27 Capricorn Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

27 Capricorn Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

Determined, practical, and ambitious are the words used to describe Capricorns. This Zodiac sign is represented by the Sea-Goat includes people who’re the hardest working souls of all.

Capricorns have the reputation of being stubborn and boring, but, in fact, they are the focused ones really. They know exactly everything about their goals and how they can be attained.

In a race among the zodiac signs, the Capricorns would be the coach.

Well, these interesting Capricorn quotes are sure to leave you speechless, astonished, and in awe!

1. Capricorns Are As Their Name Suggests

This quote about Capricorn individuals couldn’t be apter. Capricorns are amazing, as their name suggests: C- Captivating, A-Ambitious, P- Passionate, R-responsible, I-intelligent, C-Calm, O-obedient, R-Reliable, and N-nonchalant!

2. They Are Socially Awkward and Introvert

What this Capricorn quote implies is, they hold a serious demeanor. They do not believe in lose talk and casual meetings. They are the quiet, serious types.

They do like limelight but only if it’s earned. They prefer high positions through their hard work and talent.

They like to do their work in isolation and peace. Surrounding 50 people around with no agenda or objective gives them no pleasure. They crave serious and healthy conversations.

3. Capricorns Appear Overly Serious but Are Not

This Capricorn quote might seem true at the first sight of a Capricorn, however, once you befriend them, you will notice their funny, lighter side.

They have a witty sense of humor. It is exciting to draw them out of their shell.

Capricorns are known to be extremely disciplined, and people often confuse this with seriousness. However, sit for a coffee with a Capricorn, their sense of humor and knowledge are sure to blow your mind!

4. Practicality and Resourcefulness Defines Them

An amazingly true quote for the Capricorn star sign. Capricorns aren’t emotional fools, rather, they believe in following a practical approach.

They are extremely informative and helpful. Their knack for constantly finding solutions to different problems has helped many in need!

5. They Have a Distinct Ability to Read Peoples’ Eyes

This quote for Capricorns says it all! Capricorns have incredible ability to read and analyze what’s going on in peoples’ mind. They can interpret what a person’s eyes are trying to speak.

This is both scary and intriguing at the same time, isn’t it? To deceive a Capricorn is a tough nut to crack. They can instantly understand the true intention and motive a person holds.

This helps them in the long run!

6. Harsh? Well Yes, That’s the Truth!

This Capricorn quote might scare you away from them, but wait, only a true friend tells unpleasant truths.

Capricorns do not talk behind peoples’ backs, rather, they talk face to face with no fear or malice. This is the kind of relationship one should be interested in!

Capricorns are above cunningness, you see. They do not believe in sugarcoating their words. It’s a simple plain truth that prevails, for them.

7. For Capricorns, Ambition & Hard Work Are Catalysts for Success!

This Capricorn quote resonates with the saying that hard work is the secret to success. We all have a Capricorn friend who is extremely willed and determined, isn’t it?

Their willingness to work hard to achieve something big in life is beyond admirable. It’s inspiring to see them working so dedicatedly and diligently towards their goal.

Capricorns are not the kinds who sit and daydream. Instead, they like to make things happen and make their dreams come alive.

8. Trustworthy? Absolutely so!

It’s not easy to find people whom one can trust easily. The world is full of individuals trying to pull you down, however, it’s not so for Capricorns. They are not actually a part of the crowd.

Either they don’t care about you, or if they do, they are only going to uplift you. Capricorns are extremely dependable and reliable. Give them a word and they are going to the grave with it.

They will never let you down.

9. Capricorns Are More Calculative Than Clever

People associate the word ‘clever’ with Capricorns, however, as this Capricorn quote suggests, they are balanced and calculative.

They like to be in the competition, in fact, ahead of the competition. Their mind is always racing several steps ahead of their peers.

Their moves are thoroughly planned and calculated. Neither do they believe in causing harm to others nor deceiving others in any way. Their focus is just on their game.

They analyze all the pros and cons of a situation before acting upon it. The right word for them is ‘Careful’!

10. Punctuality Takes Them a Long Way!

All Capricorns out there would relate to this quote! You better not keep a Capricorn waiting! Time is of utmost importance to them.

They believe in efficiently using their time in doing productive things rather than wasting it. They are the go-getters and have places to go and things to do! Wasting time is not their forte.

11. They Have a Classy Taste

If you think it is easy to impress a Capricorn, you are highly mistaken. They have a classy taste and set standards for everything they do.

It’s either the best or nothing at all for them. They do not go on the lines of moderate and average.
Their class and taste are what set them apart in the crowd.

They can’t settle for anything but the very best in any aspect of life.

12. Capricorns Know How to Rise Back up

As this quote about the Capricorn sun sign suggests, they do not easily give up. They know how to rise back up even if they fall down. The never-give-up attitude makes them go a long way.

Hardships and obstacles can’t deter their grit and determination, in fact, they are stepping stones in the ladder to success.

A few setbacks and failure can’t get into their way of success. There’s so much to learn from a Capricorn, right?

