Why the Virgo moon sign should scare you

Why the Virgo moon sign should scare you


Every horoscope sign has a sun sign and a moon sign. The interesting thing about these alternative signs is that they’re not a simple matter of being exact opposites.

For example, if your sun sign focuses on you being a proactive and driven person, your moon sign doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lazy and directionless. I hope you get this point. It’s not a question of simply coming up with opposites.

It would be quite simple if things were that way. If we’re just talking about having a dark side or a dark reflection, then things would be much more manageable.

Unfortunately, for the most part, moon signs are quite unpredictable. While sun signs are tried and proven and very easy to recognize, moon signs pack a lot of surprises.

One way to truly wrap your mind around this is by analogizing moon signs to how other signs of the horoscope deal with the Gemini. The Gemini is very easy to misunderstand. In fact, it is the most misunderstood sign of the horoscope bar none.

It’s easy to see why. People often meet a Gemini and they think they have that person figured out.

They focus on one particular aspect of that Gemini’s personality and they make all sorts of judgment regarding how that particular side impacts all the other sides of that Gemini’s personality.

Of course, this is not the truth.

Everybody has different sides. Everybody should be heard out. Everybody should have enough time invested in them so people can truly know them.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to get taken in by the Gemini charm and forthrightness that it’s tempting to think that once you’ve figured out one aspect of the Gemini, you have completely figured them out.

Unfortunately, when certain things happen in your relationship or certain stresses appear, the other aspects of their personality pop up.

This throws you for a loop and nine times out of ten, you feel like you got betrayed. Nine times out of ten, you feel like you got fooled.

Unfortunately, what makes this all tragic is that the fault lies completely with you. It really is. It’s your fault.

Why? You didn’t take the time to fully know your Gemini friend.

You didn’t  take the time to look at the different aspects of their personality and figure out all the different angles that they have and it’s really unfair to say that this person is a backstabber and  untrustworthy when you didn’t take the effort to truly know that person.

This is how unpredictable moon signs can be. Moon signs are very deep, they are very layered. There are many different parts to them and this is what makes them very unpredictable.

Some signs are very easy to spot. Some signs often follow a certain rhythm, they follow a certain pattern.

Once you’ve figured out the key parts of the pattern, it is very easy to piece everything together.

However, just like the unfortunate Gemini situation, it’s very easy to get drawn in by simple equations regarding the moon signs and the sun signs that you fail to appreciate the complete and rich complexity of the moon sign in front of you.

The Virgo moon sign is especially unpredictable because this personality taps into the otherworldly nature of the Virgo.

As we’ve already covered, Virgos tend to live in an ideal world. They look at how things should be. They are not perfectly content with the way things are.

This is why a lot of Virgos are in the creative arts. They’re always looking to push the envelope. They’re always looking to change borders.

They are constantly breaking things up just to put them together in weird, new arrangements.

This is what makes Virgos exciting.

We’re not just talking about creative arts here. We’re also talking about life in general.

They’re always looking for new angles, new perspectives to try. They’re very creative in that respect.

Unfortunately, the moon sign taps into this other worldly nature and really takes the Virgo personality to extremes.

The main drawback to the Virgo personality is that they have such a clear idea of how things should be that they often become very discouraged, depressed and otherwise disappointed with the way things are.

They often judge their waking reality based on things and considerations that don’t exist. They often have impossible standards that they inflexibly inflict on other people.

The Virgo moon sign is very scary because this particular element and quirk in the Virgo personality is given free reign.

A very well-developed and mature Virgo sun sign can manage their extremist side. This person can put things in proper perspective and make things work.

Unfortunately, with the added emotional explosiveness of the Virgo moon sign, all sorts of unpredictable things can happen.

I am not necessarily saying that it will always lead to disaster. I am not necessarily saying that there are all sorts of explosive drama at play.

No, instead there might certain quirks and patterns that can lead to a deep and profound sense of disappointment. At the very least, it’s not uncommon for Virgos to feel that they’re not really living up to their fullest potential.

A lot of this, of course, is emotional. A lot of this is how they perceive things.

Unfortunately, given the strong emotional component of the Virgo moon sign, all sorts of impossible emotional demands can be placed on oneself.

This can lead to a Virgo moon person simply robbing him or herself of a lot of the joy, excitement and sense of possibility of life. This is the biggest tragedy. This is what should scare you.

You should focus on achieving balance. You should focus on looking things in their proper perspective.

The best advice I can give you regarding the Virgo moon is to treat them like Geminis. Seriously. How does this work?

Well, if you get to know them completely-the good, the bad, the ugly and scary, there would be less surprises down the road for you two and you can have a more harmonious relationship.

However, if you try to just blow things off or kick the can down the road, all sorts of unexpected and unnecessary drama can break loose.

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