Libra Rising and Ascendant Signs — What Do They Mean?

Libra Rising and Ascendant Signs — What Do They Mean?

No, we aren’t talking about your zodiac sign. While your zodiac sign determines the sign the sun was in when you were born, there is another, just as an important parameter you need to consider to understand your personality well.

Your rising sign, also called the Ascendant, represents the sign that was rising over the horizon at the time you were born.

However, in Astrology, it represents the sign around which is oriented your entire birth chart.

The Ascendant represents the way you project yourself and respond to the world. It also provides insight into the nature of the experiences we need to have to be able to find meaning in life and accomplish what we are here for.

The Libra Rising Sign individuals will have Libra rising up across the horizon at your birth time. Such individuals are very fair-minded, leisure-loving, and breezy.

They are very sophisticated and appreciate art and music. They are wonderful counselors and can be relied upon to make the right decisions under any given situation.

They are beautiful and attractive individuals who charm those around them with their unique ways.
Libra Rising individuals are frequently called upon to resolve conflicts.

They have an exceptional sense of justice and equality and uphold the virtues of righteousness and truth. Before taking decisions, they thoroughly examine all merits and demerits.

They tend to be romantics at heart and make passionate lovers. They are peace lovers at their core and are highly imaginative!

If you are a Libra rising individual, you might often get caught up with work and get obsessed with your health. Let’s get to know these amazing individuals in greater detail, unfolding the traits of their character and nature.

Are You a Libra Rising Sign?

To know your rising sign, it is essential to know your exact time of birth. Every 2 hours, the Ascendant moves to a new sign.

Therefore, while guessing your rising sign is possible if you know the approximate time, having your birth time recorded down to the minute helps in more accurate calculations and predictions.

You will be a Libra Rising individual, if, at the time of your birth, Libra was rising from above the ground. Your overall chart ruling planet would, therefore, be Libra’s ruling planet, Venus.

The planet of love and beauty, these aspects will play a crucial role in the lives of these individuals. You will be seen as a beautiful person liked by everyone around you.

Libra Rising Signs like to keep things symmetric, balanced, and well-organized. They have a strong sense of intuition and will immediately know the character of those they meet with.

They also have a great sense of humor and might add a pinch of sarcasm at times! Libra Ascendants are ambitious souls and are often fond of astrology.

They are very kind-hearted and compassionate: greed is not a word in their dictionary at all.

Your Appearance As A Libra Rising Sign

You will be a slim individual initially but might end up gaining weight later in your life. However, you will always remain very attractive and will have a well-shaped body.

They will have slender limbs and will possess a great, glowing skin. Nature would have gifted you beautiful pearl white teeth too!

You might also have blue eyes. If not, they will be charming without a doubt!

Female Libra rising signs will be particularly beautiful, an embodiment of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty.

You will be a gentle and balanced individual and will impress everyone with your great walking and dancing skills. You will also have a sweet voice.

However, these individuals are prone to dermatological issues in addition to kidney, stomach, acidity, and reproductive problems, and should, therefore, take care.

You will also love spas, baths, and meditation, which will lend your mind a lot of peace and comfort. You love to care for your body and will enjoy a moment of silence with yourself.

You also tend to be an art and music lover, for these give you great solace. You also love attending art events.

If there is one thing that irritates you, it has to be harsh sounds and noise.

For a Libra Rising Sign, It’s All About Choices

You will be constantly faced with a lot of choices in life. You will, however, be blessed with the gift of careful deliberation which will allow you to make the best decisions.

Libra Rising Signs make excellent leaders and are known to give excellent advice. You will choose things after considering them from various perspectives and viewpoints.

This gives you a balanced insight into things and situations. Libra, being an air sign, gives you all you need to know about righteousness and fairness.

You will want to be a fair, just, and objective individual which might sometimes confuse you in situations where decisions are difficult.

You might be fickle-minded as well, which could create problems with making decisions at times.
In fact, you like to be praised and this might get you to do things to attract their attention.

Don’t fall for pleasing people, however, just do what you truly feel is right. You should also understand your desire to become indecisive at times in order to be likable.

Avoid this at all costs and remain the just and balanced human being that you are at heart.
People might often impose themselves and their choices upon you.

Express your opinions freely without worrying if they would lead to a disagreement.

If you have an Ascendant in Libra, you will feel an immense satisfaction upon making the right decisions and choices. It’s as if you’ve restored balance in the universe!

You will be known for bringing equality, justice, and fairness everywhere. You will remove all conflicts with your excellent diplomatic skills and charms.

Libra Rising Signs Are Romantics!

The Libra Rising Sign provides you with a lot of romantic attributes. You are a very loving and caring individual. Such individuals tend to see everything with the eyes of a romantic.

Beware, for these filters might sometimes show deceptive appearances!

You will tend to attract people towards yourself with your ideas and principles. Libra Rising Signs also pay special attention to their appearance and style.

Blame this on their Venus, but they make great choices when it comes to clothing. They also like good jewelry.

These individuals, however, do not believe in showing off and are often shy and reserved. They will not find any difficulty in making new friends and will charm everyone. Their presence is highly soothing and calming.

They will immediately distance themselves from those who radiate improper vibes, thanks to their strong sense of intuition. Libra Ascendants also dislike those with no sense of peace, harmony, and equilibrium.

Those in your presence will feel relieved and relaxed— you are a peacemaker! It is important, however, for you to develop your Venus well.

You can go to great lengths to preserve and maintain a cherished relationship. You will be very just and fair in your relationships too and will treat all family members equally.

Libra Rising individuals will form deep emotional bonds with everyone. They are also among the best secret keepers! Their private lives remain what they are — private. They will also like to travel a lot!

