Leo Woman-The Definitive Guide

Leo Woman-The Definitive Guide


If you’re looking for a strong woman, you can’t go wrong with the Leo woman. The Leo woman is a take charge kind of person.

She walks into any kind of situation and totally dominates. It is very hard to overlook a Leo woman.

She is a force of nature. She is something that has to be dealt with. She demands respect.

This may sound all good, but the problem is many men are weak. Many men are turned off by strong women.

Not surprisingly, the Leo woman often finds herself being opposed. The worst part is a lot of this opposition is behind closed doors and through whispering.

In other words, people are trying to maneuver around her.

Unfortunately, Leo women tend to be so caught up in their own projection of strength and courage that they easily marginalize themselves.

In other words, it doesn’t take much effort for them to be contained or to be neutralized.

This is the biggest challenge of the female Leo personality.

They have to understand where their strength of personality comes from. They have to make sure it comes from the right place.Most of the time, it comes from a certain place which is problematic.

If they want to move up in their career, in their relationships, and they want to be happier in general, they need to go back to this fundamental point.

Here is the definitive guide to the Leo women.

Leo women and love

Leo women tend to overestimate their strength and confidence. It’s very easy to see why.

Early on, they can get away with being bossy and being overconfident. People just seem to make way or melt away when they make a scene or fall in line.

If you repeat this many times throughout a person’s childhood, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this person has certain expectations.

Leo women expect men to fall in line once they make their affections clear.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

Just because you’re attracted to somebody doesn’t necessarily mean they are attracted to you.

Even if you are confident, smart, capable, and driven, that’s not enough.

Those adjectives sound more like they belong in a resume and not in a dating profile, at least not according to the conventional definition of a woman.

Unfortunately, try telling that to the Leo woman. She thinks that guys will just fall over just because she is confident.

Unfortunately, she will often face two different types of guys. The first type of guy is going to be scared. These guys are basically just going to be driven away.

The second type of guy that she will meet is a guy who will try to use her. These are guys who are really weak and unhappy inside.

When they see a strong, confident woman, they work at undermining her through the emotional back door.

They would then try to send her signals saying, “Oh, you’re in control. I admire you and appreciate you. You control our relationship.”

However, they are driven by a deep and profound sense of insecurity, and the relationship easily becomes a co-dependent relationship.

Instead of your love for each other pulling you both up in an upward spiral, it actually drags both of you down.

It’s not uncommon for Leo women to attract really weak guys who try to exploit her.

It’s not uncommon for her to do all the heavy lifting in their relationship.

Leo women and relationships

You have to understand that even if you feel in control of your relationship, the man in your life might be treating you like a doormat.

Seriously. You might be rolling your eyes or even laughing out loud.

After all, you’re this very strong and confident person. How can that happen?

Well, hear me out. You can be an emotional doormat without you being aware of it.

If you’re dealing with somebody who’s emotionally underhanded, he would actually act like the subservient or very giving partner.

In reality, he’s just giving you stuff you want to hear so he can get you to do what he wants you to do.

In other words, you’re being manipulated or controlled emotionally. It’s as if this person is laying out emotional carrots and sticks to get you to where he wants you to go.

This of course is not a healthy relationship. This is sick.

The good news is you just need to open your eyes and ears and figure everything out. You’re strong enough to walk away. That’s good.

However, make sure you are aware of what’s going on so you can walk away at the right time and on your own terms.

Leo women and friendships

Leo women make for great friends. If you are in a situation where other people are bullying you, it’s awesome to have a Leo on your side.

If you’re in a situation where you feel that you have to overcome a lot of challenges, it’s great to have a Leo providing not just moral support but also physical and even financial support to get you over.

The downside to having Leo women as friends is they tend to dominate their friendships.

In other words, the spotlight has to be on her. You have to praise her. If you want to stay her friend, you have to feed her ego.

That’s the price you pay.

For the most part, most signs of the horoscopes are okay with this.

However, if you’re at that time in your life where emotional authenticity is big with you, and you don’t like to be a hypocrite or some liar at some level or other, this can be a big problem.

Leo women don’t like the truth told to them. They only like to be told the truth based on their perspective.

Anything that falls out of that is a threat or something to either be scared of or something to attack.

If you want to lose your friendship with a Leo woman, just be blunt with her. That’s the best way to get rid of her.

But I’m telling you now, once you get rid of her, you probably won’t get her back, at least not in the same shape or form.

What I mean by that is that the level of friendship will have suffered. It’s changed forever. It’s very hard for her to go back to the way it was.

In other words, it’s very hard for your Leo female friend to go all the way with you. If bad things happen to you at a certain point, you’re on your own.

This is a tough situation because Leo women really make good friends. They are fun to be around. They can be very comforting.

Your secrets are okay with them. They see you based on who you should be. This means, they motivate you.

The problem is there’s a high price to pay: You have to constantly stroke their ego.

So you have to have a healthy ego of your own. Otherwise, it’s not going to work out.

Leo women and lovemaking

Leo women tend to be very demanding when it comes to lovemaking. I’m not saying that they are crazy. I’m not saying that at all.

What I’m saying is that if they want to be treated a certain way in bed, they have no reservations about speaking up.

