Dealing with the Libra Virgo Cusp

Dealing with the Libra Virgo Cusp

libra virgo cusp

People born on the Libra Virgo Cusp are some of the most fascinating of all individuals born under the Zodiac.

In my honest opinion the personality traits of these two signs are highly complementary and when Virgo is on the Cusp with Libra all sorts of magic can happen.

If you are a Libra who is born bordering on the birth date of the Virgo, or a Virgo born near the sign of Libra, you are in for exciting times ahead.

The Libra is known for balancing things in life. These are the positive traits of Libra; however we all know the extremes the Libra personality can take.

Challenges of the Libra Virgo Cusp

The biggest hurdle the Libra has to deal with is his or her inability to make a decision.

Life is all about choices – you cannot wait to make a choice, you cannot sit on the fence forever. Unfortunately, many Libras mistakenly think that they can do that.

They think that as long as they are thinking through the choice, and as long as they are weighing things up, they are actually working towards a decision – this is wrong.

This is the reason why many Libras are stuck; this is why many Libra’s settle for less than the full blessings that life can give them; and this is the reason why people consider Libras very lazy.

They just don’t want to make a decision.

This negative Libra trait is carried over to people born on the Libra Virgo Cusp and in my experience it can cause problems for these individuals in relationships and friendships too.

Libra Virgo Cusp personalities are not all filled with indecision.

It’s not that they don’t want to put in the work, it’s not that they don’t want to show off for work – it’s just that they think that there are other things out there, or there are other issues that they see at work in their weighing things, and they are looking into things and it easily comes an endless stream of excuses.

The Virgo side of the cusp on the other hand, is known for looking at the world in terms of black and white. The Virgo is not lazy.

The Virgo can make a decision, but only if it fits this idealistic and perfect world the Virgo has in mind.

As you probably know, the combination of the Libra attributes and Virgo idealism and perfectionism can either lead to something very strong and positive, or it can lead to something very, very mediocre.

When it comes to these people born on the Virgo Libra cusp there is rarely a middle ground.

Negative Aspects of the Virgo Libra Cusp

Sadly, the vast majority of Libra and Virgo cusp individuals never really get out of the shadow of the negative aspects of their cusp sign.

They are torn in between the inability of the Libra to make a decision, and the Virgo’s stubbornness. As a result, they are unable to make a good relationship.

Like I always say – If you don’t take action, your life doesn’t change.

The world is all about action – the world doesn’t care what your intentions are, the world doesn’t care what your motivations are – the world only rewards results; it rewards actions.

You have to get off the fence, you have to pull the trigger, and you have to sign up the dotted line – whatever metaphor you want to use, you need to do it because the world requires action.

Sadly, the typical Libra Virgo Cusp personality likes to complain that nothing really changes, that one day blends into the next day and one week, blends into the next week and all of a sudden, their whole life has passed them by.

They could have gone to school, they could have taken a Master’s degree, they could have gone to work on a prestigious company, they could have worked on this dream project or they could have pursued acting; but there they are, caught in a life they don’t like, working at a job they hate and all they have is regret.

This is the true tragedy that often befalls people born on the Libra Virgo Cusp.

You don’t want to live your life in regret.

You don’t want to live your life as an endless series of could have, would have, should have.

Life is too short for that. Life is too precious for that.

Unfortunately, too many Libra Virgo Cusp people think that being caught in analysis and thinking about possibilities instead of acting on them is a form of working.

This is the big lie that really holds these people down.

Also, their perfectionist side gets in the way because they equate working towards something that may be practical, but not necessarily perfect, as a form of sell out.

libra and virgo cuspPeople born on the Libra Virgo Cusp often think that if you make a move and you put in the work that a perfect outcome must come out of it. Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but you need to snap out of that fantasy world.

 Life doesn’t work that way. Nine times out of ten, the first time you try something, you will fail – that’s just a part of life.

Get used to failure; failure is actually not a bad thing.

Failure tells you that you did something wrong and you need to try again. The great thing about failure is that it teaches you how to try again.

It teaches you the parameters of your mistakes so you can do things differently the next time around. That’s how failure works.

Unfortunately, the typical Virgo looks at failure as something to run away from. They look at failure as some sort of judgment that they are somehow flawed.

Let me make something straight. Just because you fail in your relationships, in school, at work, with money matters – it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you get to try again.

Failure doesn’t define you; it’s just part of life. The typical Virgo, unfortunately, looks at failure as a sort of a permanent mark that they are worthless that other people because they failed.

They are inferior to other people because they tried certain things in the past and things didn’t pan out.

Well, you have to stop thinking that way because the world has a lot of victories ready for you. Instead, you have to turn your Libra Virgo Cusp configuration on its head.

Why? If you turn your sign on its head, you can see the positive aspects of the sign.

Unleash the Power of the Libra Virgo Cusp

The Libra is very social. The typical Libra sign can get along with most other people. The Libra is very good with people because the Libra knows small talk. The Libra does well in superficial social settings.

The Virgo on the other hand, is a deep thinker. The Virgo is all about planning.

The Virgo is very good at reading people. If you put these two together, you’ll have a winning combination of getting other people to do what you want them to do. That may sound pretty harsh and manipulative, but that’s true. The world rewards that kind of skill set.

Of course you don’t want to lose that skill set to manipulate people to do things that they don’t want to do. What I am getting at is that you have the raw ingredients of being a great leader. You have the raw ingredients of changing your surroundings into something better.

You really have nobody else to blame if you are living a life that you are unhappy with.

If money is tight, if you feel depressed, if you feel you could have made better choices in the past, or of you may have entered into better relationships – you have nobody else to blame except yourself.

The good news is, by accepting blame, you shift the power from things outside of you and the world at large into your hands.

When you take the blame and you take responsibility, you can start taking action in making the right choices – that’s how it works, it’s never too late.

In my experience the Libra Virgo Cusp is a powerhouse combination if you can only get past the negative aspects of these two horoscope signs.

5 replies on “Dealing with the Libra Virgo Cusp”

Ey ey ey this is soooo true. I can’t believe it. I am on the cusp but on sept. 26th in the AM. I will heed your warning and decide and make mistakes because I see my life passing by because of the desire for perfection and lack of decision making. Thank you so much.

Bri. Ann Kayes said on

Born on a September 22. To a T, I’m your true Virgo/Libra cusp lady! I am 25 yrs old & feel as though I am battling identity issues within myself. I am not happy with how I have wasted my life and haven’t lived up to my full potential in life so far. Ten years ago, I had pictured my life at age 25 going so much more differently than the way it is now. I miss that motivation & determination I once had for a better life. I feel stuck and I need to find that one thing that makes me motivated again…not quite certain what that is yet. Lost.

    Hey same birthday, YAY! Wanna hang out (Libra talking)..Seriously though. I can relate right now. I know the things I need to do, just gotta get out of my situation at hand. Work to your strengths, talents. Don’t go over the wall, go around it. Let your Virgo find another way.

      charul tandon said on

      born on sep 22 too… i feel the same .. stuck with my life… i so want to break free.. but i dont have the courage to face the difficulties of life being alone and starting all over.. but i guess someday i will do it

    Autumn Young-Massengill said on

    I was born on Sept 22 too!!!! And i feel the SAME way you do!!!! I had pictured my life much different. :) Im glad I am not the only one!!

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