Libra: How to Tell Your Partner You Need Alone Time (Without Getting in a Fight)

Libra: How to Tell Your Partner You Need Alone Time (Without Getting in a Fight)


All people, regardless of their horoscope signs, need some alone time. You don’t even have to be an introvert to want time to be alone.

Of course, we all know the reason why introverts need to be alone. That’s how they recharge their social batteries.

This doesn’t mean they’re antisocial. This doesn’t mean that they hate people.

What this means is that they just need some time to be by themselves so that they can recharge the amount of energy that they need to interact with other people.

Unlike extroverts who draw energy from social interaction, introverts burn up energy the more they talk with other people and read social signals from other people.

They need alone time.

Otherwise, they are not going to function really well in social settings.

Putting aside the introvert/extrovert divide, all people need some time alone.

Others need less alone time than others, but everybody needs time to be alone.

Why do you need to be alone? You need to collect your thoughts.

Maybe things are going so fast in your life that you just need to slow down so you can put things in perspective.

You also need some time alone so you can emotionally reorder things.

Maybe there are certain things happening in your life that are emotionally urgent.

Maybe this drains a lot of your emotional batteries, and you’re often anxious, fearful, or sad.

By treating yourself to some time alone, either reading, meditating, or simply enjoying a view, you can go a long way in resetting your emotional balance.

In fact, the world would be a better place if people regularly and deliberately gave themselves some time to be alone with their thoughts.

People would be able to think more clearly.

Also, people would have more emotional perspective. There would be fewer opportunities for misunderstandings and unnecessary drama.

With that said, this is not always easy if you are in a relationship.

Depending on the person you’re with, if you tell that person that you need some time to be alone, they might look at it as some sort of judgment against them.

They might think that you’re rejecting them. They might think that your relationship doesn’t mean much to you.

They can come up with all sorts of inaccurate and emotionally charged judgments.

If you’re a Libra, this tends to happen quite a bit. Why?

Libras can be quite rough when it comes to communications. They mean one thing, but it might come off like something completely different.

This doesn’t mean that they are bad communicators. What this means is that they may oftentimes use the wrong choice of words.

This may also mean that they may say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

You have to understand that communication is as much about how you say something as what you have to say.

Also, when you say something plays a big role in how your message will be perceived.

There is a lot going on when you communicate with other people. It’s not just you moving your lips and words coming out.

You communicate with many different signals. You communicate with many different elements happening in the situation taking place around you.

If any of these is off or if your message doesn’t fit with any of these factors, then the perception of your message can be twisted.

If you don’t pay attention to these factors, then it’s very easy for you to come off as a lousy communicator.

Libras run afoul of these elements from time to time.

This is especially true when they’re simply trying to tell their partner that they need alone time.

If you’re a Libra and you have this issue, here is a simple trick that you can use. This works like a charm.

If you tell your partner that you need time alone and you use this method, they would not put up a fight. There would be no unnecessary drama involved.

What is this method? Keep reading below.

Tell Them You Need to Develop Yourself Further

When you tell your partner that you need some time alone because you need to work on issues and develop yourself further, they become your ally.

They become your friend. They would want to help you.

In fact, they might tell you something along the lines that they were thinking about the same thing.

You have to remember that when you tell other people that you want to develop yourself further, you take responsibility over your end of the situation.

None of us is perfect

We all screw up. And in any relationship, there are always certain things that you tend to do wrong.

When you say, “I want some time alone because I want to touch base and develop myself further,” this is an admission that you know you’re imperfect.

This is an admission that you know you screw up from time to time.

This is welcome to the ears of your partner because this can lead to a solid benefit for him/her.

At the very least, it paves the way for your communications to be a little bit smoother.

It also opens an opportunity for him/her to get some perspective. It can lead to a win-win situation.

The best thing about this explanation is that it’s non-confrontational. In fact, it’s collaborative instead of competitive.

It doesn’t compare you to your partner. It doesn’t pit your needs against your partner’s needs.

Instead, there are all sorts of positive implications with this explanation.

It can lead to a better career for you. It can lead to you going to better places in your career. It also can lead to a better you.

If you become a better person, it necessarily follows that you become a better partner in a relationship.

If this is how you frame your need to be alone, then your partner would not just completely understand, but also encourage you.

Keep in mind that this should not be used as an excuse to look for other partners. This shouldn’t be used as an excuse to goof off.

You should really focus on developing yourself.

By simply being more mindful and paying attention to the moment, you can go a long way in becoming more emotionally grounded.

By simply allowing yourself to lose yourself in the moment, you can train yourself to become a better thinker and to recognize things that truly matter.

Asking your partner in your love relationship for some “me time” doesn’t have to be a recipe for a fight.

It doesn’t have to end with all sorts of shouting and squabbling. It doesn’t have to.

Why? You only need to ground it in the right idea.

Everybody has room for improvement. Your partner knows this.

If this is how you position your need to be alone, then you shouldn’t have any issues.


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