Capricorn Symbol and Signs – Everything You Should Know Now

Capricorn Symbol and Signs – Everything You Should Know Now

Patient, dependable and quietly ambitious Capricorn – where would we be without them?

With all their passions and emotions kept under a glacier cool layer of self-discipline, Capricorn individuals tend to win big, but take their time about it.

Capricorns set big goals, but also recognise the littler steps needed to get them there. These people are bold yet understated, and the same could be said of the Capricorn symbol.

Like many zodiac signs, there are tons of interpretations and folklore to dig through, but here are both the Capricorn symbol and signs – everything you should know now.

What is the Capricorn symbol?

Being both straightforward and complex all at once suits the Capricorn soul just fine, so it’s unsurprising that the same can often be said of the many kinds of Capricorn zodiac symbol you’ll come across in life.

Many astrologers say Capricorns are solemn souls who dress all in black, while still others characterise the Capricorn as the go-getting executive who has worked his or her entire life to be the top of the heap.

In terms of the constellation itself, the arrangement of stars beheld by ancient wise eyes in eras past, Capricorn represents a curious creature known as a sea-goat.

The reason that a sea goat is a symbol for Capricorn extends far more than the shape of those stars themselves though.

The Capricorn constellation looks as though the entirely separate animals of the goat and the fish have been joined into one being.

This is pretty symbolic stuff – the Capricorn is an individual who regards the emotional and rational sides of themselves as almost separate entities, in the same way goats and fish are nothing alike in our world.

Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll see why this combination, unique in all the zodiac, is such a beautifully fitting symbol for Capricorn, and one you’ll see in glyphs and art throughout your exploration of this fascinating sun sign.

Understanding the Capricorn sign symbol – the glyph

Every zodiac sign in conventional modern astrology has a glyph associated with it.

These symbols often are represented in beautiful calligraphy, by little cute icons in your phone’s predictive text and emoji keyboards, and in the Capricorn symbol tattoo ideas dotted across the internet.

Each of these glyphs is extremely stylised, and so to many, it won’t be immediately obvious as to why this strange, almost lower case ‘n’ looking thing with a bulb on the end is so symbolic!

However, like much of astrology, it is the willingness to interpret and analyse that comes into play here, themselves traits that are very Capricorn.

So what is the Capricorn symbol, exactly? It is, once against, a representation of the sea goat.

The almost V-shaped beginning seen at the leftmost side of the glyph for Capricorn is said by many astrologers to represent the beard of the goat, whose body trails off into a fishy tail that slinks beneath the water.

The reason this is very symbolic is, as we have discussed, the fact that Capricorn people separate rationale from feelings.

The Capricorn symbol in this regard is to show that the emotional self is hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Consider Pisces, a very emotional sign, and one under the water element of the zodiac, represented as a fish. Capricorn’s own emotional self is seen as something best kept hidden, to be seen by only the truly deserving.

In seeing it as a fishy tail, to be hidden in dark waters, the symbology of Capricorn becomes much more clear.

The Capricorn symbol animal – The Goat

If we have distinguished the secret emotional side of a Capricorn, then, it is still wise to also delve into the goat side of Capricorn, and understand the overall Capricorn symbol meaning more clearly.

Many astrologers, and of course many Capricorns themselves, identify with the goat characteristics of the star sign so completely that, to many, the Capricorn symbol is a goat as we would expect to see it in the real world, four hooves and all.

However, we are not talking about the kind of perpetually peckish little farmyard friend who gives us milk and cheeses.

Indeed, someone born under the Capricorn star sign might well balk at being compared to such a run of the mill creature, particularly when their interpretation is much nobler.

It’s the mountain goat that represents the Capricorn character best – brave, wise and sure-footed, often living in some of the world’s most difficult to reach places. Indeed, a Capricorn is only too comfortable to stroll through life solo, and trusts him or herself implicitly when it comes to solving life’s problems without outside interference.

Imagine the mountain goat, out in the wild lands, carefully putting one hoof in front of the other to find the best perch, rocky outcrop or stony plateau to trust with his entire weight.

It’s a quiet, solemn process, wreathed in patience and consideration.

Should the goat take a little bit of a tumble, he will get up without complaint, vigilantly retrace his steps or find more effective ones, and continue on his way to the summit.

It’s little wonder that the Capricorn symbol animal of choice is the mountain goat. That approach to climbing a mountain is how the Capricorn you’re thinking of sees his or her life.

It’s an incline, with a prize at the top, but with many careful steps needed to get there.

By their very nature, Capricorns plan these moves in advance without thinking, turn their keen intelligence to patiently rising the steps necessary to advance, and seldom complain if they take tumbles of their own or become impeded in their ascent.

This makes them extraordinary people, blessed with tremendous resolve and the kind of inner faith that many take lifetimes to find.

