Leo Male Characteristics Explained

Leo Male Characteristics Explained

leo male personality traits 2014

The year ahead will be an interesting year for the Leo male personality. This special report reveals the main traits and characteristics of the Leo man and if you are a Leo or if you have a Leo man in your life you will want to read this report carefully. The year ahead brings dramatic changes to the traits and characteristics of the Leo man.

For people born under the house of the Lion, the next year presents great challenges that can lead to even greater opportunities. The main themes of change for Leo men will involve faith, loyalty, self-control and the spotlight. Similar to the Leo woman personality, Leo males will experience a challenging year ahead that will test their personality and character to the limit.

Keep these themes in mind as you try to plan out this coming year. If you play your cards right,  it may actually open a gateway to you to greater opportunities that can lead you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Sadly, for the Leo male, it can also lead to the same set of mistakes you repeatedly make. It really is all up to you and the choices you make in the coming months.

A Year of Faith for the Leo Male Personality

Faith is all about working towards a goal while you haven’t seen that goal realized. Faith is about relying on a goal to become true, to become reality based solely on the belief that you can do it, that you can succeed.

It is very hard for most people to operate on faith. However, we do it all the time. We just tend to be quite discriminating as to what we put our faith in. For example, if you’re reading this article, you are probably sitting on a chair, you have faith in that chair you assumed when you sat on the chair that the chair will not fall part after you sat on it. That is faith.

We operate based on faith all the time. We do it when we get in our cars. We do it when we walk down the street. We do it when we eat. We do it all the time. The problem with the Leo male personality and faith is that when it comes to goals, Leo men can lose faith quickly.

Leo men become sceptical. In many cases, they become cynical.

Leo men need to realize that they are already operating based on faith, and they need to project it outwards towards their goal. There will be challenges coming ahead. These challenges will not be overcome by uncertainty. They will not be overcome by “slam dunk” solutions.

Instead, they will be overcome by trust. You have to trust that the things that worked in the past will continue to work in the future.

The Leo man will have to trust that things that he was able to do in the past will see him through the challenges that arrive.

This is the key to unlocking the opportunities that await for the Leo man. There will be no raw opportunities. These opportunities will always come with some sort of challenge. To overcome this Leo men will need a great deal of faith.

The Leo Man’s Loyalty will be tested

One of the most common traits of the Leo male personality is courage and loyalty. Leo men personality types are widely known for their bravery and their courage. They are also known for their integrity.

Leo males are known for sticking to something they know is true and not deviating from it. Leo men will have to turn this part of their personality on full blast. Leo will have to emphasize this part of their personality if they are to truly succeed. This test will apply to relationships with a Leo man and I predict that there will be testing times ahead for those in long term relationships with Leo men.

There’s always a part of the Leo male personality that doubts this personal aspect. People around you might think that you’re being stubborn and they might think you’re being hard headed.

Leo you have to celebrate the fact that integrity is a big deal to you. You need this because your loyalty will be tested. Once people see where your loyalties lie, you will begin to see great rewards.

Self Control

Just like with most other signs of the horoscope, the Leo male personality is prone to extremes. The common stereotype of the Leo male is a brave, solid person that has these core convictions.

However, if you peel enough layers and dig deep enough, you will see a lot of internal contradictions. You will see a lot of tensions. While your internal contradictions may not be as messy as a Gemini or as squishy and emotionally unstable as Cancer, you Leo men still have strong internal contradictions. What makes him more stable than other signs when it comes to dealing with these internal extremes is that Leo males tend to imagine them away. Often they tend to pretend that they don’t exist, but the fact is that they DO exist.

The great task of the Leo male is to develop enough self-honesty and self-reflection  to effectively once and for all deal with these internal contradictions.

If not, they will always break out in the form of you going into extremes. Most Leo males hate this about themselves. Unfortunately, they often find themselves in a situation where they cannot admit that they hate this part of themselves.

Leo males still like to believe in the story they tell themselves that they are this person that is well put together and this solid through and through.

The fact is Leo men are basically engaging in denial. Once they turn off the denial switch and get in touch with their internal contradictions, the easier it will be for Leo men to exercise self-control. I predict that Leo men in a relationship with a Capricorn woman will struggle with self-control.

You can’t control things that you can’t acknowledge. It’s hard for Leo to get a grip of things that you pretend don’t exist. See the problem here?

This will test Leo men’s self-control to the absolute limit. If Leo fails the test, he will end up taking a major step backwards. However if the Leo male personality can adapt and pass the tests and challenges of this year he will get one step closer to living the life he has always wanted.

Let Others Have the Spotlight

Leo personality types can often be a little full of themselves. This is especially true about Leo men. It’s hard for the Leo man to achieve something without bragging about it. If you made five dollars, you are going to brag so much that it would appear that you made 500 dollars.

That’s just part of the character of the Leo male. That’s part of the extremes you deal with. In many cases, Leo’s need for validation by bragging can get quite annoying. This constant need for approval is the reason that Leo and Cancer friendships will struggle.

It can also be a turn-off to many people especially deeply, internally conflicted people like Pisces and the Gemini.

With that said, Leo men will need to keep their egotism in check if they want to be successful.

There’s no point in overcoming a challenge and only to lose it all later. In my experience analysing the key traits of the Leo man, Leo males tend to be great at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

When Leo overcomes and does a great job, he will boast so much about it and brag so much that people actually start losing faith in him.

Leo men must keep this part in check. It’s not all about your ego. Leo’s ego is actually their weakest spot. Your ego is the home of your internal contradictions. Your ego pours gasoline into the embers of your weaknesses. One of the greatest opportunities will involve an opportunity for the Leo male to keep their ego in check.

Let other people have the spotlight. Let them have their day.

True excellence is a work of a lifetime. There is no such thing as a bad horoscope sign. We are all born with certain personality tendencies, the key part of truly living your horoscope sign to its fullest potential is to be aware of your tendencies and to take mindful action. This is definitely the case for Leo men.

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