Cancer and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Leo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

When the cute little crab and the regal lion of the zodiac meet, the pros and cons of Cancer and Leo partnerships are laid bare for all to see.

This is one couple who never does things by halves, for good or ill, and whose mix of water and fire elements can make for a steamy mix.

But of course, getting to the bottom of exactly how these complex characters can make or break their relationship together takes some specialist knowledge.

The emotional stakes are high here, and the potential for wounded pride on either side is equally present.

Avoid complications by getting to grips with Cancer and Leo compatibility – the definitive guide to seeing if this relationship can last is waiting for you below.

Cancer and Leo compatibility overview

Cancer and Leo relationships have plenty of ins and outs to cover, and part of that is due to the fact that these individuals have their star signs neighbouring one another on the zodiac.

Cancer’s birthday in late June or July is shortly before Leo’s birthday, in late July or through August.

And while many astrologers declare that dating the star sign neighbouring one’s own is a nightmare, in reality it can go several ways.

To understand why, it’s best to make sure you fully understand how the symbolism of Cancer and Leo compatibility plays out in each individual.

Star signs aren’t just about the constellations in the night sky, but also other influencing factors such as the ruling element, the ruling planet and the deeper meaning behind Cancer and Leo couples.

Cancer is symbolised by the crab in traditional astrology, although occasionally can also be characterised by the crayfish or lobster.

Either way, there is a common trait between those creatures, and that’s the set of claws each has to help them ward off attackers and carry away things that appeal to them.

Cancer people are similarly talented in discouraging people from taking things too far with them, and use the metaphorical claws their star sign blesses them with to clutch onto what they’ve fought hard for in life.

Like the crab, Cancer people are also regarded as people who prefer not to face difficult issues head on, rather taking a sidelong approach that gives them a better perspective of how safe things are before they take the plunge.

Leo, of course, has a symbolic animal needing no introduction.

The symbol of Leo is the lion, and just like that majestic creature, Leo people are confident, brave, proud and – although they tend not to boast of this part quite as much – happy to lounge in the sun doing absolutely nothing for most of the day if they feel they deserve it.

Of course, a lion and a crab would almost never meet in the wild, and these descriptions lay out a little of why Cancer and Leo couples can have teething troubles from time to time.

More than this though, consider the fact that Cancer is of the water element, and Leo of the fire element.

Fire can illuminate that which is beneath the surface of deep dark water, and water snuffs out flames in the blink of an eye.

In relationships, this shows how Leo can uncover Cancer’s hidden side, but also have their own activities smothered by the deep roiling waters of Cancer.

The contrasts get even more pronounced when you stop to look at how the ruling planets of these star signs affect Leo and Cancer compatibility altogether.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which equates to deep emotions not spoken of, as well as our hidden desires and motivations, and matters relating to home and family.

Leo, meanwhile, is ruled by the sun – passion, energy, being at the centre of everything and casting life-giving warmth out into even the coldest, blackest eternal night.

As tongue in cheek as it may therefore be to say that Cancer and Leo can be as different as night and day, that doesn’t mean that things need to hit a standstill before they begin.

Both of these people are giving, nurturing and protective souls who love romance and becoming a power couple for the ages.

The trick is simply taking those positives and making them the fuel that carries Cancer and Leo past the more dramatic discrepancies that would otherwise drag them apart.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Leo man

The quieter and more introspective Cancer woman throws plenty of contrasts in how she views and approaches life compared to the more ostentatious showman that is the Leo man.

The attraction between the pair is likely to be strong from the outset, but making the relationship go the distance is another conversation altogether.

The Cancer woman is someone who can go with the flow of the crowd, wherever she is.

She’s got a sharp sense of humour and a loony laugh to match, and is often either rather petite or somewhat busty – both physical traits sure to catch the ever hungry eye of the Leo man.

He himself is s born leader and someone who doesn’t like his presence in life to go unnoticed – where the Cancer woman likes to blend in with the crowd, he’d much prefer to stand apart from it.

He’s blessed with a tremendously playful sense of mischief, but also the capacity to put his best foot forward in presentations and public speaking, or knuckling down at work to outperform his contemporaries.

A born leader, and sometimes with a bit of a cocksure ego to match, the Leo man likes the ladies, but is far from impossible to tame.

Doing just that could well be in reach of the Cancer woman, who’s smart enough to know that the best way to get a Leo to do what you want is to convince them it was their idea.

Dates are full of sudden changes of locale and some superbly memorable moments, and the Leo man is so fun to be around that there’s simply no suppressing his appetite for pleasure.

