Cancer: 4 Tips To Mix Business With Pleasure

Cancer: 4 Tips To Mix Business With Pleasure


Cancer people can really put on a great show. This should not be a surprise.

After all, the typical Cancer is a volatile mix of inner reality and external projection. Cancer people like to be perceived as strong, level headed, and people who go places in life.

It is not uncommon for them to do things that are worth doing. That is right.

They are in jobs that are desired by other people, social circles that people would love to get into. They seem to be getting the results that most people would die for.

But in reality, Cancer people like to put on a good external show because, deep down inside, they are suffering from a fundamental sense of lack of confidence.

They simply do not know where they are. They have a deep sense of inadequacy.

In many cases, it takes a lot to convince them that they are worth loving and that they are “okay” people.

They have to bend over backwards and go through all of these hurdles to project the kind of security that they are solely lacking deep down inside.

It is this contrast between external and internal reality that drives the Cancer personality.

Keep in mind that this is not a tragic contrast. Successful and happy Cancers are able to mature this contrast.

They will never be able to totally get rid of it. They only need to mature from their relationship to this internal and external dichotomy.

This is the secret to a Cancer’s success both on the emotional level as well as on the professional level.

If you are a Cancer and are looking to mix business with pleasure and kill two birds with one stone, I have great news for you.

You only need to follow the 4 tips below because these tips enable you to take care of your business, while at the same time, getting a high degree personal appreciation and satisfaction.

– Focus on the things that you can write off

You know that you are involved in business activity when whatever money you spend on that activity can be ridden off, as far as taxes are concerned.

If you are looking to mix business with pleasure, then you need to sit down and come up with a comprehensive list of things that you can write off.

These are things that can be classified as business expenses.

Of course, of all the activities that you can engage in, not all of them can be ridden off, as far as the internal revenue service is concerned.

You have to put a laser focus on activities that have a solid business purpose. These are activities that can push your business forward. It must be obvious that these activities have a business purpose.

Of course, in reality, these are mixed purposes. Why?

By engaging in these activities, you have a good time. You might even be able to develop yourself on an emotional or personal level. There is some sort of personal pay off.

However, by enlarged, the activity itself is a business activity. The good news is that this is not as hard as you think.

A lot of the things that you can engage in to build your personal set of skills and emotional assets can also be ridden off as business expenses.

The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is education. There are many different types of education. A lot of educational seminars involve personal effectiveness and maturity.

Not only can you have a good time with these, but these can also be ridden off 100%, as far as taxes are concerned.

 – Look for theme similarity

If you are stumped regarding which activities you can ride off as far as your taxes go, you might want to look for similarity in theme.

What I mean by this is to look at the overall theme of your business and look at the themes of the things that you like to do for pleasure. You would be surprised as to how often these overlap.

In fact, in many cases, you will only realize the overlaps and identify them if you take the time to systematically figure out the overlaps. Do not let this happen by accident.

This is how most business people do it.

They simply focus on a business theme and, by complete accident, it actually has pleasurable consequences on a personal level.

Instead of hoping to stumble upon such a happy marriage, be more methodical about.

You would be surprised as to how frequently and effectively you can mix business with pleasure by simply using theme similarity in helping you make decisions.

– Try to find ways to upsell as many elements into your meetings

Most, if not all, business meetings can be ridden off. We are not just talking about your plane fare to get to the meeting, but we are also talking about your hotel and accommodations.

This is pretty straight forward and standard.

However, when you are at a meeting, there are other things that you can upsell and explore there.

It is no surprise that, attending a golf meeting can be ridden off as a business expense because of the business opportunities that arise.

People cannot help but talk about business while they are doing something that they enjoy.

When you are trying to upsell personal elements in a meeting, you are doing things in reverse. With golf, people are doing things that are pleasurable on a personal level, but they are talking business.

With business meetings, you are going the opposite direction.

You are taking care of business, but you are also trying to establish personal connections.

You would be surprised as to how you can upsell people in your business meeting. These people might turn out to become very good friends who can impact you on many different levels.

– Invite third parties who can provide upsell opportunities

If you are engaged in a completely pleasurable and none business activity, do not write off its business consequences.

In fact, in many cases, you only need to do one thing to introduce a solid business element into, what would otherwise be, a completely personal interaction. What do you need to do?

Simply invite a third party. This person can be a salesperson who may give you a commission or may trade this sale opportunity for a more relevant sale opportunity for your business.

Regardless of how you cut it, never underestimate the power of inviting third parties into, otherwise, personal engagements for business purposes.

You can enjoy solid business benefits by simply inviting a third party.

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