Aries and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Libra, as far as couples go, often form relationships that mix energetic passion and old school romance – either in the best possible way, or with some pretty irreconcilable results.

Aries the hothead and Libra the harmoniser each have distinct roles to play as per their zodiac signs – and sometimes they play nice together, sometimes they don’t.

That’s because there’s a lot beneath the surface of this particular astrological match, and getting to the bottom of it can quite simply make or break the effectiveness of the relationship’s connection.

To master this principle, you need to learn the innermost secrets of Aries and Libra compatibility – the definitive guide awaits below.

Aries and Libra compatibility overview

Understanding Aries and Libra compatibility have a lot to do with understanding the symbolism and folklore behind each star sign.

As wishy-washy as it may seem, these more mystic attributes came about in part because of the characteristics shown by people born under both Libra and Aries, after all.

In the case of Aries, the most typically associated zodiac symbol is a headstrong ram.

Just like this animal, people born under the Aries star sign are confident in their own ideas, acting on them almost the instant they conceive them, and using powerful horns to barrel through anything obstructing them.

They’re also protective folks though, tending to their flock and assuming a leadership position that life seems to naturally give to them, wherever they roam.

On the other hand, Libra is one of the few zodiac signs not ruled over by a symbolic animal, but rather an object.

The scales of Libra represent justice, harmony and utmost, perfect balance.

Libra people are similarly just so in their approach to everything, despising conflict and disarray, and instead seeking peace and harmonious surroundings in all they do.

Already, one distinction in an Aries and Libra match becomes clear, and that’s this very approach to life and its challenges.

The Aries charges in headfirst, relishing the challenges before them and leaving no obstacle standing.

Libra, on the other hand, wants to even out any opposites they find, and work with others to create a compromise that fits everyone.

For Aries, the very idea of compromise represents the notion of even a partial surrender – inexcusable in their eyes.

On the plus side though, this match also unites the elements that rule Aries and Libra, which are fire and air respectively.

Just as air feeds the flame, so too does Libra inspire and drive Aries to do better, and so does Aries warm Libra’s life with companionship, appreciation and warmth.

Both star signs have a fantastic perspective on life and, when brought into union, can achieve great things together as a balance between the self and others, between logic and passion and between direct action and more subtle strategies.

Matches between the Aries woman and Libra man

If the Libra soul is one that likes to harmonise opposites, perhaps it’s no wonder that the Aries woman and Libra man are so often drawn to one another.

Their differences complement one another perfectly, while their ideals of progressive thinking and personal freedom align wonderfully.

The Aries woman is a distinctive presence at work, at home and in public.

Always well presented, she exudes effortless confidence, able to strike up an engaging conversation with anyone seemingly out of the blue. That kind of personal charm is hard to ignore, but she may well have met her match
in the Libra man.

Handsome, poised, perhaps even elegant, the Libra man takes the aesthetics of his star sign and adds an extremely convivial and persuasive personality to the mix.

Always able to get his way, almost never at a loss for words and with a smile that could melt even the stoniest cold heart, the Libra man possesses a kind of authority and charisma that can’t help but inspire.

His soft-spoken directness is often a contrast to the direct, blunt and unapologetic ways of the Aries woman, but it’s this very dynamic that often draws the pair to one another – well, that and the good looks each way.

The Aries woman’s ego will feel oh so stroked by the attentive compliments and romantic date ideas put forth by the Libra man, who courts her like days gone by with simultaneous respect for her agency as an individual.

He’ll have to adjust to her forwardness, especially where invitations to the bedroom are concerned, but will certainly adapt with grace.

However, cracks in the happy relationship might show if she is asked to do likewise.

The Aries woman has a very single-minded perspective on life, and it’s how she wins her ambitions so easily.

But it also means she won’t change her plans to accommodate the Libra man, and is happy to make plans without him too.

He’s baffled by her bluntness, but she similarly sees his refusal to take a solid side on an issue and stick with it as spineless and insipid.

The Libra man reaches decisions slowly, after great deliberation – completely unlike the typical Aries mindset.

The good points:

  • Charisma all round makes this relationship blossom gracefully
  • The Libra man is the perfect gentleman, always treating the Aries woman well
  • The Aries woman offers an intensity and brilliance to the Libra man that sparks up excitement

The bad points:

  • The pair don’t understand one another’s philosophies in bluntness versus tactfulness
  • The Aries woman is a natural flirt, but will accuse the Libra man of likewise
  • The Libra man lives in his head, not his heart – he may seem cool to piping hot Aries

Matches between the Aries man and Libra woman

Whether he actually is or simply makes himself out to be with his endless yet charming bravado, the Aries man is definitely one of the great Casanova embodiments of the zodiac.

It, therefore, makes sense that the well-kept appearance and lively, electric grace of the Libra woman should so readily capture his attention – perhaps more than any of the other ladies on his radar.

She’ll soon make it apparent, through charming overtures all her own, that she’s only interested if the Aries man is in it for the long game though.

