Libra Symbol, Signs and Meaning – A Complete Guide

Libra Symbol, Signs and Meaning – A Complete Guide

Harmony, balance and aesthetics all form a core part of the Libra personality. This star sign adores peace, hates conflict and arguments, and is driven by fair play and justice at their core.

But of course, as with any star sign, it’s never as simple as skimming the surface.

By taking a deeper look at the mythology, symbolism and more profound meanings of each star sign, you can comprehend their motivations much more clearly.

To that end, feel free to educate yourself here on the Libra symbol, signs and meaning – a complete guide to better knowing this stylish star sign.

What is the Libra symbol?

Millennia ago, wise eyes turned to the heavens and distinguished the constellations and shapes in the stars that would become the signs of the zodiac.

Simply by connecting the dots of the night sky, a whole new realm of understanding was born, and it’s one that countless people depend on even today.

Yet in that process of identifying constellations, identifying star signs and divining their meaning, the Libra symbol came to be somewhat unique.

After all, most star signs are characterised by animals or human features – an aspect of the zodiac in which Libra drastically differs.

In fact, Libra is the only star sign in the zodiac to be represented by an inanimate object. However, that doesn’t mean that the symbol for Libra loses any profundity in that process.

In fact, as far as defining the Libra personality goes, the scales are simply perfect.

Perhaps it’s because perfection is the very ideal that they strive for that makes the scales such an ideal Libra symbol.

The idea of a set of scales balanced to the finest detail inspires a Libra individual very deeply, even if they can’t explain why.

There’s no need for them to tell you their secrets though – we’ll unravel them further here!

The Libra symbol means perfect poise

If you’ve ever seen the glyph of this star sign, perhaps in calligraphy or as a Libra sign tattoo, one of the first things you’ll likely notice is how very neat and pleasing to look at it is.

The same can easily be said of those born under the Libra star sign. These are handsome men and beautiful women, who accent that blessing further with a keen sense of style and a natural way of almost gliding when they walk, enticing admiring glances without even realising.

Of course, the Libra glyph is a representation of the scales once again. The top half of the glyph is the upper arms of the set of scales, with the bulb in the centre as the pivot.

Beneath, a single flat line represents that the scales hang at a perfect balance, with neither side outweighing the other.

Many experts attest that the Libra zodiac symbol as seen in this glyph also very clearly depicts the sunrise or sunset, stark against a vast horizon.

To a Libra, this is music to the ears – a clear horizon, unobstructed by any disharmony or out of place errands, into which to gracefully walk.

If the way ahead is clear, the Libra reasons, then the right decisions have been made, in complete fairness to all involved parties, and they themselves can progress.

Never underestimate the Libra individual’s need to see every angle of a situation from a position of impartiality and reason.

The Libra glyph showcases that, but more than this, a Libra simply can’t settle into a happy mental and emotional space if this kind of attention to detail has been left wanting.

Perhaps this behaviour seems alien to the rest of us, but we are right to entrust it to Libra people, for they alone understand how to make the most rational and just decision on life’s big journey.

The planetary symbol for Libra is Venus

In astrology, every star sign has a ruling planet that is said to shape and further govern their personality, and influence how they think, feel and behave in life’s great game.

Some rare star signs share planets, since there are more signs than there are planets in our solar system – but lucky Libra has backed a winner in Venus.

Venus is the planet of grace and beauty, of romance and love, and of art and culture. As soon as you step into the home of a Libra, you’ll see that everything has been put in its place, and that the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings are second to none.

Similarly, the Libra self-seeing its place in Venus places great emphasis on personal care regimens, treating themselves and making every effort to look their best.

More than this, Libra people either have creative talent, or a deep appreciation of art and culture across a surprisingly broad range.

However, one part of life where the Libra symbol meaning comes into its own, thanks to the influence of Venus, is in affairs of the heart.

While a Libra takes his or her time in love – to make sure a fair assessment is made of the prospective partner, of course – these people certainly seldom see themselves as complete without a partner.

This is due to the influence of Venus, the planet of love – but also due to the internally dualistic personality that Libra people have because of their inner scales.

If you imagine that they fill one half of those scales, the idea of the other half of the set being empty is a dreadful thought.

Charming and delightful thanks to their ruler, Venus, a Libra partner is romantic and attentive, and will do their utmost to be accommodating and the ‘other half’ in the most literal sense.

Do the scales mean that Libra has no animal associated with it?

Astrology doesn’t like to see a sign miss out, and over the years, Libra has been recognised in having an inanimate symbol, and thereby needing an animal attributed to their personality style.