General Behavior of Libra Rising Signs

Libra Rising Signs have a laid-back attitude to life somewhat. However, when they come to terms with their real goal, they will strive to achieve it with a great focus.

Although their main focus remains on introducing harmony and symmetry, they might sometimes provoke others as well! They are socially active and very choosy about their partners.

Libra Rising Signs are appreciative of art and often choose art, fashion, media, and entertainment related professions. They might also be into law or politics, which should hardly come as a surprise!

You will commonly choose careers that involve some form of public interaction. You will love leisure activities and will be a very sophisticated individual. Personal luxuries entice you.

Cosmetics and makeup accessories delight you! Libra Rising Signs are fond of getting their pictures clicked as well as taking photos themselves.

Libra gives such individuals an energetic personality. You will always be very polite. However, insensitive individuals might fail to recognize your sincerity.

Your mannerisms and expressions provide you the look of a scholar. You will indeed be fond of reading books as well. Libra Rising individuals are also great at storytelling!

You will mostly keep your financial aspects secretive and maintain a good standing in the society. Libra Rising individuals are known to take up more than they can handle and complain about it afterward! You are afraid of failure, after all.

You are deeply connected to your work, to which you are also emotionally linked. Work can also disturb your health status, however.

Ultimately, a Libra Rising Sign wishes to be an ideal professional who the others can look up to. You will also gel well with your co-workers.

Libra Rising Individuals Are Mirrors

You can often become obsessed with your mirroring abilities, which are indeed profound. You will help your friends this way by bringing out the best in them. However, you will also reflect away any disapproval.

You will bond well with your children and teach them the importance of being disciplined, fair, and organized. You are absolutely against violence and aggression.

It is important to understand that each of us has his/her personal space and that you should find some time for yourself too rather than being too caught up with the others!

You like being in the company of others and will find it difficult to be with yourself at times. It’s just the way you are. You are a strong team member cherished by everyone. People long to get you in their teams!

Relationships and Compatibility for Libra Rising Signs

You tend to have great relationships with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. You are basically a fun-loving person and fun is what you are looking for precisely in a relationship.

Libra Rising Signs would like your partner to stand up for you and your relationship when needed. They take a traditional approach to romantic relationships.

They love a partner who is caring and understanding just as they are. Their romance often begins with friendship which takes on more meanings as the relationship progresses.

They like loyal soulmates and take time to finalize their decision. Once they approve of their partner, however, they stick to their decision and will honor their commitment.

They are flirtatious at times but will finally only settle for marriage. They are looking out for meaningful relationships, after all!

The Libra Ascendant is very affectionate and charming. Even though they might appear soft and fragile, they are extremely courageous and strong.

If you are looking out for a Libra Rising partner, know that they have a very serious approach to life. They are never stubborn and will always offer an ear.

They uphold their culture and family values and adapt quickly to changing environments.

Libra Rising Signs: Interaction With Family and Friends

Your friends are often financially well-off and are dignified individuals of the society. It is from them that you derive your strength and inspiration.

You’ll need to learn not to depend on others and this will allow you to bloom into beautiful individuals yourself. Libra Rising are optimistic and are great at leg-pulling.

Since their basic nature is to revel in fun, this is what they do in everything— be it communication, learning, or other activities.

Libra Ascendants might disagree with people but it is not in their nature to emphasize the differences. Rather, they will look for similarities and commonalities in order to maintain relationships.

They are wonderful leaders when it comes to social interactions. In fact, people often count upon them to initiate great conservations.

You have a smooth way of handling people and situations, which is a great quality indeed.
They remain very dedicated and responsible to their families.

Although they might not frequently show their feelings and might be perceived as traditional and disciplined individuals, they remain very concerned about their family and home.

They will organize all family matters and strengthen family ties as they grow older.

They might often become too critical of life and begin judging people as well! In fact, they have a very fine and analytical brain, which can analyze things and situations well.

My Final Thoughts

Known for their bewitching smile that drives people crazy, Libra Rising Signs are beautiful and attractive individuals who add beauty to the world.

They love harmony and peace in everything they do and instill these very qualities and virtues in all their deeds.

They are kind-hearted individuals who respect the opinion of the others even though they might disagree themselves.

You influence the world with your incredible charm! Style matters, of course for everyone but for these individuals, it literally means everything. Everything has to be beautiful and stylistic.

Right from your clothing to your home décor, you love everything aesthetic and charming. Your appearance means a lot to you.

Using fancy words is not a problem at all, which makes you a great leader.

They cherish relationships and bond well with their romantic partners and family. In fact, they are profoundly romantic souls themselves who are looking for someone caring and understanding.

A Libra Rising individual will be all in when it comes to discussions pertaining to religion, spirituality, and philosophy though they might not be strict adherents to these always.

They have a positive attitude towards life, being active optimists, and will maintain a friendly approach towards all just like a true humanitarian.

If you belong to this group, you like to increase your existing knowledge by reading, traveling, and discussions. You are extremely dedicated and responsible to your family.

A great people watcher, you tend to observe and study people and their mannerisms. You will be overly concerned with health issues and can turn into health freaks.

Pay attention to your health but do not get obsessed! Libra Ascendants face few problems in life and remain cheerful in their day-to-day dealings.

They cannot live in an environment that is laden with a lot of pressure. Libra is all about equilibrium and this is what it adds to the Libra Rising sign.

Talk about justice and the Libra Rising individuals would emerge as the torchbearers. They can go to any lengths to restore justice and equality in every situation. You are the angels for those who are broken or in need!

A word of caution for the Libra Rising signs, however— it’s good to help others but watch yourself: this should not be at the stake of your own health or financial resources.

Also, avoid over analyzing things and situations. You are the symbol of balance and equilibrium, justice and righteousness and will never do anything wrong!

Time to take a bow, Libra Rising sign individuals!

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