In fact, they will tell you right there what kind of position they want and how you should take care of them in bed.

The problem with most Leo women is that they tend to look at lovemaking primarily as physical. This is going to be a problem because lovemaking is 90% emotional.

If you are a Leo woman, and you want to have better intercourse and enjoy better orgasms, insist on a more emotional lovemaking.

You have to understand that lovemaking is about your spirit, your emotions, and your mind. It’s not just about your body.

You have to send out the right signals to get your partner to help work with you to provide the right kind of experience.

Do you see how I phrase that? You are working together to create a lovemaking experience.

It’s not just one person with a spotlight shining on him, and he’s performing. It doesn’t work that way.

Your love life is not a porno movie. It’s all about you and that person working together, sending signals—call and response.

It’s like a complicated dance. It’s a dance you perform not with your feet but with your body, with your heart, and with your mind.

Leo women and career

You might think that a confident and highly driven person would do well in all career fields. Unfortunately, for the Leo woman, this is absolutely wrong.

Except for some specific management roles, the hard-charging attitude of the Leo woman is off-putting.

As a result, she has a tough time getting the kind of job she wants.

Don’t get me wrong, she can get promoted. She can get raises and all that. That’s not the problem.

The problem is feeling that you are enjoying the career highs that you deserve and that you are enjoying the right kind of career. The worst part is you did it to yourself.

You have to understand that in any kind of work group, you have to facilitate. You have to be a team member.

This is a serious issue for Leo women. For many of them, it’s my way or the highway.

With that kind of attitude, it’s very easy to see why they easily get people to team up against them.

The worst form is all of this is hidden. It only comes out when it comes time for promotions or strategic assignments.

Leo women tend to get frozen into certain spots. They tend to get typecast and stereotyped.

They may still end up getting paid well but in terms of career fulfillment, they can get quite frustrated.

Leo women and money

Leo women are driven primarily by a deep sense of insecurity. They have this deep sense of inadequacy.

This is why a lot of them tend to fall into the all common trap of looking at money in emotional terms.

How do you look at money emotionally? Very simple.

You look to buy stuff because you need to plug holes in your heart or your life.

For example, if you’re feeling down that you didn’t get that promotion, you head straight to the mall or you go to an online mall and buy stuff.

It’s not the actual item that you bought; it’s the amount of money that you paid to make you feel good.

You can do this with a Prada bag in the same way you can do this with a book. However, that book needs to cost a lot of money.

Leo women tend to suffer from this at some level or other.

It is no surprise that a lot of them have high credit-card balances or problems with debt. It is also no surprise that quite a number of them declare bankruptcy.

If you want to fully manage your money, you have to become aware of this personal weakness.

The good news is the solution is pretty straightforward: You need to cut that link between your emotions and money.

Simply having money is not going to make you feel like you’re a good person or that your life is worth living.

You have to cut away the emotional readings you put into money. Money has its own specific role in your life. Money is a tool.

If you’re able to fully wrap your mind around that concept, a lot of your financial problems are going to go away.

You are driven enough, strong enough, and confident enough to make it happen.

However, you have to come to the right realization regarding the proper place of money in your life.

Leo women and family

If you are going to mess with any family, you should mess with all families except a Leo woman’s family.

If you mess with her children, you have a hell to pay.

When it comes to being protective, loving, and nurturing, Leo women pretty much dominate all of the horoscope signs except maybe some water signs. Why is this?

Well, as they get older, they realize that the big part of the reason why they are so hard-charging, confident, and strong outside is because they feel so weak inside.

When they see their children and their families, they see people worth protecting.

This really pushes them to channel a lot of their protective and nurturing instincts on to children.

This is why a lot of Leo women make for great mothers. However, there’s a qualification to that.

It can tend to go overboard and to go overprotective. It’s not surprising to see kids become fully insulated from reality because their Leo moms tried to control everything.

If you’re a Leo woman, and you’re planning to have children, you have to realize that you cannot control the world.

You can insure against certain bad things from happening. You can try to rearrange things up to a certain point but eventually, you really have to let life take place.

You can’t protect your family from reality. That’s the worst thing you can do.

If you do that, you’re basically building your family on a lie. It’s okay to want to protect your family, but that protection can only go so far.

The best thing you can is to train your children so that they know how to protect themselves.

They know how to spot trouble ahead of time and make the right decisions. That’s the best you can do.

My final thoughts on the Leo women

The Leo woman is a great woman. All women born under the horoscope signs are great but what makes her great is who she really is inside.

She’s not great because she’s hard-charging, or she appears to be tough.

In fact, a lot of these external dimensions to the Leo woman are really just signs of weaknesses. They are just projections of somebody who’s not really feeling all that hot inside.

What makes her beautiful and worth knowing and loving is what goes on inside.

This person is vulnerable and has a hole in her heart the same way we all have holes in our hearts.

When we realize this, we can then reach out. That’s when the real healing begins and complete each other.

We’re not just talking about romantic love but also in a more general sense. When you plant seeds of healing and restoration in the lives of people, expect beautiful flowers to come up in their lives.

The same way with Leo women. If you become friends with her, just be there for her.

Encourage her. Give her positive words. Be a good example.

You would be surprised as to how she would mature and really take your friendship to the next level. 


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