The Earth element – another symbol for Capricorn

People born under the Capricorn sign share their element of Earth with graceful Virgo and rocksteady Taurus.

As with other signs of the zodiac, these elemental groupings of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water help astrologers and those studying it break the characteristics of the twelve signs into four distinct groups.

Earth signs are known for being reliable, slow to leap into new things, great thinkers and with abundant emotional control.

At their worst, they can even seem distant and cold, so unaccustomed are they to showing their emotional selves in the way of a demonstrative Cancer or a flashy Leo.

Of course, as already touched on with the sea goat symbol for Capricorn, just because an emotion isn’t shown, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

All Earth signs feel, and feel deeply – and in the case of Capricorn, due to how deeply those emotions are hidden, they might feel things deeper than any of their Earth elemental brothers and sisters.

Earth element star signs are blessed with tremendous patience, and have little time for things in life not immediately connected to the material world.

While the patience of the Capricorn has already been discussed here, that material outlook is another Capricorn meaning worth considering.

In short, Capricorn people tend to be very good with money, and quite talented at acquiring wealth.

But again, they also know that to lead such a comfortable life won’t occur overnight by some sudden miracle. They expect to work to earn their keep, and do indeed work very hard.

This diligence also means that a Capricorn soul is quite willing and content to forego pleasures in the immediate term if it assures that they will be confident in the long run.

You’ll seldom see a Capricorn splash out without good reason, but that doesn’t make them misers – they’ll wine and dine you generously.

The Capricorn sign – explored in colour

Suggesting such a sign to be explored in colour is admittedly quite the misnomer, as a Capricorn soul will often favour quite the monochromatic, simple dress style!

However, before we touch on that, it’s wise to explore the gemstone associated with Capricorn – garnet.

The rich deep red of garnet captures the essence of the Capricorn nicely.

This gemstone has a regal flair and a touch of distinction to it, speaking to the secrets of Capricorn star signs – their plans to be king or queen of all they survey, bit by bit.

As well as authority though, the garnet is often said to unite all people – it’s red, the colour we all have within us, wherever we first came from.

The Capricorn sign is one that idealises these community values and the idea of ambitions being accomplished by everyone being pulled in the same direction.

However, as first hinted at, lucky Capricorn colours in clothing and the like actually tend towards the dark.

You may find that Capricorn people you know wear soft greys and, more often, solid blacks, all far more often than they realise and often selected subconsciously.

Why do Capricorn people wear black? Quite simply, it often helps them stand outside the spotlight.

Imagine you were working really hard to balance a house of playing cards, but it was being livestreamed on every continent. A Capricorn would hate that!

It’s an exaggeration perhaps, but the idea of being solidly observed while obtaining their goals meshes poorly with how a Capricorn thinks.

They want to obtain their goals their way, on their terms, away from prying eyes. It’s not because they are sneaky – in fact, Capricorns are as honest and straightforward as they come.

Rather, they simply value their own intellect and insight, and would much rather climb the mountains of their minds without interruption.

The Capricorn ruling planet is Saturn

People born under the sun sign of Capricorn are said by astrologers to have their sign ruled by Saturn. That immense ringed planet, distinctive in all the solar system, is iconic in its own right.

Yet for astrologers, and especially for people born under Capricorn, Saturn is so much more.

The mighty and giant planet is named for a Roman god of harvest, and as history teaches us, working the land and being agricultural in ages past was a slow and methodical process where patience was a virtue.

So far, so Capricorn – and there’s more. Saturn moves slowly in our skies, and in conventional astrology is a planet that rewards discipline, self-control and tirelessly working to better oneself.

It can be said to be a harsh taskmaster and strict teacher, but done in a tough love way.

So too then do Capricorn people understand that nothing in life is going to come to them for free, and that through applied effort and intelligent discipline of mind and body, they can get what they want if they set their minds on it and remain committed to realising their goals.

That presence of mind and solidness of opinion may seem stubborn to some people – again, an Earth element star sign trait – but to Capricorn, that fixed approach is the key to winning at life.

And winning is what a Capricorn came here to do!

What is the Capricorn symbol? Ambition and goat-like determination!

Every Capricorn in the world operates under a code of conduct hardwired into their soul, empowered by both the Earth element that envelopes their star sign, but also the planet Saturn, the custodian of personal progress.

Capricorn people offset the harsh realities of life with sharp, intelligent humour.

The Capricorn symbolic animal, the goat or sea goat, depicts their slow and steady ambitions, but also represents how seething emotions swim beneath the surface.

To a lucky few, those emotions are released, making Capricorns surprisingly expressive and passionate lovers, but also tremendously unwise people to cross.

A Capricorn symbol meaning well worth remembering is its signature glyph – almost unfathomable until you understand its deeper meaning.

So too with the Capricorn individual, a keen climber of life’s great mountains – a dependable friend, and someone set to get his or her way eventually. It’s all just a matter of time.

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