Capricorn: Two Reasons Your First Love STILL Matters…

Capricorn: Two Reasons Your First Love STILL Matters…


Capricorn people are materialists. They live in the real world, and they expect everything to proceed based on what happens in the real world.

They’re very practical. They define complex things like love, trust, and respect from a purely practical perspective.

The old saying of I’ll believe it when I see it applies dead on to Capricorns. They are wedded to what goes on in the here and now.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m talking primarily of classic Capricorns.

These are Capricorn people with the goat preeminent in their personality and their mindsets.

Keep in mind the fact that the Capricorn is actually based on a mythical creature that is part goat and part fish. There are some Capricorns who have fish-dominant personality. The fish dominates their attitudes and expectations.

The Capricorn fish is very different from the typical goat Capricorn. While the goat is very practical and rooted in the earth, the fish is very big on emotions.

The fish is very big on interpersonal relationships.  They are also very in tune with their creative or intuitive sides.

Many Capricorns who don’t fit the typical Capricorn persona have a fish dominant personality or the fish side of their personality ‘complicates’ their more classical earth sign side.

A typical Capricorn, however, is primarily an earth sign. It’s the goat that predominates.

It takes certain special events in a Capricorn person’s life for the fish feature to become predominant. In many cases of highly artistic or creative Capricorns, their fish side has the upper hand.

Still, this advice on one past relationship applies to both fish and goat Capricorns.

Here are the two reasons why your first love still matters to you.

This might come as a surprise to some Capricorn people. They might think that they are completely over their ex.

Maybe it was bad breakup or some sort of traumatic experience but at this stage in time, they feel confident that they are completely over their ex.

I’m not talking about emotional engagement at all or emotional impact at least as you define it.

There are two distinct ways your first love still matters in your life. Regardless of whether you admit or not or whether you like it or not, it’s still in effect.

Why? Here are the two reasons.

You are often a slave of the past

Capricorn mindset is that of a slave to conventionality.

Since your focus is on what other people think, what exist in the world right now, and what is practical, it’s very easy for you to define what’s right for you based on what other people want.

For example, if people define happiness as living in a large house, driving a Mercedes Benz, and making over $120,000 a year, then that’s going to be your definition of happiness.

On the other hand, if people define happiness as living by the beach, smoking pot, and just hanging out all day without working a job, then guess what? That’s probably going to be your definition.

It all depends on your social circle because it’s very hard for you to move past conventional wisdom set by the group.

You are often a slave to group thinking. It is very hard for you to move past social expectations and norms.

As part of this mental and spiritual preference, you are often a slave of the past. You don’t like to admit it and you don’t want to admit it but it’s true.

The past sets standards for you. In many cases, these are the standards that you apply in your life.

The problem with these standards is that you have to acknowledge where they come from. I’m not saying that there’s something fundamentally wrong with them.

However, you need to be aware as to where they came from. This is the first step to fully self-mastery.

You have to master yourself to truly mature and become the best you.

If you are aware as to how you form your standards, you have a lot more control as to where your standards are leading you to.

It’s very easy for Capricorn people to simply go on auto-pilot. They like to believe in the same religions because the inherited their faith from their parents or grandparents.

It’s like they treat big things like personal spirituality and love as mental hand-me-downs.

Whether you agree with this or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it has a profound impact on how you go about your life.

This impacts all aspects of your life not just how much money you make, who you hang out with but also who you choose to love.

Most importantly, it impacts how you love people.

Your first love set your standards but…

The key point here is that your first love set your standards. You may not want to accept that fact. You might want to avoid that fact, but it’s still a fact.

It still has an impact.

It impacts your future relationships, your expectations what a relationship should be, and may even impact your standard of beauty.

That’s how important your first love is because they set a pattern.

The good news is you can always change your standards. This is the breakthrough Capricorn people need to make.

Because if you’re able to do this, you would be able to achieve a lot of other breakthroughs in all aspects of your life.

Just because you go to a certain church doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the right church for you. Similarly, just because your parents have certain occupations and lifestyles don’t necessarily mean that those are right for you.

You have a lot more control over the road you’re traveling than you give yourself credit for. 

By realizing that your first love set standards, and that you can change these standards, you put yourself on the road to personal liberation.

You would be able to make better choices for yourself. You would be able to live a life that is free of stress, worry, and anxiety that often plague many Capricorns.


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