Libra: Do Not Always Judge A Guy By His Looks

Libra: Do Not Always Judge A Guy By His Looks


It is very easy for people to judge others based on appearance.

I know that since childhood we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, but it is human nature to judge by appearances.

In fact, statistically speaking you are more likely to be right judging people by appearances than otherwise.

Why? The simple truth is that our other world, meaning our appearance and our achievements and actions, are reflections of our inner world.

In other words, who you are physically is a reflection of your decisions.

You decided to wear that shirt. You decided to wear those jeans. You decided to wear those shoes.

Those decisions have to come from somewhere. Those decisions are products of your mindset, your expectations and assumptions.

In other words, they are decisions of your inner world.

It does not take much in terms of leaps of logic to see that your inner world is reflected in your other world.

Not surprisingly, people are often correct when they judge other people based on how they look.

Those looks come out of somewhere. They do not come out of nowhere.

Those looks are reflections of choices. Choices are reflections of values. Values are reflections of character.

If you want to understand somebody’s character, you need to pay attention to what they look like. Of course, you should not just stop there.

You need to look at others’ signals. You need to go out of your way to truly understand that person, talk to that person at some length, and truly understand what is going on behind the scenes.

However, make no mistake about it. Appearances play a big role in determining who a person really is.

With that said, Libra people can go overboard when it comes to external judgments. They can think that external signals are everything.

It is very easy for them to fall into the common trap of thinking that appearances are everything.

If you are a Libra woman, you would do well to not always judge a guy based solely on his looks. Keep the following factors in mind.

Looks are Temporary

Even the best-looking man in the world will always have a bad hair day. Even the best people can have bad situations where they would look horrible.

You have to remember that looks are products of the point in time that you are in. Just as times change, looks change.

Looks are very temporary, so if you are going to judge people by their looks, judge them based on how they appear at many different points in time.

At the very least, they should give you more comprehensive ideas as to what they really look like.

Looks only Show a Small Fraction of the total big picture. There are many different factors that go into a human being.

Looks is just one of them. External signals are just a fraction of the overall reality of a person.

You have to understand this. You have to talk to them. You have to speak to people that know a little about them.

You have to pay attention to what they do.

By putting all these different signals together, you come closer to the real answer. Do not restrict yourself based on looks.

Once Appearance Reflects Varying Emotional State

Just as looks are temporary, our appearances are also a reflection of our different emotional states.

You might look really good at one point because you are very confident at that point in time.

However, if certain things happen that shake your confidence, you might look very different.

You have to keep this in mind when trying to judge a guy by his looks. Appearances may change over time because they go through many different emotional states.

It would truly be unfair for you to stereotype a guy based on one particularly low period in his life.

Maybe he just went through a bad breakup with somebody. Maybe he just went through a really tough time emotionally.

Simply stereotyping that person, based on that one particular period in his life really cheats him of a fair reading.

It also cheats you of your assessment of what would otherwise have been a great guy.

If you completely miss this, then chances are you would not have appreciated him for who he truly is.

This increases the likelihood of you skipping out on him and missing out a truly great romantic partner.

Focus on People’s Actions Instead

When you focus on judging people based on their actions, you come closer to a more honest assessment of their character.

You have to remember that character and actions are intertwined.

It is very easy to lie to people using words. I can say everything that you want to hear, but not mean a word of it.

I can throw off all sorts of false signals by telling you things that I think you want to hear.

If you look at my actions, it is very hard for me to lie. All sorts of things might come out of my mouth, but my actions never lie.

If you look at my most consistent actions, you come close to reading my character. You can connect to a deeper level.

You might have a tough time judging guys by their looks, but you might want to switch things up by focusing on their actions instead.

Words can Reveal What a Guy Aspires To

Although I said that people lie with their words all the time, their words can often betray their hopes and dreams.

In fact, in many cases, guys’ lies are often aspirational. They are lies because they are not real in the here and now.

However, the fact that they keep repeating these lies may be an indication that these are what they aspire to. This can be quite helpful.

You can tell a lot about a person based on what he aspires to.

This can give you a more balanced reading of who he truly is and what he can potentially become.

Look at the Total Picture

By looking at the total picture of what makes a person a person, you increase the likelihood that your judgments regarding a particular guy would be spot on.

However, if you get too caught up on physical appearances, it is very easy for you to miss their potential.

It is very easy for you to miss the deep and profound depth of their emotions as well as their emotional states.

You see, reality is composed of things that are not just seen. Reality is often composed of things that you cannot see.

By being aware of this, you would be able to look at the different pictures that make up a human being. You would be able to see that individual people are actually mosaics.

These are different elements that look very different at different points of time.

However, they reflect enough light and bounce off enough information off each other that they can lead to a total picture.

This, of course, takes a lot of discipline.

This obviously takes a lot of time, but if you are serious about walking away with a real accurate judgment of who a guy truly is when it comes to love, make it a point to look at the total picture.

Do not just focus on the things you want to dwell on.


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