Nowadays, the most commonly agreed upon Libra symbol animal is the grey wolf. A majestic creature, every bit as aesthetically pleasing as a Libra person, the grey wolf represents in many ways the pack mentality that Libra people adopt to their nearest and dearest.

Libra individuals are very protective of, and generous to, their loved ones. Being in the inner circle of a Libra’s life can take time, but once you’re in, you’re in.

That’s because the Libra symbol and the influences of the star sign assure that when Libra makes a decision, it’s thoroughly thought out – and therefore, they stick to it.

So you can be assured of a lifetime of loyalty and compassion with a Libra person, yet the wolf analogy goes a little further still than pack mentality alone.

The grey wolf is a patient predator and likewise a Libra soul is content to gradually approach their goals from a well thought out perspective.

Make no mistake though – when the time is right to pounce, neither the grey wolf nor the Libra man or woman hesitates in taking action!

The Libra zodiac symbol is ruled by the element of air

The twelve signs of the modern zodiac are subdivided into four groups of three, and each such trio is classified under an element.

When you dig a little deeper, this makes sense – rocksteady Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have similarly material whims, while emotional Water signs like Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces rule the emotional waves.

However, Libra is an Air sign, and it joins Gemini and Aquarius under the air element.

The symbol for Libra being the air element speaks to how this sign is tremendously intelligent – and moreover, how Libra people interact with their world primarily with a very swiftly moving mind.

Ideas come to Libra people thick and fast, and their capacity to act on those visions and moments of clarity leave many people of other star signs bewildered as to how they can move so fast.

The air element also gives Libra people an incisive quality and an abundance of swiftly flowing energy with which to realise their goals.

The downside of this outlook is that the emotional side of life can sometimes prove stifling, even intimidating to a Libra person, to say nothing of its air elemental cousins.

Similarly, the slow and steady approach of the earth signs simply doesn’t gel with Libra, who wants fast results and the facts out in the open, where he or she can rapidly formulate a strategy for them.

But of course, the Libra symbol of the scales means that they also have a great deal of tolerance and respect for the talents, philosophies and perspectives offered by others.

They value that input and hope to learn from it – all in the pursuit, once again, of bringing themselves and the world around them into greater balance and harmony.

Finding the Libra symbol meaning in colour

Any kind of vulgarity, harshness or otherwise disruptive behaviour really throws a Libra off balance, no pun intended.

They take their roles in tidying up the little imperfections of the world rather seriously, and the idea of that being belittled or disregarded is most upsetting to them.

Therefore, it’s no surprise to learn that, when discovering the Libra symbol, people often discover the sign’s love of gentle colours at the same time.

Stark yellows, harsh reds or mean greens have no place in the gentle, peaceful heart of a Libra man or woman.

Instead, you’ll find their clothing, surroundings and overall tastes leaning towards lavenders, pale blues and soothing purples.

If you’re wondering about the ideal gift for a Libra, objects incorporating those kinds of colours are sure to win the day.

Because of the aesthetic eye that Libra people have, they find great pleasure in using those colours to soothe and reassure those around them.

To Libra people, pale blues and purples are the equivalent of a softly spoken reassurance in visual form.

This similarly soothing outlook can be found in the Libra sign symbol in gemstone form – the opal.

These stones often have intricate patterns and designs naturally woven into their inner surfaces, and no two are ever alike, yet each seems serene and perfect.

You can naturally see why a Libra would adore this gemstone, and its cool and collected energy is a great way for a Libra individual to stay centred and give the world their best self – which is all they ever want to do.

What is the Libra symbol? Balance, harmony and quiet ambition

Libra people hate to argue, and would rather sidestep or talk down any kind of conflict long before it has the chance to arise.

However, if you’ve ever argued with a Libra individual yourself, you’ll know that they seem to spirit a counterargument to every point you raise, almost out of the air.

This isn’t a million miles from the truth, since the Libra sign is blessed by the element of air – the element that shapes quick thoughts, clear communication and clarity of action.

However, another reason why Libra always seems to know all the answers is simply because he or she has been thinking them over and over to try and even everything out.

Enrichment through harmony and a life well lived is a big part of the Libra personality, and this is a detail of the Libra symbol and its meaning that comes full circle when analysed closely.

The life of a Libra is a delicate dance of gauging every aspect and decision for the fairest and even-handed approach, delivered with honesty and a beautiful smile.

That said, don’t mistake that appealing personality and gentle demeanour for weakness – the grey wolf rests in the spirit of every soul born under this sign, and that Libra symbol animal won’t take injustice lying down.

Yet once the pounce has been made and the deed is done, harmony and balance are restored, and the Libra charm comes out to play once again.

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