Understanding the Libra Man In Love

Understanding the Libra Man In Love

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Understanding the Libra man in love is a very interesting process.

Unlike other signs of the horoscope where it can really be a big and tough challenge, understanding the Libra man in love can be actually quite straightforward and simple. You only really need to wrap your mind around one key concept.

Libra man is superficial. This is not a judgment. This is not a putdown. This is just the plain fact. Libra guys tend to weigh certain factors and they tend to get stuck at a certain level with those factors. There are many ways to describe this.

It can easily be analysis paralysis or it can also be characterized as laziness. It can also be described as a plain stuck.

Either way, they remain close to the surface and they really don’t dig deep unless they are forced to by circumstances.

This is the key factor you need to keep in mind when trying to understand the Libra man in love.

Commitment is an Issue

It’s easy to get in a relationship with a Libra guy. After all, Libras are quite famous for being able to get along with other signs of the horoscope. They can get along with pretty much anybody. This comes as second nature because they are able to look at different factors and really weigh them in real time. This versatility and adaptability makes them great crowd pleasers.

While they might not take centre stage like a Leo or and Aries, they are social enough where they can become quite indispensable in any circle of friends or organization or social gathering. They can easily be not only the life of the party, but a key part of the soul of the party too.

Since things go rather easily for the Libra man, it’s very hard for this type of person to commit. It’s very hard for this type of person to go beyond the surface. It’s another reason why Libra men tend to have a tough time committing when it comes to relationships is that they’re always weighing things.

Libra guys would like to view themselves as well-balanced or rational. They would like to think that they look at both sides of an equation fairly carefully before they can make a decision. They would like to think that they truly make rational and informed decisions.

But in practice, all this goes out the window because they get so caught up in the details that they tend to analyse in circles. This can really be a problem for relationships involving Libra men and Gemini women.

They tend to chase their tail in terms of analysis. As a result, they get caught in analysis paralysis and they can’t seem to pull the trigger, get off the fence or use whatever helpful metaphor you’d like.

Regardless, they have a tough time making decisions. They have a tough time committing.

Getting Them to Admit They Are Wrong is a Problem

Understanding the Libra man in love also involves understanding the Libra man in a relationship. In any relationship, there are always ups and downs.

There are always disagreements. There are always misunderstandings.

There’s always miscommunication.

This can be a serious issue with the Libra man, especially with Libra rising. As much as Libra guys are easy to get along with and as adaptable as they may seem, they have a tough time owing up to mistakes.

They have a tough time saying I’m sorry. The only kind of sorry that you’re going to get from the Libra guy tends to be quite superficial and shallow and very limited.

Why do Libra man have a tough time admitting and owing up to mistakes they make in relationships?

Very simple.

They have a tough time going beyond the surface. Everything has to be superficial. Everything has to be constantly weighed.

Otherwise, they feel that they would have to reinvest a lot of time and emotional energy going to the core of matter. They have a tough time doing that.

That’s why they have a tough time making changes. They have a tough time changing their minds once they have committed to something.

This can all of course make for truly interesting emotional times if you are in a romantic relationship with a Libra man.

You have to understand this aspect of himself and figure out a practical workaround. Otherwise, it can doom your relationship.

The Libra person is not normally known as a stubborn person. After all, we’re not talking about a Taurus or an Aries. Still, in terms of practical effect, they can be very hard to dislodge from their current setting or assumption.

Once He Commits, He Goes All The Way

Once the Libra man commits, it can get quite scary. It can go the other extreme. You have to remember, the Libra scale works best when it is fully-balanced. However, things can really get hairy when the scale is imbalanced, when one scale is above the other and this is at play when you finally get the Libra man to commit.

This may seem like a contradiction because as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s very hard to get the Libra men to commit.

It’s very hard for him to sign on the dotted line. It’s very hard for him to pull the trigger. However, once he does get off the fence and makes a commitment, he tends to overdo it.

He tends to be stubborn in one particular position of your relationship. This is a serious problem because real relationships grow based on challenges.

Real relationships change according to the contour of the emotional maturity of the partners involved.

Understanding the Libra man in live is really trying to understand how somebody can become emotionally stubborn. It almost seems like this person has no emotional imagination.

As you probably already know, a truly deep and meaningful and fulfilling relationship involves challenges.

It involves changes. It involves maturing. In many cases, Libra men tend to become emotionally immature because they get too comfortable.

They get stuck in a comfort zone. This is why your biggest challenge is to give him an emotional challenge. We’re not talking about unnecessary drama.

We’re not talking about blowing things out of proportion emotionally. But instead, hold a person by the hand and walk them through certain aspects of your relationship so he can maturely grow and fill out as a fully loving, responsive and truly engaged person.

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