Once the relationship deepens, the physical side of love sees some steamy scenes indeed – Cancer’s capacity for the more intimate areas of love is a secret side of herself reserved only for the fortunate few.

The relationship is soon cemented, but the Leo man is much more of a social creature than the Cancer woman.

The couple will be out and about to see and be seen in the beginning, but as time goes on the Cancer woman will lose interest in going out for going out’s sake.

More than this, the Leo man will prize his independence more and more, and head out and about on his own or with his friends as often as he likes.

The Cancer woman is secretly very afraid of losing what she has in life, or having those close to her stray.

While she knows that the Leo man is as loyal as she is deep down, this primal fear causes her to clasp onto his attention and affection more tightly than he likes, especially when he begins demonstrating interest in spending his time independent of the relationship every so often.

This comes off a clingy from her side, and just makes him want his own space all the more.

The Leo man can be self-absorbed to a fault though, and in pursuing his own agenda – even if it’s for the good of the family unit that he and the Cancer woman are creating together, such as focusing on advancing his career – will leave his partner feeling left out in the cold.

Her own worries and moments in which she needs his support could go unanswered as the Leo man gets caught in his own ego and making life happen.

However, both the Cancer woman and Leo man in love are very demonstrative, romantic and faithful, and spark up debate and creativity in one another beautifully if the less compatible sides of their personalities are put aside.

The good points:

  • Protective, warm and caring, the Leo man inspires confidence and commitment in the more cautious Cancer woman
  • The Cancer woman is a gifted culinary expert and has a natural knack for home making – the Leo man will feel pampered indeed
  • The fun keeps coming in this relationship as two playful souls share giggles and mischief wherever they roam

The bad points:

  • The Leo man gets caught up in making himself greater, forgetting that the Cancer woman needs his love and affection sometimes
  • The Cancer woman’s more interested in staying indoors and making a life there for the pair than the more party-minded Leo man
  • Both partners are set in their ways, and often can’t compromise on which of them is correct when disputes in how to solve things arise

Matches between the Cancer man and Leo woman

The queen of the zodiac has no shortage of admirers, but doesn’t reckon on the more intelligent sidelong approach that’s likely to be made by the Cancer man – if he can reach outside his comfort zone to ask her out.

A little ego stroking goes a long way here to help him along, but he should also be wary that the Leo woman can sniff out treachery a mile off too.

The Cancer man hides more intuitive reasoning than he often realises he has within a crablike shell – a harder, cooler exterior that he uses to navigate when in public.

Deeply devoted when in love, and able to go out of his way to look after his partner, he’s quite the catch in that respect, but can also be a little controlling when things don’t go his way too.

That’s something the Leo woman will have to watch for as she gets closer to him, and he’ll have to get used to the fact that this gorgeous and gregarious lady gets plenty of praise and attention wherever she goes.

Jealousy could stall the relationship before it’s started if it gets out of hand, yet the Leo woman is just as green-eyed and bare-fanged if some pretty young thing comes sniffing around her Cancer man.

The relationship of a Cancer man and Leo woman is likely to get off to a great start if he figures out that treating her well with meals out, lavish bars by night and serene parkside walks in the sun will all win her favour.

She’s attracted, if not addicted, to the spotlight – and her tales of woe and triumph alike sometimes veer towards the overly dramatic – but her heart’s in the right place, and easily connected with for a true gentleman.

The relationship itself, once the ball is rolling, might present a few loose threads in need of tying up and addressing.

The Leo woman will still love male attention, however innocently, despite her loyalty to a Cancer man who can hopefully not let jealousy get the better of him.

If he digs in his claws, she’s liable to take flight – and she can move on from relationships that don’t work with a sometimes frightening swiftness.

This is often a warm, loving relationship full of laughter and romance, but the Cancer man will become very aware very quickly how life seems to simply have to revolve around everything the Leo woman says, wants or does.

She finds this hard to switch off, and often doesn’t realise she’s doing it, but it can be draining and tiresome – especially to a Cancer man who might be a particularly soft touch, finding it hard to say no.

The good points:

  • Romantic dates, steamy nights and lazy rainy Sundays snuggled with movies makes for an idyllic start to the relationship
  • Both partners are loyal and protective, and will always make sure the other is safe, warm and happy as best as they know how
  • The Leo woman is outlandish and fun, and can help bring the Cancer man into his own in terms of self-esteem and confidence

The bad points:

  • Both the Leo woman and Cancer man have occasional times in which they’re grouchy and sullen for no good reason – they should be careful not to hurt the other in this
  • The Leo woman draws approving eyes everywhere she goes, so the Cancer man mustn’t get overprotective and smother her
  • The Cancer man gets fed up of how everything the Leo woman talks about always turns the spotlight onto herself and how hard done by she supposedly is

Cancer and Leo friendship compatibility

Hot and steamy emotions may bring plenty of pleasure to Cancer and Leo couples’ lives, but it shouldn’t be the only area of focus.

