How you can unleash the power of Mercury in Virgo

How you can unleash the power of Mercury in Virgo


Mercury is all possibility. Mercury is all about speed. When the Mercury element enters the house of Virgo, all things become possible.

You have to understand the Virgo is all about creativity. Virgo is all about unseen worlds and figuring out a way to make them seen and tangible in the here and now.

Virgo, if anything, is all about communing with an alternative reality and dimension that involves things that don’t exist.

Now you can tell that when you mix a high degree of possibility and a high degree of power in making impossible things possible with a great deal of imagination and creativity, all sorts of beautiful things are possible.

Make no mistake about it, when Mercury enters Virgo, it is a very positive thing.

Many Virgos often beat themselves up because they feel that they have all these things that they can contribute, all these grand visions that they can turn into reality, but somehow, some way they lack the energy.

Somehow, some way they don’t have the set of circumstances that they need to turn their grand dreams into reality that they can touch, hear, smell, taste and feel and see.

The good news is that when Mercury enters Virgo, this might be the break that you’re looking for.

You might get that tremendous burst of energy that you need to turn your dreams into reality.

You can get that emotional sense of urgency that could push you off the fence to make the right decisions at the right time.

How do you make the most out of Mercury entering Virgo? In particular, how do you unleash the power of Mercury possibility when it enters your sign? Keep the following tips in mind:

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There’s an old saying, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. People get lucky not because they were at the right place at the right time.

There’s a reason why they were at the right place at the right time. They did certain things in a certain sequence that got them to where they were.

You’d be surprised as to how many supposedly lucky people actually got lucky quite consistently. This is actually good news. Why?

It brings home the point that you could make your own luck. One of the ways you can do that is to open your mind by reading more.

You have to understand that luck is all about opportunities presenting themselves at the right time.

For you to take advantage of these opportunities and for these opportunities to lead to a positive place, you need to know what to do. You need information.

How do you get information? You read more. It really is that simple.

By reading on a wide range of topics and a wide range of interests, you position yourself to have enough of the data that you need so that you can make the best of opportunities when they materialize.

 Explore projects that you’ve shelved

There’s a reason why you’ve put off certain projects in the past. There’s a reason why you shelved many projects that you were initially excited about.

Whether you’re simply running out of time or lacking energy, there was a reason.

When Mercury enters Virgo, it’s a good time to use that surge of energy and that sense of renewed possibility to take those projects off the shelf.

You’d be surprised as to what you’d find. You’d be surprised as to how easy it is to fix those stumbling blocks that made you shelve those projects in the first place.

Once you get all these projects going, you’d be surprised as to the positive good that they can contribute to your life.

Spend more downtime

I know a lot of Virgos might roll their eyes with this piece of advice. They might think that this is an invitation to being lazy. They might confuse this with simply doing nothing.

I’m not advocating any of that. What I’m saying is you should spend more downtime because it allows you to become more mindful.

It allows you to pull your psychic energies so you can focus on noticing relationships, patterns and connections.

You have to understand that when opportunities arise, they’re often couched in the form of a problem. People who are able to solve these problems, get benefits. They get rewarded.

Unfortunately, you cannot solve these issues if you did not read or you did not allow yourself to get the information you need to solve that problem.

 Another reason why people are ill-equipped to handle opportunities when they present themselves is that they simply did not give themselves enough time to mentally prepare.

Spending more downtime enables you to come up with different connections and look at things from a totally different perspective.

In many cases, solving situations is not just a question of throwing the right data or the right solution at the right problem. In many cases, it’s a question of looking at the problem from a completely different perspective.

Unfortunately, this sense of perspective often takes time. You’re not consciously looking to come up with a new perspective.

However, by simply taking your mind off certain common everyday concerns and just allowing yourself to engage in a lot of mental playtime, you can increase the likelihood that you would be able to make the right connections at the right time.

You would be able to come up with the right solutions that certain circumstances bring your way.

This can mean the difference between you being overcome by a problem and solving that problem and taking your life to the next level.

Practice mindfulness

It’s very easy to confuse mindfulness with meditation. However, mindfulness goes beyond meditation.

Mindfulness is simply bringing yourself to live in the moment.

By being able to observe things and understand things as they unfold in front of you, you are able to train your mind on certain details.

This is very important when Mercury is in Virgo because all sorts of possibilities come to play.

When these opportunities open up, you need to think quickly and by practicing mindfulness, your mind would be able to make these connections faster and more efficiently.

This can lead to better solutions and better visions that can lead to better results in your life.

6 Little Known Facts About Mercury in Virgo

At the point of Mercury venturing into the house of Virgo, there is little doubt that it has the potential to really boost your life in a number of rather interesting ways.

However, the only way in which you are able to ascertain as to whether or not it is making a difference is by understanding the different traits and facts that surround this celestial combination. We can address a series of these facts right now.

1. It makes anything possible.

With Mercury in Virgo, there is often the feeling that anything is then going to become possible.

This is due to the confidence that Mercury is able to provide to you that you can then effectively take forward with you in life.

2. It provides you with real speed of thought.

When you have Mercury creating influence in your life, then as a Virgo it will result in you having the substantial speed of thought that just lifts things to a whole new level.

With this speed also comes a certain clarity that you will then be able to take advantage of as you just feel that everything is a whole lot easier for you.

3. Your energy levels are boosted.

Another positive is that you will discover your energy levels are also boosted allowing you to just get on with so many different aspects of your life.

You no longer feel that you are struggling to get going with things, and there is also no doubt that you are of the opinion that you can go on to better things.

4. You need to believe in luck.

There is also a sense that, with Mercury, luck is going to be on your side. However, it only becomes this when you are able to take advantage of the opportunities that are being placed in front of you.

If this is the case, then you will automatically feel as if everything is going right for you, when in all honesty it is simply because you are more aware of what is happening around you.

5. Get on with projects that you halted earlier.

We have always been guilty of not finishing something that we have started, but Mercury implores you to go ahead and grab a hold of those projects and actually complete them.

You have the ability to do this, and with an increase in your energy levels, then you basically have no reason not to complete them.

6. Knowledge is power.

This is certainly the case where knowledge is going to prove to be power, so do not under-estimate the importance of going ahead and expanding your knowledge in a whole host of areas.

This will provide you with a firm footing to then move ahead with your life.

Ultimately, Mercury in Virgo is a powerful combination but there is a real need for you to be aware of simply being willing to push forward in life and understand that help is indeed at hand.

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