Always ready to meet a challenge head on, the Aries man is happy to oblige, and the two will often dance around one another for a time, Libra taming the great leadership of the Aries man into second place, but being far too modest to admit it.

Of course, given how she likes to ruminate on big decisions before committing, this time gives the Libra woman ample room to analyse the Aries man altogether, and he’d do well to be on his best behaviour throughout this process – which could take months.

The Libra woman’s heart is hard won, but among the most loyal, generous and attentive once it’s connected to fully and deeply.

The Libra woman is one in love with love, and won’t stick around for any half-hearted attempts at courtship.

That doesn’t mean the Aries man is out of the woods once the relationship is secured though, as she won’t stand by being mistreated or taken for granted either.

He’d do well to put his wandering eye away for good, but luckily she will make it more than worth his while.

He will find her indecisive and hard to please from time to time, but she will likewise find him a little self-aggrandising and keen to puff out his chest over the tiniest accomplishments.

The Aries man thinks the Libra woman is too busy being a people pleaser to check in with her own wants and needs, and she’ll think he’s so lost in his own ego he can’t ever admit he’s done wrong.

Nonetheless, this is a relationship that mixes the headstrong and the nurturing to superb effect if managed well, and can certainly give both partners plenty of pleasure for years to come.

The good points:

  • The Aries man takes inspiration from the gentler approach of the Libra woman, and only she seems to get through to him
  • The Libra woman will be guarded like a goddess by the bombastic Aries man, who will move mountains to help her though life
  • Both star signs treasure their individual downtime, and because they have this in common give it to one another without fuss

The bad points:

  • The Libra woman can seem distant and indecisive to the Aries man, and certainly doesn’t like making on the spot decisions like him
  • The Aries man is cocky and sometimes overconfident, which doesn’t gel with the more select approach of the Libra lady
  • The Aries man is very direct, and that intensity could put the Libra woman off – even years into the relationship sometimes

Aries and Libra friendship compatibility

The meeting of minds between these two-star signs means that Aries and Libra friendships often get off to a good start, and keep the ball rolling thanks to a constant influx of fresh ideas and new experiences.

Thanks to both star signs involved here being such keen free agents and inquisitive minds, the relationship between an Aries and a Libra often flows a little more smoothly when deep seething feelings aren’t involved.

The alliance of Aries and Libra energies often combines superbly in business too. That partnership works brilliantly on big projects too, if Aries and Libra are left in charge.

Libra deals well with introductions, can weigh up the pros and cons of the next business strategy, and take care of the finer details.

The Aries individual can be unleashed for the hard sell, to close the deal and to outpace the competition, acting on gut reflexes.

Drinking, shopping and socialising make fine ways to spend time for the Aries and Libra friendship, and both star signs involved are often pretty central figures in their own social circles.

The life and soul of every party, these two hilarious chums come up with the most outlandish pranks and cheeky humour, keeping everyone laughing.

However, Libra should be mindful of Aries and their capacity for causing a touch of mischief wherever they roam.

Aries doesn’t like to have their presence in life going unnoticed, nor their opinions and ideas overlooked and overruled.

Those mighty ram’s horns can clash with anything and everything that dare stand in their way – and put simply, sometimes that can stir up a speck of trouble.

Bold bright Aries has no time to slow down and explain their actions, but how lucky to have Libra, the greatest mediator and smooth talker in all of the zodiac, on hand to cool things down if they heat up.

Libra can unravel any tensions Aries rustles up with others, but won’t always feel comfortable in doing so.

Even then though, Libra may secretly admit to themselves that life with an Aries friend is at least never boring!

Aries and Libra marriage compatibility

When it comes to Aries and Libra relationship dynamics, it becomes clear pretty early in the relationship that it’s the Libra partner who takes the more long-term view of the pair.

It’s not entirely right or fair to suggest that Aries is entirely against marriage, but in being such a free spirit, he or she finds it harder to settle into that and fears losing freedom, identity and individuality as part of that.

Libra, on the other hand, lives life in a dualistic way, often seeing things in pairs – a vital part of inner balance, after all.

It’s, therefore, no surprise to learn that Libra people, no matter their gender, often plan their weddings years in advance – even before they’ve found the person they want to marry.

Having that advance game plan is a source of comfort and inspiration to Libra, but of course Aries can’t be expected to play by any rules, nor any advance game plan.

There’ll be a lot of talk and compromise to get the wedding off to the best start, and Aries will need much reassurance to make sure they’re aware that life in wedded bliss doesn’t mean they’re missing out on doing their own thing either.

Ever the charmer, Libra will have no problem helping Aries see things their way. In fact, that charm will come in handy in tempering the Aries partner’s more reckless side.

It’s wise to get this under control early in the relationship too, and to make sure Aries knows how good they’ve got it.

This impulsive sign can get a bit caught in the moment sometimes, and if sitting still in a relationship too long can sometimes get itchy feet too.

Aries will sometimes find that their more passionate side is met by a cooler response from Libra, who – although balancing head and heart perfectly – often spends more time in their head overall.