13. Sarcasm, Sarcasm, Sarcasm

Capricorns are generally quiet, but when they do speak, silence descends in the room. Such is the power of their language of sarcasm.

Capricorns are dry and astonishingly sarcastic. Actually, sarcasm is their second language. When you encounter a Capricorn next time, watch out.

14. Trying to Befriend a Capricorn? Well, It Isn’t Easy!

As this Capricorn quote implies, it’s not a cakewalk to know a Capricorn fully. They are reserved and shy. They take their own time to open up with people around them.

One has to earn their love and trust. Give them time and see what that friendship can bloom into.

15. Capricorns Are Fact-oriented by Nature

Capricorns are hard to fool. They are born smart. It is not easy to convince a Capricorn with baseless arguments.

Give them facts and evidence and you have won the battle against them. Capricorns like to stay away from baseless rumor and hearsay. Truth and only truth drives their sense of judgment.

16. Capricorns Are Crazy?

Yes, you heard that right! Well, this Capricorn quote might not seem true to many, but yes, it is. Once they open up, they are wild souls and real freaks.

You will love their company and wouldn’t want to leave it. They are convincingly charming and fun-loving.

They very well know how to loosen themselves up, let their hair down and dance on that rock song.

17. Capricorns Love Time Alone

Capricorns enjoy solitude while working and thinking. They avoid unnecessary distractions of any sort.

While they love being in the company of their loved ones, at the same time, they don’t mind being left alone.

This gives them the much-needed time to self-analyze and introspect. Don’t be surprised to see a Capricorn traveling alone or watching a movie alone in the theatre.

That’s how they are. It comes naturally to them.

18. Capricorns Love Confident People

This quote totally holds true for Capricorns, as they find it extremely difficult to resist confident people.

They have that sense of self-confidence in them and when they find such like-minded people, they find themselves naturally attracted to them.

They are extremely passionate about things— in fact, passion and confidence drive them in life.

19. Capricorns Make Loyal Lovers

Loyalty runs in their blood. Capricorns make for great and committed friends as well as lovers.

They can go to great lengths for the happiness and satisfaction of their loved ones without giving a second thought. Sounds intense, right?

Well, they really are intense lovers. Capricorns dive into a relationship completely and there is no looking back for them then. Immerse yourself in their love and see your bond becomes unbreakable.

20. Capricorns Are Suckers for Traditions

This might seem unbelievable in this modern world, but well this Capricorn quote is totally true. Capricorns aren’t your regular modern people, they are old-fashioned people from inside.

They admire and acknowledge their roots and traditions and take it as their responsibility to uplift them.

They might not like the unconventional path but they love innovating around traditional ideas to come up with new things.

21. One Can Consult a Capricorn for Good Advice

Are you looking for someone with a genuine opinion and advice? Ask a Capricorn! They will help you with a very practical and reasonable advice.

They are unbiased and unmoved by situations and people around them. Their practicality gives them an edge over the others when it comes to decision-making.

Be it friends, family, relatives or an acquaintance, they will dispense unbiased advice to everybody around them when asked for.

22. Capricorns Can’t Stop Thinking

Yes, this Capricorn quote is 100% true! Their mind is constantly running and will never be at rest. They have this habit of analyzing every situation and task, all the time.

It has actually become a habit for them to overthink and over analyze everything.

23. Capricorns Are Rule Followers

This Capricorn quote stands partly true; yes Capricorns are rule-followers. Give them a task and you can see their unmatched dedication. They like to stick by the rules.

However, they are born leaders too. Leaders in the way, that they work adhering to the set norms and rules. A Capricorn is not the one to break rules, no matter what.

24. They Are Obsessive about Cleanliness

This quote emphasizes the importance of cleanliness in their life. They are cleanliness freaks.
Capricorns can’t be messy or around messy people.

One can find them cleaning or organizing things around them all the time. Well, it’s a good habit at the end of the day, right?

25. Capricorns Are Action Lovers!

This is one of the most beautiful attributes of Capricorns. Capricorns like to be on the go. They can’t be idle, waiting, or without work.

They love everything sporty and action-oriented. Ask them once to sit idle at home and you will see them whining all the time.

26. Capricorns Are Secretive

A surprisingly true Capricorn quote, this! Oh yes, they absolutely are! All Capricorns can agree with this.

They are secretive in their own way. Nobody can guess or predict what’s going on in their mind. You may be a close friend but you are highly mistaken if you think you know them inside out.

27. Capricorns May Be Pessimistic but Keep a Positive Attitude

Wondering what this Capricorn quote means? Although Capricorns are generally pessimists by nature, they have this amazing quality of hiding what they feel.

They always like to maintain a positive demeanor. This makes them highly confusing but that’s how they are, the beautiful Capricorns!

My Final Thoughts

These Capricorn quotes might have left you speechless! However, make no mistake, Capricorns are one of the most powerful souls out there.

They are known for their hardworking nature and the immense talents that they possess. Their personality is inspiring and worth learning from.

Keep at least one Capricorn close and learn from their attributes! They are capable of making you a polished human being and can charm everyone with their witty personas!























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