Cancer: Are You In Pursuit Of Happiness?

Cancer: Are You In Pursuit Of Happiness?


I know this might sound very basic, but at the risk of sounding stupid, let me say something here.

Life is all about pursuing happiness. Otherwise, you are not really living life.

You cannot live life based on obligation. You cannot live life out of fear. You cannot live life because your parents want you to live a certain way.

Eventually, somehow and some way, you have to realize that life is all about pursuing happiness.

I think most people can agree on this fact. I think most people would not have a tough time accepting this.

Unfortunately, accepting something on an intellectual level is very different from accepting it on a real level.

Things are truly not real until you emotionally accept something. This is where Cancer people run into all sorts of issues.

You have to understand that Cancer people are living a contradiction.

On the one hand, you have people that from all appearances look like they are going places in life.

From all appearances, they look like they have everything taken care of, they have their heads screwed on right, and they have the right values.

However, if you were to look at the Cancer personality from inside, you would walk away with a completely different picture.

In many instances, it would be very easy to conclude that they are falling apart. They have a lot of insecurities. They have a lot of fears.

In many cases, they feel that they have to project outward stability, so they can feel inner stability.

In other words, they are faking it so they can make it.

If you are a Cancer person, and you feel much anxiety and you feel that you are living a giant lie, you need to slow down.

You need to understand that you can clarify many of the issues you are grappling with by simply wrapping your mind around one particular concept.

You just need to go back to the central truth that life is supposed to be a pursuit of happiness. Everything else will fall into place. Everything else will fall into their proper perspective.

Here are some signs that can indicate whether you are truly pursuing happiness, or you are simply living your life based on rules set by other people.

You are Tired of Simply Getting By

If you feel that you are just getting by from day to day, you might not really be pursuing happiness.

Pursuing happiness is really all about establishing one great mission for your life.

It is all about having one overall objective that you point all your energies to. It is not about simply trying to survive one day and have one day fused into the next day.

I hope you see the difference here. If you do not have that overarching goal, this might be a good time to set one up.

You Want More Meaning in Your Life

If you feel that you were simply living life on autopilot and there is truly no overarching meaning, chances are quite high that you are not really pursuing happiness.

If you feel there is no overarching purpose in forming your life, chances are quite high that you are not really living your life in such a way that you can be happy.

You have to remember that happiness does not happen by accident. Happiness is an imposition of will.

It will only appear if you look for it. If you feel that your life really has no set pattern and has no set meaning, it is very hard to achieve happiness.

A sense of fulfillment and purpose and happiness often goes hand in hand.

You Often Find Yourself Looking for Fulfillment

If you see that a lot of your activities really leave you feeling empty, you might be looking for fulfillment. You might be looking for a purpose but cannot find it.

If you find yourself feeling this more often than not, chances are quite high that you are not really living your life in such a way that you are looking for happiness.

It is okay to look for happiness. In fact, the more you look for it, the higher the likelihood that you will find it. Why?

It is an imposition of will. It is a certain point in your life that you reach where everything else lines up and you are able to make the right choices.

In many instances, happiness is a measure of maturity. It is not like happiness has changed. It is not like there is some sort of fixed happiness destination.

Nine times out of ten, you have changed and you have allowed yourself to be happy.

You cannot reach that point if you notice that there is no sense of fulfillment in your life.

You are Tired of Feeling Like You are Simply Settling

If you feel like you are simply settling for all the things that are happening in your life, chances are you are not pursuing happiness.

Chances are you are not happy.

How can you be happy when you feel that you are always compromising?

How can you be happy when you feel that you are simply settling for the crumbs that life throws your way instead of gunning for the big prizes?

I hope you see the difference between these different scenarios. I hope you see the difference between taking life by the horns and living life to its fullest potential, and simply hoping and praying that you do not get wiped out.

Simply settling is not the way to go through life.

Avoid Making Happiness a Destination

If you were to talk to people who are unhappy, nine times out of ten they share one common trait.

They define happiness as some sort of destination in the future.

It is some sort of fixed point in time that they somehow, someway arrived at if they try hard enough.

If that is how you define happiness, I am sorry to break this to you, but you will be unhappy.

Happiness is not a destination. Instead, happiness is a process.

It is something that you enjoy on a moment to moment basis.

You are happy in the moment.

You do not simply give yourself permission to be happy once you have reached a certain point in time.

If that is how you define happiness you will never be happy because that destination changes as you change. The more you move forward, the more your definition of happiness changes.

It is a never ending game and guessed what? You will always lose.

Cancer people who are serious about pursuing happiness must change this definition. Otherwise, if they look at happiness as a destination, they are simply making themselves miserable.


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