Cancer: Six Tips To Avoid An Online Dating Disaster

Cancer:  Six Tips To Avoid An Online Dating Disaster


Make no mistake about it.  One of the best ways to find a date is through online dating.

Online dating truly blows away offline dating.  With offline dating, you are dependent on your friends.

This is a serious problem because your friends may have tastes that are different from yours.  If somebody sets you up with their friend that they think who is a great guy, you run quite a bit of risk.

First, you know nothing about this guy except for the fact that your friend thinks he is great.  Your friend might be an awesome friend to you, but she might be a bad judge of character.

This is a serious issue because all of us come from different backgrounds.  We all have different experiences and when you look at the world from different perspectives, what might be great for me might be completely lousy to you and vice versa.

This is why it is a good idea to use online dating sites.  When you filter these dating sites’ subscriber base and data base, you filter based on your standards.

You look at these people with your own two eyes and you use your own intuition.  You are not reliant on somebody else’s good judgment.

With that said, online dating can still lead to disasters if you are not careful.

Here are six tips to avoid an online dating disaster.

Do Not Come in with too Many Expectations

People who end up on bad dates are usually victims of their expectations.

They set really high standards for themselves.  They really have a huge amount of expectation regarding the quality of the people that they would meet.

You have to remember that while online dating gives you a tremendous amount of control in filtering people based on their biography, their pictures and all their other features, at the end of the day they are still human beings.

Human beings are imperfect.  Human beings are capable of lying.  Human beings are capable of screwing up.

You have to set your expectations to account for the human nature of your dates. 

If, however, you set your expectations so high that you are essentially looking for a unicorn, good luck with that.  Nine times out of ten, you will be disappointed.

Even if you are able to spot and date the perfect person, nine times out of ten other women are interested in him.

Do yourself a big favor and do not come in with too many expectations.

Do Not Come in Feeling Entitled to a Great Time

Do not feel that just because you did your homework and you are very thorough in filtering your dates that you are guaranteed a good time.  It does not work that way.

You have to remember that a romantic meeting between two people can be horrible one day and tremendous the next day based on situations and circumstances.

These factors can change radically every quickly.  This is why it does not make any sense for you to feel entitled to a great time.

You may have done your homework.  You may have put in the time and effort, but just because you did that does not give you the right to feel entitled to a great date.

Come in with an open mind and just let things unfold.

Always be Ready to Cut Your Losses Early On

Once you go on a date, make sure that you pay attention to the exits.  Make sure that you have your finger on the exit button.

If the person that you are on a date with says something wrong or there seems to be some sort of a detail that strikes you the wrong way, feel free to cut your losses. 

In fact, the earlier you cut your losses in this new relationship, the less your date will have a negative impact on you.  If you let it drag on, it can actually turn into a very bad memory.

This is why it is always a good idea to remember that you can always head for the exit.  You can always cut the date off.

That is your right.  Feel free to use that power anytime you see fit.  You are not obligated to this guy.

Pick Dates Only After You Have Scoured the Database

Do not be one of those Cancer people that are so desperate for a date that you will instantly go on a date with the first pleasant-looking person you come across.

That is a sure recipe for disaster.

You should only pick your dates only after you have thoroughly scoured the database of the dating site you are a member of. 

In other words, you have systematically and methodically gone through all your other options and you have picked the very best dates.

Of course, what is the best to you might be completely horrible to somebody else.

Your definition of best must be thoroughly colored and informed by your own priorities and your own personality. 

Make sure you pick only after you have thoroughly filtered the dating site’s data base.

Be Clear About Your Minimum Standards

Be clear about minimum standards of appearance, minimum standards of personal background and so on and so forth.

You should have standards.  Women who constantly find themselves in bad dates or in bad relationships are all too eager to lower their standards.

In fact, a lot of women who get hurt again and again simply have no standards. 

There is a correlation between having standards and having a meaningful romantic life.

If you want your dating life to be beneficial to you and to give you the things that you are looking for, you have to set clear minimum standards and stick by them.  This is extremely important.

Your standards are worthless if you are not going to honor them.  I know this may sound rough because if you filter the database of a typical dating site, very few people might meet your standards.

You need to take that risk.  As long as your standards are clear and as long as they make sense to you, it does not make sense to compromise them.

Pick Dates that Meet Your Minimum Standards

You have to pick only dates that meet your minimum standards.  If they do not, look elsewhere.

There are thousands upon thousands of dating sites out there.  There will at least be one person that would meet your minimum standards.

However, keep in mind that your minimum standards must be realistic. 

Your minimum standards must not be prince charming or a white knight.

This is a search for a date.  We are talking about real human beings here, not unicorns.  I hope you know the difference.


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YellOChevvee said on

Imelda, cancers are never desperate. The most likely case was that they were lied to and deceived by a seemingly nice friend who was dishonest which is very very rare. You are a trusted psychic medium, you should know that better than to write this article specifically for cancers.

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