If Libra comes off as too dismissive, Aries could become even more restless, and their gaze could begin to stray.

There’s simply no need for it to come to this if both partners can instead be emotionally honest with one another, and if Aries can remember that their emotions don’t need to be so full on in how they’re expressed to dear tender Libra.

Aries and Libra: Common issues and problems

Although complementary on so very many levels, there are certainly some distinctive issues that Aries and Libra relationships face.

By and large, Aries and Libra pros and cons often come down to the concept of the self versus the collective – of a me first attitude versus a people pleasing outlook.

Aries cannot for the life of them understand why Libra takes such an indirect approach to even the most simple of things.

To an Aries, Libra’s charming and discreet ways almost seem manipulative from time to time.

If a Libra wants you to do something, they have the most clever and wonderful way of making it seem like it was your own idea. An Aries would rather tell you directly.

That same Aries approach, as well as the stubborn and fixed opinions that come with it, creates a tremendous sense of unease in Libra.

Why should there only be one view, taken so rapidly and with no thought of another perspective – and why should it be guarded so closely?

In truth though, once Libra does make a decision, they stick to it with as much stubbornness and fervour as the Aries individual.

If the pair have opposite viewpoints, the rift could prove impossible to bridge – although Libra is at least a little more willing to see the other point of view.

Libra also moves more patient than Aries, that latter of whom becomes unbearably frustrated with anything that slows progress.

Aries is always chasing the next big thing, while Libra is more content to take their time.

Libra people also need to recover from long extroverted periods with quieter times of reflection and self-care, and Aries can’t understand this – that star sign often forgets we weren’t all born with that infinite inner well of energy.

Libra always puts others before themselves, often working themselves to the point of exhaustion just to ensure that everyone around them has the best of everything.

Aries sees no sense in this self-sacrificing behaviour, although is so blunt in their perspective of it that Libra feels criticised and hurt, so simply hides that behaviour from Aries instead of stopping to consider if it’s actually altogether wise.

Meanwhile, Aries will often drop everything and go off the radar for a while to entirely fulfill their own needs, leaving projects hanging and calls and texts unanswered to do so sometimes.

This kind of rash behaviour is distasteful in the Libra’s eyes, but here is the big secret – the balanced view of this sign means that the flip side of their selflessness is often long periods of self-indulgence.

These are often enacted in similar ways to Aries’ own, but when Libra does them, are perfectly defensible.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Fire and air, passion and reason, primal urges and delicate aesthetics. Truly, the Aries and Libra relationship is one that combines some of the most astonishing opposites you could hope to find in the zodiac.

In fact, it makes perfect sense to consider that Aries and Libra are indeed directly opposite in the zodiac, being six calendar months apart from one another. They say opposites attract, and there’s certainly plenty of truth in that.

The difference here is that Libra, by and large, prefers to mate for life – while Aries is a fly by night lover who enjoys the thrill of the chase, but needs an equally thrilling relationship to feel interested enough to stick around.

Unifying the opposites is certainly possible, but is just as likely to flip in the other direction.

At least the planets ruling these star signs, Mars for Aries and Venus for Libra, are closer in the stars than the star signs are in the calendar.

Mars is named after a god of war, proactive and combative, fiery and fierce. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, art and aesthetics.

These each sum up the characteristics of Aries and Libra perfectly, but the great part is that Mars rules physical love and Venus rules romantic lovemaking for a good point of crossover in making this relationship last.

The differences inherent to the Aries and Libra partners in this matchup should be kept in mind as the strengths they are, rather than differences that threaten to prise the relationship apart.

With such keen and inquisitive minds at work in the Aries and Libra pairing, there should be no problem smoothing out any hurdles in the road ahead.

With the honesty of Aries, the charm of Libra and a common love of making the world a better place between them, this is a relationship that can bring beauty to all that surrounds them.

Aries and Libra compatibility score: 6/10

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OngoingSky88 said on

I am a young Libra female. I got engaged to an Aries man during the Summer of 2014 and we have agreed to get married this year. Wow, talk about a love wrestle. Honestly the whole relationships feels like an affair that just works for us. There is that heat of the moment but there is also a lasting sincerity. Because our situation is rather unique. I am an inexperienced young lady of 21. There are some things in my life that I am just beginning. Along the way I am discovering my gifts and my nature as a Libra. He is an older rather seasoned Aries male. Probably the worst kind of Aries I could run into. But, what can I say? Fate will have its way. Anyway looking back I can only see that it was love at first sight. And neither of us even realized it. We were strangers sizing each other up. We clashed. We clashed hard and were enemies for some days. Then came the annoying and complicated love/hate friendship. We resolved our differences, just enough to find common ground. And it was on that common ground that we fully opened up and became lovers. Aries and Libra is not easy. He is an over zealous idiot. I am an indecisive perfectionist. We still clash but there is always passion. Always an intrigue. We have accepted that we are both opposites in nature and personality. We make sure to do enough good in our relationship so that the inevitable clashes are not too damaging. We are working on our friendship but our lovemaking and engagement is more than getting the job done in regards to a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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