in the crowd, then, don’t be so busy sticking to that schedule of yours and chasing your new beginning that you lose the opportunity to form a connection that will round off your new life nicely.

It’s not just about letting off some steam and expressing some attraction in the bedroom – this is a soul connection, with someone whose fascination with you is coupled with a healthy respect for your boundaries and independence.

Which, perhaps, leads us to the final reason…

Reason 5 – Virgo people are no longer dependent on independence

The lone wolf energy is often strong in Virgo people, and they rapidly grow up and prove to themselves, and those around them, that they are their own best friend and more than capable of solving anything life throws at them.

In fact, other people – dithering, dawdling and indecisive – often hinder far more than they help.

Better to go it alone and rely on Virgo’s own brilliant intelligence, these folks reason, than to entrust these problems and little bumps in the road to other people.

Yet if left to boil within any individual too long – but a Virgo particularly – this independent streak twists and contorts about itself to become, in utmost irony, a dependency on independent.

In the same way, anyone addicted to anything will make excuses, defend their objectives and even prove hostile if their actions are called into question, someone who is dependent on their independence will become riled easily if it’s suggested that their way of being is unhealthy.

Fortunately, Virgo people in 2022 have come to this conclusion through their own insight and ingenuity – meaning that, as we have discussed, Virgo people in 2022 are absolutely ready to let their guard down in just the right way to welcome a new love into their lives without losing their autonomy or sacrificing too much of their personality and way of life.

Believe me when I say that these ground rules, unspoken as they often are, will prove a filter of sorts to keep the less than stellar partners at bay as far as Virgo people are concerned.

With that in mind, you can rest assured that anyone you meet during 2022, Virgo dearest, is on the level and on the same page.

The only question, then, is what manner of love story do you intend to write together?

Final Thoughts

Virgo people have everything they need to excel in life on their own, and have a calm and rational approach to everything around them that means that love and romance rarely faze them.

That said, there is a secret longing in every Virgo to be completely lost in the throes of passion, locked away from the world in a sensual place where only they and a trusted and invaluable partner matter.

If any year has the concoction needed to bring this fantasy to life, it’s 2022 – but Virgo has to let themselves believe that this is more than a fantasy in the first place.

While logic gets you far in life, Virgo dear, there are forces in our world that you cannot fathom to which you are advised to entrust your emotional well being.

Believe me when I say that your faith will be rewarded, in intimate and private settings.

Virgo people are not interesting in disloyal lovers or partners apt to use and leave them once they have what they want, and in 2022 are more precise in what they want than ever before.

With the climate of success so abundant for Virgo people in every aspect, 2022 has every reason to be the year in which Virgo – patient, but thirsty for satisfaction in every way – will finally meet their soulmate and begin an exciting new chapter of romance and thought provoking brilliance.

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