In fact, even when in love, especially good Cancer and Leo partners can become one another’s best friends, and through that create a protective and fun place for each other in their lives.

Cancer and Leo friends often have an almost childlike glee at the world when they’re at their best, hurtling around shopping malls on impromptu splurges or giggling until their bellies ache over awkward memories from yesteryear.

The sweet side of each of these often self-tormenting star signs gets a chance to get out and play.

Cancer is more indoorsy in how he or she likes to spend time, whereas Leo is more likely to want to head out to parties, conventions, expos and events around town.

Middle ground can be easily found though, and a good home cooked meal by Cancer – who’s often talented in this area – does much to appease the pleasure-seeking ways of Leo.

These friends are often foodies, in fact, and likely to spend many of their get-togethers exploring ether their favourite eateries, or the newest and most chic places opening in town.

Leo’s big social circle sometimes prevents them spending as much time with Cancer as the latter would like, but the loyalty of this friendship runs deep enough to last a lifetime.

Cancer and Leo marriage compatibility

Both Cancer and Leo mate for life, so should have little difficulty in agreeing to devoting their lives to matrimony in a beautiful home – and likely beautiful children.

A big wedding often appeals to this couple too, thanks to Cancer’s love of family gatherings, and Leo’s love of being celebrated by as many people as possible.

The relationship is blessed by the gift of loyalty that both star signs possess, but in quieter spells the more freedom loving Leo might stir up a storm making fun for themselves, disrupting the peace of Cancer’s home or heading out for reckless adventures that the Cancer partner just doesn’t understand.

Curtailing this kind of freewheeling is not advised unless it’s truly excessive though, as a Leo that feels trapped from his or her fun will moodily pace like a caged lion.

Arguments in this relationship tend to have Leo being the more flamboyant, while Cancer retreats and eventually the pair sulk with one another until the ice is finally broken.

Providing for the family will be important to Cancer and Leo alike, yet it is Leo more likely to splash the cash for the sake of showmanship.

Cancer, clutching to funds like a crab to its lunch, doesn’t appreciate having financial security swept up out of sight at the drop of a hat in this way.

Cancer and Leo: Common issues and problems

Cancer and Leo problems arise in part due to the aquatic emotions of one versus the fiery spirit of the other.

Everything the Leo partner does feels sparky and unnecessarily brash to the Cancer partner, who likewise comes across as wishy-washy and a touch indecisive to the Leo.

Leo people act in the moment and are quick to form decisions – and often quick to deny their accountability if those decisions go wrong.

The Cancer is exhausted and flustered at this behaviour, but doesn’t realise that he or she seems to be dancing around issues most of the time rather than resolving them – and Leo can’t see why the direct approach isn’t the best.

Both Cancer and Leo tend to withdraw when hurt, when pride is dented or when things don’t go their way, and as much as they have this in common, they nonetheless find it infuriating when experiencing it in one another.

Leo thinks everything should be approached with a positive mindset, and Cancer just thinks Leo is flouncing about to be dramatic.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences to contemplate is also that Cancer is often introverted by nature, finding nowhere near the satisfaction that Leo does in going out, making connections and laying down opinions whether people ask for it or not.

Leo wants to go out, Cancer wants to stay in – this disagreement will crop up more nights than not as time goes on.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Combining star signs who are astrological neighbours is always tricky, as often any common ground they have is offset by extreme differences in outlook and philosophy that the couple finds difficult to fully overcome.

Luckily, Cancer and Leo couples are blessed with a wealth of nourishing romance, affection and dedication to the relationship that can really help smooth out those trickier conversations.

Nonetheless, it still needs to be kept in mind that Leo will want a far more active lifestyle than Cancer, and that the crab’s own insistent clutches will do more harm than help if left to clasp at Leo’s mane.

Turning these differences into a unified strength for the family unit is the key to making a Cancer and Leo relationship work, but it won’t always be easy.

Managing the ego of Leo, the occasional victim mentality of Cancer, not to mention sulky episodes and silent treatment on both sides, will give this union the best chance at success.

Kindness and compassion, not to mention a common goal, all have a part to play here in bringing things into focus.

Cancer and Leo compatibility score: 6/10

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